HYDEN BLOG: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly from UFC Fight Night: Santos vs. Hill

By: Frank Hyden, MMATorch Senior Columnist

UFC Fight Night: Santos vs. Hill was last night and it featured a 100%
finish rate for all bouts in a single UFC event, tying the record set
by UFC Fight Night: Bisping vs. Rockhold from 2014. So who got
finished and when? Let’s get to the rundown.

UFC Fight Night: Santos vs. Hill
GOOD- Terrance McKinney submits Erick Gonzalez
They’re trading early before McKinney gets a takedown and moves to
Gonzalez’s back, where he locks in a rear-naked choke and gets the tap
a bit over two minutes into the first round. McKinney improves to 13-4
while Gonzalez drops to 14-7. Good win for McKinney.

GOOD- Sergay Spivak stops Augusto Sakai
Spivak gets a couple of early trip takedowns in the first round and
works some ground-and-pound. Sakai stands but gets taken down again
quickly. They trade strikes to end the round. The second round starts
with Sakai stuffing a takedown attempt but Spivak tries again and gets
it. Sakai stands up but Spivak gets another takedown and starts to
pound him out. The referee warns Sakai to fight back but Spivak keeps
the pressure up and the referee is forced to jump in to stop the
fight. Spivak improves to 15-3 while Sakai drops to 15-5-1 and has
lost 4 straight fights by TKO. Good win for Spivak.

GOOD- Julianna Miller stops Brogan Walker
This was the The Ultimate Fighter 30 Flyweight Final. Miller got an
early trip takedown and she worked her ground-and-pound for the rest
of the first round. The second round opens with Miller pumping her
jab, with Walker showing the effects of it. They go to the ground and
Miller tries for a rear-naked choke but can’t get it and they stand.
Miller gets another trip takedown and works a little more
ground-and-pound until the round ends. The third round starts with
more striking exchanges until Miller gets another takedown and starts
laying in some big elbows and hammerfists to force the referee to jump
in to stop the fight. Miller improves to 3-1 while Walker drops to
7-3. Good win for Miller.

GOOD- Mohammed Usman stops Zac Pauga
This was the The Ultimate Fighter 30 Heavyweight Final. They both had
some good strikes in the first round but Pauga was more active. He
charged in a lot, though, and he paid for it in the beginning of the
second round as Usman crushed him with a counter hook just over thirty
seconds into the second round. Wow. Usman improves to 8-2 while Pauga
loses for the first time and drops to 5-1. Good win for Usman.

GOOD- Geoff Neal stops Vicente Luque
They trade kicks early before mixing in some punches. Neal hurts Luque
but gets hurt with a counter hook and backs off. They continue
punishing each other, with Neal getting the better of the exchanges.
Neal drops Luque, who gets back to his feet, but Neal continues
hurting him with strikes until the first round ends. They open the
second round with more kicks. They mix in some punches but they’re
really working these kicks. Luque lands a tough elbow that causes Neal
to go for the takedown, which he gets, in order to get away from these
strikes for a moment. Luque gets up and they continue to beat the hell
out of each other as the second round ends. The third round starts
with Neal tearing Luque up with left hands. Neal hits him over and
over again until he knocks him out two minutes into the third round.
Neal improves to 15-4 while Luque drops to 21-9-1. Good win for Neal.

GOOD- Jamahal Hill stops Thiago Santos
They trade strikes throughout the first round and Santos seems to get
the better of it. The second round starts with them trading kicks
before Santos gets a takedown. Hill gets up immediately and hurts
Santos with a strong hook. Santos fires back with a knee but he gets
hurt a few times by Hill. The third round opens with Santos getting a
takedown but Hill is back up quickly. Santos gets another takedown but
again, Hill gets up quickly. Santos gets a third takedown and then
another one before the round ends. The fourth round starts with some
kicks before Santos tries to avoid some punches from Hill but gets
swarmed with some heavy shots. They’re throwing bombs and down goes
Santos. Hill pours it on and the referee is forced to jump in to stop
the fight. Hill improves to 11-1 with 1 No Contest and has won 3
straight fights while Santos drops to 22-11 and has lost 5 of his last
6 fights. The competition has been generally pretty tough, though, to
be fair. What a card. 10 fights, 10 finishes. You can’t do any better
than that.

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