Chris Ocon vs. Hunter Azure: Full fight recap

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Joe Solecki

Like all the victorious fighters on this week’s edition of Dana White’s Contender series, Hunter Azure earned a UFC contract. Check out how he got it done.

Chris Ocon vs. Hunter Azure (Bantamweight)

Round 1: Azure is looking for a takedown in the early moments of the round. Ocon is defending though, and he’s landing solid low kicks as well. Azure is having a difficult time closing the distance. Azure scores with a jab and then a stinging right hand! He shoots, but Ocon defends again! Azure fires off a 1-2! Ocon shoots, but Azure catches him in a front headlock! Ocon escapes the position though, and both fighters are now working for a good place against the fence. Ocon scores with a left hook to the body, he appears to have composed himself a bit after a rough start. Azure shoots again, but Ocon sidesteps him. Azure fires off an overhand and shoots at the tail end of it, but Ocon stays on his feet. Ocon is showing off some solid takedown defense tonight. (10-9 Azure)

Round 2: Azure scores early with an uppercut, and puts Ocon against the fence. Azure attempts a takedown, but Ocon defends. Azure scores with a low kick, and uses the momentum to close the distance. He shoots and completes a takedown. Ocon turtles and Azure takes his back! Azure is attempting to flatten Ocon out with just under two minutes left in the round. Azure slaps on a rear naked choke, but Ocon is defending so far. Azure gives up on the choke, and he is now focusing on punches from the back mounted position. Thirty seconds left in the round… (10-9 Azure)

Round 3: Ocon scores with a right hand to break the ice. Azure returns fire with a few shots of his own. He shoots and takes Ocon down with just over four minutes left in the round. Azure is looking to set up a choke, but he can’t quite get into position, he’s attempting a Darce, or some sort of neck-tie. Ocon stands up, but Azure still has his neck. He snaps Ocon down to the mat and takes his back! Azure is looking for an RNC in the final moments of the round, but Ocon looks like he will survive. Azure has had the back for two minutes now, but he cannot seem to find the finish. Azure scrambles to the front headlock position but that allows Ocon to get back to his feet as the round ends. (10-9 Azure) (30-27 Azure)

Result: Hunter Azure def. Chris Ocon via Unanimous Decision 

Dana White’s Contender Series FULL REPORT , Season 3, EP 3

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