3 Fights To Watch 5/5/22

Donald Cerrone vs Joe Lozan
A blast from the past; it feels like 2005 again. Shogun is on the same card, the main card as well! It’s not that it matters who wins but let’s just say Donald Cerrone loses, he’s gotta retire right there on the spot, right?! MMA owes a lot to guys like Lozan and Cerrone so to see them featured on the main card this late in their career is great but it just has no real weight to it. The fight itself, on the other hand, will be good, definitely one to watch. These two can put on one hell of a show, win, lose or draw.

Michael Chandler vs Tony Ferguson
I don’t understand how people think that Ferguson can win this fight. Sure, he has a puncher’s chance but not much more than that at this stage in his career. I know it seems as if I’m not giving Tony any credit but the truth is, I’m giving Chandler all of the credit he deserves. Ferguson is basically washed up in the UFC. Unless Tony is going to another promotion, he shouldn’t be on the main card anymore…if he loses.

On the other side, even if Chandler wins, who does he fight next and why?

Charles Oliveira[c] vs Justin Gaethje
The thing to watch here is how Dana White responds when Charles Oliviera retains. White doesn’t seem to want to push Oliviera as a top champion. Justin Gaethje is nonslouch but I don’t see him doing any more than throwing hands, hoping to land a big shot. Gaethje will likely go out as quickly and as easily as he did against Khabib Nurmagomedov.

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