Dana White’s Contender Series RESULTS , Season 3, EP 1

Cole Henry MMATorch Live event reporter

I’m technologically challenged, I wasn’t able to cover the first two fights but I did watch them. The quick results for those bouts are below, followed by full coverage for the remaining fights.

Yorgan De Castro def. Alton Meeks via TKO (Leg Kicks and Punches) Round 1, 4:45

Brendan Loughnane def. Bill Algeo via Unanimous Decision

Hannah Goldy vs. Kali Robbins (Strawweight)

Round 1: Goldy is controlling the outside with low kicks. Robbins is chasing, but she’s getting hit for her efforts. She does have a nice right hand, she’s missing with it a lot though. Robbins attempts to secure a clinch but Goldy lands a solid knee and separates. Robbins secures a body lock and trips Goldy to the mat. Goldy is back up, but Robbins still has a body lock, and drags her right back down. Robbins has the back, with one hook in place. Goldy escapes the position though, and connects with a few solid straight punches. (10-9 Goldy)

Round 2: Goldy opens things up with a kick to the midsection. Goldy is doing a good job of fighting at a distance, she isn’t landing anything huge, but she is landing and controlling the fight. Robbins secures a body clinch and forces the fight against the fence. Goldy escapes and lands a few strikes before falling into a kneebar attempt from Robbins. Robbins is fighting for a leg lock but she’ll run out of time. (10-9 Goldy)

Round 3: Goldy is using the same strategy as before. She’s striking from a distance, and doing a good job of avoiding bad positions. Robbins lands a right hand, but she doesn’t have any volume on these strikes, just one shot at a time. Robbins closes the distance and secures a clinch, but Goldy quickly separates. Goldy continues to lead the dance, her kicks are looking very good, and she’s starting to string combos together. (10-9 Goldy)

Result: Hannah Goldy def. Kali Robbins via Unanimous Decision


Jamie Pickett vs. Punahele Soriano (Middleweight)

Round 1: Soriano is chasing Pickett in the early going. Pickett connects with a right hand, and then eats one himself. Soriano closes the distance scores with a right hand! Pickett has a bit of a stick and move style, while Soriano is more of a plodder, at least so far. Pickett connects with a high kick! They’re swinging and both are connecting! Soriano moves in with several big punches, and Pickett is getting hit! Soriano connects with big left hook and Pickett is down! HE recovers, but eats another hard left hand! Soriano is chasing him and connecting with shot after shot! Saved by the bell? Hard to say but Pickett was in trouble there, at least that appeared to be the case. (10-9 Soriano)

Round 2: Pickett appears to be relatively fresh, Soriano is a bit harder to read. Pickett is landing a jab seemingly at will, taking advantage of his reach I suppose. Soriano ducks underneath with a right hand and takes Pickett down to the mat. Pickett works his way back to his feet and connects with a right hand! Soriano appears to be fading a bit, he’s slowed down, and his hands are hanging open. Soriano shoots, and completes another takedown. (10-9 Soriano)

Round 3: Soriano scores early with a double leg takedown. Pickett recovers half guard, but he’s making no effort to his back to his feet. Soriano moves to head control, but Pickett recovers a half guard. Not much action here on the ground… Soriano is landing punches to the body but there is much to them, and he has just under a minute to do something. (10-9 Soriano)

Result: Punahele Soriano def. Jamie Pickett via Unanimous Decision

*Leon Shahbazyan vs. Brok Weaver cancelled due to injury.

Unofficial Rankings and Notes:

  1. De Castro (Contract)
  2. Goldy (Contract)
  3. Loughnane (Great fight, but not quite enough)
  4. Soriano (Good showing and gameplan but he needs work)

Contracts Awarded: De Castro (Signed), Soriano (Signed)

Notes per Dana White: He really liked De Castro and Soriano. He was pleased with Loughnane, but did not like a late fight takedown that he attempted. He did say that he expects to see him in the UFC sometime in the future. Goldy received similar comments, he said she needed more experience. Personally I was very impressed with her, she had great footwork and showed great patience.

Thanks for joining us this week and we’ll be back next Tuesday with week 2 of the DWTNCS.


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