WATCH: Volkan Oezdemir finishes Ilir Latifi

Volkan Oezdemir

After a rough three-fight losing streak, Volkan Oezdemir got back in the win column, with a KO victory over  Ilir Latifi

Full fight report via Cole Henry

(7) Volkan Oezdemir vs. (9) Ilir Latifi (Light-heavyweight)

Favorite: Oezdemir -160

Round 1: Volkan opens up with a low kick, but Latifi catches it and takes him down. Oezdemir works back to his feet though. Latifi connects with a right hand. Oezdemir lands a flying knee, but Latifi appears to be alright. Latifi puts him against the fence, but not for long. Latifi shoots, but Oezdemir lands another knee to the face. That one busted him open. Oezdemir connects with a heavy low kick! (10-9 Oezdemir)

Round 2: Latifi seems a bit hesitant in this round. Oezdemir is controlling the pace and dictating the flow of the fight. Lots of cage control by Oezdemir here, neither guy is throwing many strikes. Oezdemir lands a knee, and Latifi is down! Latifi climbs back to his feet, but Oezdemir is staying on him. This is a very patient performance for Oezdemir, he’s picking his shots and slowly drowning Latifi with them. Oezdemir scores with a left hook and Latifi is wearing it. Oezdemir is out-landing Latifi at a rate of something like 6-1. Oezdemir lands a big left hook, and then another! Latifi is down and out! Wow! What a performance for Oezdemir! That might be the best that he has looked in the octagon, he took his time, picked his shots, and then executed. Just fantastic stuff there.

Result: Volkan Oezdemir def. Ilir Latifi via KO (Punches) Round 2, 4:31


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