MORNING VIDEO: The Zombie goes legend

"Korean Zombie" Chan Sung Jung (photo credit Mark J. Rebilas © USA Today)

On Saturday, Chan Sung Jung (AKA “The Korean Zombie”) will fight Renato Moicano at “UFC Fight Night: Moicano vs. Korean Zombie.”

The fight will mark the Zombie’s 7th fight in the UFC, but his promotional debut came eight years ago when he rematched fellow WEC alum Leonard Garcia.

Report From Fight Night (via Jamie Penick, March, 26, 2011)


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ROUND ONE: Garcia landed a leg kick early. He threw a high kick but it was blocked. Jung landed a leg kick. Garcia fired up the overhand right but it didn’t land. He landed a body kick shortly thereafter. He landed the right as Jung ducked in. Jung landed a nice right. Garcia pressed in an missed a punch. Jung landed a left hook and Garcia missed the counter. Jung tagged Garcia with a nice counter. Jung with another big combo. Garcia is missing and Jung is landing a lot more. Jung then got a takedown and tried to go after an arm. Jung grabbed a hold of the head, stood him up and landed a couple of knees and put Garcia on his back again. Jung landed a bunch of strikes, then passed to mount. Garcia gave up his back and ate a bunch of strikes as the round ended.

Penick’s Scorecard: 10-9 Jung. He landed more strikes and got a couple of takedowns, good positions and ground work. Good start for him.

ROUND TWO: Jung landed a few early punches. Garcia missed the counters and probably scored with the judges. Garcia threw a flying knee and it was blocked. Jung landed some punches. He threw a knee of his own. Jung threw a high kick but Jung ducked under it and landed a nice leg kick. Jung landed a left and backed out. Jung landed a hard knee and Garcia countered with one of his own. Jung with a nice right. Garcia circled around as Jung walked him down. Jung landed an uppercut. He landed a flying knee. They threw simultaneous high kicks and Jung landed, dropping Garcia. Garcia threw an upkick but Jung got down into his guard. Jung rained down some big elbows in Garcia’s guard. He postured up and Garcia gave up his back again. Jung got his hooks in but Garcia got one leg loose. Jung locked on a twister and as time was running out he forced Garcia to tap. That was freaking beautiful. Man that had to hurt.

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WINNER: Jung via submission (twister) at 4:59 of the second round

POST FIGHT: Jung said he felt he finally made it up to all the fans he let down through his first two fights in Zuffa. That was the first twister submission in UFC history. Jung said he had been watching Eddie Bravo’s videos online for a long time and had told his teammates he’d pull that sub off in the UFC.

STAR RATING: (****-) That finish came with a second left, with a submission that had never been seen inside the Octagon before. It didn’t have quite the sloppy fireworks the first fight did, but it was a better fight overall. Jung came to fight and pulled off something never seen before in the UFC, what more can you ask for? Just awesome stuff from “The Korean Zombie.”


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