3 Fights To Watch 6-8-24

Raúl Rosas Jr. vs Ricky Turcios

Rosas has just 1 loss, that being a unanimous decision a year ago. The man is going places, hopefully it’s not to the neck of the line with a loss. Ricky won’t be easy to dispatch, he hangs around in fights and keeps them going. Raul is going to have to find a way to submit him, he would be the first man to do so.

Ricky Turcios may be a decision merchant but he is no slouch. Dragging Raul Rosas Jr to a decision would give Ricky all of the advantage because Raul doesn’t go to decision often but that is the only way he has lost. Turcios can impact his future in the best way with a monumental win over a rising star in Rosas Jr..

Dominick Reyes vs Dustin Jacoby

Reyes was the man that was to dethrone Jon Jones, he never realized that dream because he was robbed. He was never the same after that. He hasn’t won a fight since losing to Jones. It’s a shame what those judges and Dana White have done to him. It’s not as if he’s lost to bums though. He’s lost to top guys, guys who would go on to become champ. If Reyes can’t beat Dustin Jacoby then he’s not a top guy and doesn’t belong in the UFC.

Loser of 3 of his last 4, Dustin Jacoby desperately needs this win over a big name like Reyes(former big name anyway). Jacoby can effectively end Reyes’ career. 12 Knockouts should make Reyes think twice before rushing in. Does he have what it takes to finish THIS particular fight or will Reyes start his revenge tour with a victory?

Or will the 2 fighters play it safe for 3 rounds, ending in a boring decision (like so many other UFC fighters these days)that puts both careers in jeopardy?

Jared Cannonier vs Nassourdine Imavov

2 fight win streak with one of them being over former champ Sean Strickland. Cannonier has to show what he’s made of and make an example out of Nassourdine Imavov by making him part of his highlight reel. Coasting to a decision would be a very weak move that would stand out for all the wrong reasons.

Imavov lost a decision to Strickland, interesting. I   kind of a fan of MMA math, it stands to reason that if you can’t beat someone that your opponent already has then you can be your opponent. Imavov doesn’t have a chance if you ask me but we get a good fight if I’m wrong.

Final take

Very nice main card. If these fight were scheduled for UFC 302 instead it would the made the event far stronger. This is a cheap way to stretch out content but it is a strong main card. This is a good one to watch alone at home with a notepad or a great one to watch with some friends and a few beers. Not all bars get the fights but Buffalo Wild Wings is a good plan to fall back on, just take an uber and a flask and get some drinks in in the parking lot. Then order yourself some hotwings.

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