MOORE: Top 5 most valuable autographed UFC fighter cards

By Christian Moore, MMATorch Contributor

In the world of MMA there is almost no other way, or easier way, to get a piece of your favorite way than to buy Topps UFC trading cards, or just straight out buy autographs or relics of your favorites. When it comes to ‘baseball cards’ or ‘trading cards’ in the UFC, it is much different than other sports. While in football, basketball, or baseball, to get your hands on an autograph of the best, like Lebron James, Tom Brady, or Mike Trout is virtually impossible. In MMA, to get an autograph of Daniel Cormier, Demetrious Johnson, Tyron Woodley, or even Jon Jones can be as easy to get as spending just about $10-15. However, there are a select few whose autographs are very expensive, despite mass production. We will stick with current MMA fighters, so although GSP and Ronda Rousey are obviously high sellers, they won’t make this list. So let’s jump into it.

#5: Cris Cyborg

A Cris Cyborg autograph card isn’t as hot of a commodity it once was. Before having her first Topps card, her average autographed card was at least $100. With now having numerous Topps autographs, her autographs still are very high, but not as high as they once were. To get your hands you’ll have to be ready to dish out at least $45 for a lower end card.

#4: Khabib Nurmagomedov

Khabib was the opposite of the last entry, as his autographs constantly climb. Before his title win against Al Iaquinta, you could snag an auto for about $25. Leading up to the Conor fight, you would have to pay out $40. After Khabib’s destruction of Conor, leading up to now, be ready to pay at least $60, if you’re lucky, more often than not having to spend about $85

#3: Jessica Andrade

While the first 2 fighters on this list have the possibility of having an autographed stolen at a cheap price, this won’t happen with Jessica Andrade. Despite having fought in the UFC for around 5 years, she has 1 autograph. 2017 Topps Museum is the place to go for trying to get this card, but being that all of the cards are low numbered, you have a minimal chance of getting it. If you want a Jessica Andrade autograph, you will have to pay at bare minimum $75, often having to spend up to $100 just to get your hands on her card. If you really want the card, get it ASAP, because if she wins the belt at UFC 237, her autograph could very well jump over $200 so get it quick!

#2: Kamaru Usman

So here is the shocker of the list. I thought maybe Usman would make the list, being the newly crowned champ, but I was wrong. Usman is a very clear second and would’ve been #1 if not for you know who. Here is the crazy thing. Kamaru doesn’t even have an autographed card. He doesn’t even have a relic. Usman has one card in 2018 Topps Museum, and this is the crazy thing. An unnumbered card sells for $15. One numbered to 159 sells for $25, and prices jump. So if you want a good Kamaru Usman card numbered under 100, you’ll have to spend somewhere in the $80-$400 range for just the card. So maybe wait for his first auto, and maybe start saving now.

Honorable Mention: Sean O’Malley

So Sean O’Malley originally made this list at #5 before finding out about Usman. O’Malley is an autograph you should get now, as it could be untouchable very quickly. You can get a lesser card of O’Malley signed for about $20, so take advantage of this quickly, as the seeming future of the UFC, he could be high on the list very soon.


#1: Conor McGregor

Obviously, right? So in my search for a cheap Conor McGregor autograph, I couldn’t find one. Back when the first McGregor card came out, this autograph was still very hot, costing about $50. People missed out though, as now, the very cheapest I have EVER found is $105. The average Conor autograph costs you about $200-$300, while all of his autographs range in the $150-$3,000 range, so good luck getting a card.

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