Johny Hendricks says UFC 192 weight-cut fiasco his fault, wants to get redemption for himself

By Jamie Penick, MMATorch Editor-in-Chief

Johny Hendricks

“Nothing’s ever happened like this that’s what was so weird. Even when I made weight at 157 (pounds), that’s what’s so weird. Even when I cut down from 205 to 157 and I was fatter then, but when I did that, it was rough, but I never once experienced anything like this where it’s like your body says ‘no it’s not going to happen.’ … It is rough and it does suck. You try to do things right and you try to learn and all of a sudden you think ‘I know nothing.’ Everyday I’ve got to wake up and know that my body’s hurting for nothing. I didn’t get the pleasure part of my job, I only got the suckiest part of it. The camp and the weight cut. People don’t get that, my favorite part is fighting. It’s not the training camp, it’s definitely not the weight cut, but getting in the Octagon is my favorite part of the job. I enjoy it. Now all of a sudden I don’t get to do that. It’s my fault and I know it… Whenever I get back in there, I’m going to make sure it’s the best weight cut. It’s going to be even better than the Matt Brown fight. I do have to get some redemption, but it’s not for everybody else — it’s for me. Because I’m the one who has to step on the scale and I know I just pissed away three months of training thinking that I was on the right track. That’s what really sucks. It took me three months to get ready for that fight and then to get nothing for that it. It beats you up but I sit here and think ‘how do I get past this and how do I come back stronger?’ That’s where my head is at right now.”

-Johny Hendricks talks to about his body shutting down on him while cutting weight for UFC 192 and needing to come back strong.

Penick’s Analysis: Hendricks is in a bad spot because of this incident, and has a lot now to prove to get himself back into title contention where the former Champ believes he belongs. He’s gone from the UFC saying an immediate rematch with Robbie Lawler would come after UFC 181, to then having a less impressive win over Matt Brown, and now missing weight to take him out of the mix entirely. It’s a significant fall in less than a year, and he has to find a way to come back impressively if he hopes to again contend for a UFC title.

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