Ken Shamrock, Kimbo Slice reportedly fail drug tests out of last month’s Bellator 149 event

By Jamie Penick, MMATorch Editor-in-Chief

In a completely laughable cap to an already ridiculous event, reports that both Ken Shamrock and Kevin “Kimbo Slice” Ferguson failed pre-Bellator 149 urine tests administered by the Texas Department of Licensing and regulation.

The exact substance(s) for which each fighter tested positive will not be revealed by the commission, but both are likely to receive Texas’ typical 90-day suspension with up to a $5,000 fine, and Slice’s third round “TKO” win over Dhafir “DaDa 5000” Harris will be overturned to a “no contest.”

Shamrock was appealing his first round loss to Royce Gracie due to the referee not halting action due to a low blow, but that’s unlikely to go anywhere with this failed test.

Penick’s Analysis: To fail a urine test administered by Texas of all places suggests a level of ineptitude in their drug use that is fitting for what this event was overall. That it may only keep each of them out 90 days means it won’t do anything to harm future Bellator plans for them, but it’s yet another mark against what is one of the most ridiculous events ever put together at this level, regardless of how well it drew on Spike TV.

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