3 Fights To Watch 6-15-24

Timothy Cuamba vs Lucas Almeida

Almeida usually wins via knockout but things haven’t went his way the last 2 fights ; he’s only one 2 of his last 5 fights. Andrei Fili probably started the retirement process for Almeida. In the fight game, you’re only as good as your last fight. Almeida was soundly beat his last 2 fights against good fighters so maybe he isn’t that good. Sure, he only has 3 losses but losing against stronger fighters only makes it look as if you are not as good as they are.

Cuamba is coming off of a tough split decision loss so he’s got a lot to fight for. Split decision losses can be difficult to come back from because the fighter may need to change very little or everything; judges don’t let you know that. How can you gauge what to do next when you can argue that you didn’t lose at all?

There’s a lot to fight for in this one, keep your eyes glued to the screen.

Douglas Silva de Andrade vs Miles Johns

Douglas split his last 2 fights, both by decision.  His last win was against Cody Stamann via decision. He’s got 20 Knockouts and needs another here to make this card interesting.

Miles Jones also won his last fight via decision. Jones wins too many fight by decision. Impressing the booker should be the most important thing a fighter does. You want to be booked in a title fight, it’s gonna be extremely hard to do that when you’re goi g to the judges all of the time.

Alex Perez vs Tatsuro Taira

Perez is 1-3 in his last 4 fights, not the record you want to have headlining an event. He’s got to get back on track with a significant performance.

Taira is no stranger to success, having never lost before. 15-0 is as impressive, winning as the headliner of an event takes you even further into certain conversations.

Final take

A lackluster card with a chance to surprise some fans. There are a few fights worth taking a look at, we just hope they all end up being that way.

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