Dana White on Jose Aldo wanting Conor McGregor rematch: “It’s tough to make that fight again right away”

By Jamie Penick, MMATorch Editor-in-Chief

Jose Aldo

Jose Aldo’s desire to fight Conor McGregor again in his next fight – and only Conor McGregor – is likely to keep him out for a long period of time, and comments from UFC President Dana White on Thursday regarding that rematch only support the idea that it will be a while before it happens.

“It’s one of those things; we made the fight the first time and he got hurt and had to pull out,” White said in an interview with Opie & Jim Norton (transcribed by MMAJunkie.com). “Then we made it again, and it ended in 13 seconds. It’s tough to make that fight again right away. Plus, Conor wants to be a two-belt champion, so he wants to fight dos Anjos.”

In addition to what happened in that fight in December, White pointed to how many fighters are lining up to face McGregor as another potential impediment for Aldo getting what he’s looking for.

“The problem is that’s what everyone from flyweight to heavyweight is saying now: they all want to fight Conor McGregor,” White said. “He’s the money fight.”

Penick’s Analysis: The counter point here is that Aldo was the only champion this division had ever had, and he’d gone unbeaten for a decade. They’ve made so many other rematches, and so many other title fights with less than deserving challengers that Aldo absolutely should get that rematch. At the same time, it’s understandable that there are other options from which the UFC can choose. Frankie Edgar has earned a fight for that title, there are lightweight fights that make sense if McGregor captures that title, and for as much as Aldo’s owed that rematch, he may just have to wait until these other things play out.

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