MMA NERD SPEED RECAP: Frank Mir vs. Fedor Emelianenko edition

Rick Monsey, MMATORCH Contributor

After Fedor Emelianenko dispatched Frank Mir in :48 seconds at Bellator 198, resident MMA NERD Rick Monsey reacts to the result.

My prediction was right and wrong involving the main event of Bellator 198 in the recent MMA NERD PREDICTION  I guessed the winner and the method correctly: the power in his hands (Fedor) will bring him the victory.”  I wrote.

I was wrong when I assumed Frank Mir wouldn’t be in shape.  On the contrary, Mir looked to be in the best shape of his career.  Sadly, getting ripped didn’t help him get the win in this highly anticipated bout.

In 48 seconds the main event was over quickly but dramatically…  It starts with Frank Mir having Fedor in trouble early.  Mir opened up with a leg kick and then connected with a two-punch combination that sent Fedor stumbling to the ground.  Mir jumped on top of Fedor and starting raining down punches.  Fedor got back to his feet but Mir attempted to keep him in the clinch position.  Fedor scored a quick takedown on Mir but it was only temporary as they both stood up and squared off.  Mir was backed up against the cage as he tried to deflect Fedor’s punches.  The competitors traded punches back and forth in the center of the cage.  Frank Mir over extended his punches and was caught by a hard uppercut from Fedor.  Mir collapses to the ground face first.  Fedor delivers ground and pound and Mir doesn’t put up any real defense.  The ref has seen enough and Fedor wins.  When Mir gets to his feet he looks disappointed but not surprised by the stoppage.

Mir’s lack of control when it came to his striking is what ultimately did him in.  It’s good to be aggressive on the feet but when you’re not the better striker don’t over extend yourself.   After the fight, Chael Sonnen commented that Mir should have kept Fedor closer.  The amount of distance Fedor had to work with was to his benefit and Mir’s mistake.

As discussed on MMA TALK for Pro Wrestling Fans, what comes next for Fedor is an easy call to make; Chael Sonnen.  I personally think that fight is going to be more trouble for Fedor as Sonnen will be looking for the takedowns early and often.  It might not make for the most exciting fight, but my early predition is Fedor wins it.

Frank Mir’s future is a little more confusing.  He’s still only 38 years old, and for a heavyweight that’s not very old.  Mir still has some interesting matchups in front of him.  I would personally like to see him paired up against another Grand Prix looser Quinton “Rampage” Jackson.  The back and forth trash talk should be fun, and Jackson would probably like to stay at heavyweight.

Thanks for reading.

To Be Continued.

– Rick “MMA NERD” Monsey


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