HYDEN BLOG: UFC 232 Buyrate Comes in at 700,000

January 15, 2019

UFC 232 is reported to have done around 700,000 buys on pay-per-view. To recap, that’s the show that featured UFC Bantamweight Champion Amanda Nunes defeating UFC Featherweight Champion Cris Cyborg to become a two-division champ. […]

HYDEN BLOG: The Semantics of Accolades

January 8, 2019

NOTE- There were no events this past weekend so I’m going to delve into a little sports talk debate and sports philosophy that I believe in that may or may not be of interest to […]

Forget all the Negativity: Meet Jared Gordon

January 3, 2019

Have you ever be so down in the depths of life’s problems that you can’t even envision digging yourself out? Whatever it is, the death of a family member, bills piling up or maybe you’re […]

COVINGTON’S CORNER: Keeping up with the Joneses

December 27, 2018

“He tested positive again!” Daniel Cormier said what we all were thinking when we heard the news of Jon Jones failing another drug test. Chlorodehydromethyltestosterone/turinabol/tbol is the King Xerxes to Jones’ Leonidas of Sparta. Little […]

MCGRATH: Ranking the top ten lightweights in MMA

December 23, 2018

1. Khabib Nurmagomedov (UFC Lightweight Champion) Nurmagomedov, coming off a dominant win over Conor McGregor is the best lightweight in the world, and my #1 pound for pound fighter. At 27-0 and never being threatened […]

McGrath: Ranking the top welterweights in MMA

December 16, 2018

1. Tyron Woodley (UFC welterweight champion) Woodley has established himself as one of the best pound for pound fighters in the world. With wins over Darren Till, Stephen Thompson, and Demian Maia, Woodley has beaten […]

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