UFC Uruguay LIVE REPORT: Real-time results and analysis of Shevchenko vs. Carmouche

Cole Henry MMATorch Live event reporter

UFC Uruguay

UFC Uruguay

August 10, 2019

Antel Arena, Montevideo, Uruguay


Alex Da Silva def. Rodrigo Vargas via Unanimous Decision 

Chris Gutierrez def. Geraldo de Freitas via Split Decision 

(8) Rogerio Bontorin vs. (14) Raulian Paiva (Flyweight)

Round 1: They are exchanging light shots in the early going. Paiva connects with a solid left hook causing Bontorin to shoot! Paiva defends initially but Bontorin keeps driving and eventually completes the takedown. We see a break in the action as the doctor comes in to check on a cut on the face of Bontorin. They scramble back to the feet, Bontorin connects with a knee right up the middle! They clinch and scramble again, Bontorin ends up on the back briefly and then we see another stoppage… Paiva has a bad gash above his right eye. Wow, it’s bad… The doctor stopped the fight, this one is all over. 

Result: Rogerio Bontorin def. Raulian Paiva via TKO (Doctor Stoppage/Cuts) Round 1, 2:01 

Analysis: Good back and forth fight with a good amount of blood, and a fair amount of violence. It was all out from start to finish, good fight overall.

(8) Tecia Torres vs. Marina Rodriguez (Strawweight)

Favorite: Torres -160

Round 1: Good back and forth action in the early part of the round. Rodriguez is targeting the legs while Torres seems to be finding her rhythm. Rodriguez lunges forward with a series of straight punches, but Torres changes levels. Rodriguez shakes her off though, she is keeping the fight where she wants it. (10-9 Rodriguez)

Round 2: Torres is looking to clinch but she is getting his quite a bit for her efforts. Rodriguez connects with a front kick that knocks Torres off balance a bit. She returns one of her own. Torres shoots, but can’t quite score with it. Rodriguez reverses the position in what has been a very close round. Torres scores with a few uppercuts in the clinch as the round closes. Close fight, hard to score. (10-9 Rodriguez) 

Round 3: Torres is looking for a takedown in the early going, or at least a clinch. The screen keeps going blue… Blame ESPN… they just apologized on the broadcast. Rodriguez scores with a takedown with just over two minutes left in the round. Torres is trapped against the fence, and Rodriguez is starting to score with punches from the top. Torres readjusts and scrambles, and we are back on the feet in what is still a close fight. Torres shoots in the final thirty seconds, but Rodriguez defends and sweeps Torres to the mat. (10-9 Rodriguez) (30-27 Rodriguez) 

Result: Marina Rodriguez def. Tecia Torres via Unanimous Decision 

Analysis: Good back and forth fight. Rodriguez was the much larger fighter and it was an issue that Torres could not figure out. 

Cyril Gane vs. Raphael Pessoa Nunes (Heavyweight)

Favorite: Gane -400 

Round 1: Pessoa throws a kick to the midsection, but Gane tosses him to the mat. Pessoa is a step slower, Gane is very fast and accurate. Gane connects with a jab, but Pessora returns one of his own. Gane connects again with a jab. Both are swinging but they’re also missing. Gane closes the distance, Pessoa trips him but Gane ends up on top. He slaps on a head-arm triangle and Pessoa taps. Great debut for the Frenchman. 

Result: Cyril Gane def. Raphael Nunes via Submission (Arm-Triangle Choke) Round 1, 4:12

Gilbert Burns vs. Alexey Kunchenko (Welterweight)

Favorite: Kuchenchenko -130 

Round 1: Burns scores with a heavy low kick that knocks the Russian off balance. He then connects with a hard kick to the mid-section! Burns is starting to tear up the lead leg. He shoots and puts Kunchenko on his back. Kunchenko has butterfly guards in place, but he also has a BJJ World Champion on top of him. Burns is landing some big shots from the top, but Kunchenko is working to get up. (10-9 Burns)

Round 2: They clinch early, and Kunchenko briefly trips Burns to the mat. Burns takes top position and maintains it for some time, before briefly taking the back in the final seconds of the round. Sorry for a lack of detail, I had to take a work-related phone call. (10-9 Burns) 

Round 3: Burns opens up with a series of body kicks. They clinch and end up on the ground for a moment. They’re back in the clinch, but they separate without any notable action. Kunchenko lands a low kick, he’s starting to turn it up a bit. Kunchenko scores with a low kick that knocks Burns to the mat. He will let Burns up rather than engage him on the ground. Burns shoots and takes the back, but he has no hooks. He is pressuring Kunchenko from the top and working to fully take the back. We see a separation, Burns was holding the glove. (10-9 Kunchenko) Very close final round, either way, Burns won this fight. (29-28 Burns)

Result: Gilbert Burns def. Alexey Kunchenko via Unanimous Decision 

Analysis: It wasn’t a great fight, but it was a nice performance for Burns. He looks good at welterweight but his cardio still seems to be an issue.

