CM Punk feels “absolutely” confident in himself, excited to have potential timetable for UFC debut

By Jamie Penick, MMATorch Editor-in-Chief

C.M. Punk

“You’d have to ask Duke [Roufus if I’m ready]. Ask me that the day of the fight and I’d probably say no or I’ll probably say ‘I don’t know.’ Actually the day of the fight I’ll probably be like ‘yep, let’s fight everybody.’ It’s a great question because a part of me wants to say it’s not for me to say, but one of these days you’ve just got to fight. When is a kid ready to play his first Little League game? I don’t know, just go f***ing play. When is a kid ready to walk? Sometimes you’ve just got to do it. You’ve just got to get on the bike and you’ve got to ride. That’s my mindset. I work my ass off everyday for this. Do I believe I’m ready? Am I confident in myself? Yes, absolutely… [Having a timetable and potential opponent is] something that does excite me. I’ve always said I can’t wait and I really can’t but now that we know it’s going to be June or July, that’s just awesome to me. I know it’s going to feel like eight years from now until then and then the day of I’m going to feel like the time just went by in the blink of an eye. So I’m really just going to try to enjoy the next couple of months and the whole process.”

-CM Punk talks to about whether or not he’s ready to make his UFC debut, and why he’s excited to be in the home stretch towards that potential debut.

Penick’s Analysis: Pieces are falling into place for this to actually happen. He’s been putting in the work in Milwaukee, and whether he actually has it in him to win an MMA fight or not, he seems intent on going through with the effort. We’ll find out at UFC 196 whether Mickey Gall or Mike Jackson prove worth the UFC’s promoting efforts for that fight, and provided he doesn’t suffer another injury setback, it seems this is indeed going to happen in June. Once more, while the UFC can be rightfully criticized for giving him the platform as an unproven now-former pro wrestler, Punk deserves at least some modicum of respect for trying something kind of insane given his complete lack of legitimate sporting experience.

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