HYDEN BLOG: Jorge Masvidal and Colby Covington Madness, Ben Rothwell Released, Kelvin Gastelum Hurt

By: Frank Hyden, MMATorch Senior Columnist

There were no events this weekend due to the Final Four, WrestleMania,
they just didn’t want to, whatever you want to say. So it’s time to
scroll through some news. Let’s get to it.

I haven’t addressed this because I prefer to focus on the sport and
not outside stuff but here we go.
Jorge Masvidal “allegedly” sucker punched Colby Covington last month
outside of a steakhouse. I’m not sure if I need to put allegedly in
there or not but I will just in case. So now you have people defending
Masvidal or defending Covington and I’m sitting here thinking they’re
both wrong. Masvidal’s wrong for sucker punching someone and
Covington’s wrong for some of the stuff he says. Masvidal’s more wrong
for actually committing a crime and attacking someone…allegedly.
Just like he was wrong for sucker punching Leon Edwards back in 2019.
People seemed to love that, though, and that stupid “three piece and a
soda” junk. I’m still seeing people say that crap. It’s real simple,
if you sucker punch somebody, turn in your adult card. That’s the
action of a kid, not a grown adult.
And because I know that there’s going to be some people who
immediately are going to jump to take that as me defending Covington,
some of his schtick is kid stuff too. He’s gone too far with some of
his taunts but they’re just words. Actions matter more than words
because if you let words affect you that much, you’ve given the person
saying those words too much power over you. It’s like when people
claim to have “taken back” certain words but then get incredibly upset
if someone calls them those words or even just says them. You haven’t
taken back those words because you still allow them to have power over
If you get upset about a Yo Mama joke that’s all you’re going to hear
from some people. That’s Trolling 101. And yes, those people are
childish for doing that but you’re more childish for allowing that to
affect you so much. Masvidal’s facing some consequences after this.
I’m not a judge or lawyer so I don’t want to speculate so I’ll just
say there’s consequences and leave it at that. And for what? Because
Covington made some stupid taunts? It doesn’t make sense to me.


Ben Rothwell has been released by the UFC and his fight against
Alexander Gustafsson at UFC Vegas 55 on May 21 has been cancelled.
Rothwell has alternated wins and losses in his last 4 fights so this
is kind of strange. I don’t know why the UFC would book a fight and
then release one of the fighters in that bout? That doesn’t make a
whole lot of sense but I’m assuming there’s a reason.


Kelvin Gastelum is injured and has to pull out of his fight against
Dricus de Plessis at UFC 273 next weekend. He didn’t disclose the
injury or how long he’ll be out of action.

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