Enrique Barzola vs. Bobby Moffett (Featherweight)

Favorite: Barzola -150 

Round 1: Moffett is using kicks in the early going, Barzola is just playing defense. Barzola is controlling the angles, both guys are using a lot of movement, but neither guy is landing much. Moffett scores with a kick to the midsection and then a left hook. He is starting to outwork Barzola here in round 1. Barzola shoots in the final seconds of the round and completes the takedown, but Moffett pops right back up. (10-9 Moffett) Close round, but the takedown came too late for Barzola, and he was a step slower than Moffett, and his timing wasn’t quite there. 

Round 2: Barzola shoots and scores with a takedown. Moffett pops right back up though, and we are back in the center of the cage. Moffett secures a body lock, he’s looking for a takedown but Barzola shakes him. Moffett shoots again, but Barzola shakes him off. Barzola scores with a couple of strikes, most notably an uppercut. Barzola is starting to land with the left hand, lots of jabs mixed in with lead hooks. Moffett shoots, but again Barzola doesn’t let him have it. Moffett scores with a combination. They’re exchanging shots in the final moments of the round. Barzola shoots and scores with a takedown in the final seconds of the frame. (10-9 Barzola) Much better round for Barzola. Moffett appeared out of his element for much of the round until that final flurry, he landed some nice shots there. 

Round 3: Barzola connects with some good shots to break the ice. Barzola shoots, but Moffett reverses the position. Moffett scores with a low kick that staggers Barzola a bit. Barzola returns a left hook with just under two minutes left in the round. Moffett connects with a solid right hand, and then another. Barzola rushes forward with two shots to the body and then a left hook to finish off the combo. Moffett returns a straight right hand, but both guys appear to have slowed a bit at this moment in the fight. Barzola fires off two shots to the face and body! He secures a body lock, and then attempts a takedown, Moffett is down and that should seal it for the Peruvian. (10-9 Barzola) (29-28 Barzola) 

Result: Enrique Barzola def. Bobby Moffett via Split Decision 

Analysis: Very good fight. Barzola appeared a bit thrown off in round one, but once he found his rhythm it was never really broken. Moffett was game, but he just couldn’t keep up after round 1.

Rodolfo Vieira vs. Oskar Piechota (Middleweight)

Favorite: Vieira -220

Round 1: Piechota is very tentative in the early part of round 1. Vieira scores with a jab. Piechota throws a kick, but Vieira grabs it and attempts a single leg. Piechota scrambles out of it though and they will remain on the feet. Vieira throws a jab and uses the opening to shoot for a double leg, which he completes. Vieira is controlling the legs, but Piechota is doing okay when all things are considered. Vieira is working from the top half, but Piechota is constantly recovering guard, or creating space. Piechota manages to get back to his feet, but Vieira is staying on him with the pressure of a takedown. (10-9 Vieira) 

Round 2: Piechota lands a few strikes before we see Vieira shoot. Piechota avoids the takedown though. Vieira shoots again, and he completes it this time. He attempts to move into the mount, but Piechota sweeps him and we are back on the feet. Vieira shoots again, but Piechota hits the fence for a little bit of support. Vieira repositions and takes Piechota down with a minute and a half left in the round. He moves to half guard, and locks in a head-arm triangle choke! Piechota taps and it’s all over! 

Result: Rodolfo Vieira def. Oskar Piechota via Submission (Head-Arm Triangle) Round 2, 4:26

(7) Volkan Oezdemir vs. (9) Ilir Latifi (Light-heavyweight)

Favorite: Oezdemir -160 

Round 1: Volkan opens up with a low kick, but Latifi catches it and takes him down. Oezdemir works back to his feet though. Latifi connects with a right hand. Oezdemir lands a flying knee, but Latifi appears to be alright. Latifi puts him against the fence, but not for long. Latifi shoots, but Oezdemir lands another knee to the face. That one busted him open. Oezdemir connects with a heavy low kick! (10-9 Oezdemir) 

Round 2: Latifi seems a bit hesitant in this round. Oezdemir is controlling the pace and dictating the flow of the fight. Lots of cage control by Oezdemir here, neither guy is throwing many strikes. Oezdemir lands a knee, and Latifi is down! Latifi climbs back to his feet, but Oezdemir is staying on him. This is a very patient performance for Oezdemir, he’s picking his shots and slowly drowning Latifi with them. Oezdemir scores with a left hook and Latifi is wearing it. Oezdemir is out-landing Latifi at a rate of something like 6-1. Oezdemir lands a big left hook, and then another! Latifi is down and out! Wow! What a performance for Oezdemir! That might be the best that he has looked in the octagon, he took his time, picked his shots, and then executed. Just fantastic stuff there. 

