Rafael dos Anjos doesn’t lament missing out on Conor McGregor payday in March: “I still have a good life”

By Jamie Penick, MMATorch Editor-in-Chief

UFC San Antonio

“I would have made a lot of money. I like money; everybody likes money. But I don’t love money. If I don’t fight McGregor, I still have a good life. Coming from where I came from, I was born naked with no teeth. Now I have everything. It’s not something that I’m like, ‘Oh man, I should make the good money.’ I think money comes and goes. What comes easy goes easy. And that would be easy money. But it’s fine, man. If this fight happens down the road, I’ll be there. If not, I’m happy with what I’m making and my intention is to keep working hard and keep my title.”

-UFC Lightweight Champ Rafael dos Anjos discusses the money he missed out on due to his injury removal from UFC 196 and his planned fight with Conor McGregor during a UFC media luncheon this week (via MMAFighting.com).

Penick’s Analysis: It’s good that he’s got perspective on things, though he’s certainly going to be underpaid by comparison moving forward. Fighting on UFC Fight Pass means no pay-per-view bonus; though he might be getting taken care of in some capacity to get him defending his title on the service, it’s nowhere near what he would have gotten in March. It’s entirely possible the fight does wind up happening at some point, and it could perhaps be as big then as it would have been in March. For now, he looks to defend his title to keep himself on top of the lightweight field. That should be his focus, and it seems that’s where his head’s at into UFC Fight Night 90.

[Photo (c) Joe Camporeale via USA Today Sports]

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