HYDEN BLOG: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly from UFC Fight Night: Sandagen vs. Dillashaw

By: Frank Hyden, MMATorch Senior Columnist

UFC Fight Night: Sandhagen vs. Dillashaw was last night. Let’s get to the rundown.

UFC Fight Night: Sandhagen vs. Dillashaw
GOOD- Adrian Yanez stops Randy Costa
Costa fought well in the first round, landing a lot of strikes. That continued in the first round, though Yanez started landing more and more strikes of his own. Yanez then blasted Costa with a big uppercut that basically ended the fight. Yanez forced the referee to jump in by pouncing on Costa. Good win for Yanez.

GOOD/BAD- Miranda Maverick vs. Maycee Barber
Honestly, I didn’t care much for this fight. There was some action, but not enough. Things picked up a bit in the second and third rounds but again, not enough to really make the fight all that enjoyable. It was solid, they tried hard, but it was just kind of there. Barber won by split decision. I thought Maverick did more but I don’t think I’d classify this as a robbery or anything. Good win for Barber.

GOOD- Darren Elkins stops Darrick Minner>/b>
Minner got some takedowns and did some damage but Elkins fought through it. They scrambled on the ground in the second round and that’s when Elkins started pounding Minner with strikes after threatening some submissions. The referee was forced to jump in as Elkins continued the onslaught. Good win for Elkins.

GOOD- Kyler Phillips vs. Raulian Paiva
Phillips unleashed a tremendous assault on Paiva in the first round. He dropped Paiva a few times but couldn’t finish him. Paiva fought back in the second round, though, as he continued to show crazy toughness. He also plastered Phillips with some huge shots on his own. The big punches kept flying in the third round as they both went for the win. I’m not sure how both these guys kept fighting. The punishment they took could’ve easily stopped the fight but these guys kept coming forward like movie monsters. Paiva won the majority decision in a fight that could have easily been ruled a draw. Paiva got dropped twice in the first round but managed to fight back and win? That’s toughness and craziness. Good win for Paiva.

GOOD- T.J. Dillashaw vs. Cory Sandhagen
This was Dillashaw’s first fight back after serving a 2-year suspension for testing positive for PEDs. Dillashaw used his speed and grappling to try to wear Sandhagen down in the first round. Sandhagen fought back and cut Dillashaw above his right eye in the second round. This was a close fight that also served as an unofficial #1 contenders fight. The third round saw Dillashaw take advantage but Sandhagen fought back in the fourth round. I think the fifth round decided the fight and two of the judges gave it to Dillashaw so he won by split decision. Sandhagen thought he won but he said he’s going to take it and try to get better. Good win for Dillashaw.

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