Result: Volkan Oezdemir def. Ilir Latifi via KO (Punches) Round 2, 4:31

Luiz Garagorri vs. Humberto Bandenay (Featherweight)

Favorite: Garagorri -125 

Round 1: Garagorri has some very crisp striking. He lands a solid shot to the body and then a follow up right hook to the head. Bandenay jumps guard, but Garagorri shakes him and connects with a high kick. Garagorri forces the fight against the fence, Bandenay nearly takes him down but not quite. (10-9 Garagorri) 

Round 2: Garagorri connects with a left straight as he’s moving backward. He was wobbled with a punch just as the round started but it happened so fast that I missed it, but they’re referencing it on commentary. Bandenay connects with a straight but Garagorri returns fire with a hard counter right hand. Garagorri connects with a series of body shots. He looks like a very small and less tattooed Alessio Sakara. Garagorri charges forward with a flurry of punches. Bandenay appears to be okay though. Bandenay shoots and completes a takedown in the final moments of the round. (10-9 Garagorri) 

Round 3: Bandenay scores with a takedown in the early part of round 3. Garagorri works his way back to his feet, but can’t escape the clinch. Bandenay shoots again after a few exchanges on the feet, but he only manages to force his opponent against the fence. Both guys have slowed down quite a bit here in round three. No shame in that, the pace has been insane. Garagorri connects with a left hand with thirty seconds left in the round. Bandenay shoots in the final moments of the round, but no luck. (10-9 Bandenay) (29-28 Bandenay) 

Result: Luiz Garagorri def. Humberto Bandenay via Unanimous Decision

Vicente Luque vs. Mike Perry (Welterweight) 

Favorite: Luque -270

Round 1: Perry breaks the ice with a heavy right hook. Perry is looking very good in the early going with his boxing, Luque is simply getting outworked. He does appear very composed though, that being Luque. Perry connects to the body with a kick. Luque is returning the occasional jab, but he is taking his time. Luque connects with a short right hook, and he follows it up with a jumping knee. Perry is bleeding from beneath his right eye. Perry rushes forward with some HEAVY shots, but Luque covers up and returns a knee. (10-9 Perry) His boxing is looking good, and Luque just isn’t doing a ton. I would like to see him test Perry a bit in the grappling department. Another interesting note, Perry only trained at Jacksons for the Cerrone fight and has been back in Orlando ever since. Is Jackson still what it once was? 

Round 2: Both guys are trading some pretty big shots. Perry connects with a jab and then a left hook. Luque connects with a right hook, and then a shot to the body. He follows it up with a front kick and a jab. Perry scores with a jab but misses the follow up right hand. Luque connects with a low kick, and then they both land straights. They’re just exchanging shots at this point. (10-9 Perry) 

Round 3: They’re trading punches and low kicks in the early part of round three. Luque is having the better round so far but it’s very tentative. Perry shoots for a single, but Luque won’t allow it. Perry is just holding Luque against the fence, but Luque can’t escape. The ref steps in and separates the fighters. Perry shoots again, but Luque lands a knee. Perry completes the takedown but Luque catches him in a guillotine choke! Perry appears to be okay though, as he is landing punches to the body. (10-9 Luque) (29-28 Perry)

Result: Vicente Luque def. Mike Perry via Split Decision 

(3) Liz Carmouche vs. © Valentina Schevchenko for UFC Flyweight Championship 

Favorite: Schevchenko -1100

Round 1: Lots of movement by Carmouche in the early part of the round. Shevchenko is allowing Carmouche to move, but neither fighter is really throwing anything quite yet. Carmouche connects with a kick to the body. Just not much going on so far outside of movement and feints. Shevchenko moves forward with a crisp 1-2. We have just under a minute remaining in this round. (10-10 Draw)

Round 2: Lots of movement, neither fighter is landing anything more than the occasional lone strike. Shevchenko misses with a 1-2 but lands the follow up low kick. Carmouche closes the distance and eats a series of strikes for her efforts. (10-9 Shevchenko) 

Round 3: Carmouche is opening up with some light low kicks. She checks one from Carmouche and lands another of her own. Shevchenko drops Carmouche with a left straight, but she appears to be okay. They clinch, and Shevchenko takes Carmouche down. (10-9 Shevchenko) 

Round 4: After a bit of back and forth action we see Carmouche shoot, but Shevchenko sprawls and takes her back. She threatens briefly with a choke but the round will end without much action. (10-9 Shevchenko)

Round 5: Carmouche shoots for a single but Shevchenko sprawls. Carmouche recovers guard but Shevchenko is maintaining control from the top. Carmouche is working from her back, she has two minutes to figure something out. Shevchenko will ride out the round in top position. (10-9 Shevchenko) 

Result: Valentina Shevchenko def. Liz Carmouche via Unanimous Decision 

Analysis: Not a very entertaining fight. Carmouche didn’t have anything to offer.

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