WATCH: Khama Worthy finishes Devonte Smith

Khama Worthy vs.Devonte Smith

It took a few hours, but Khama Worthy gave UFC 241 its first finish of the evening. Despite being a massive underdog, Worthy finished Devonte Smith late in the first-round.

Full Fight Report via Cole Henry:

Devonte Smith vs.Khama Worthy (Lightweight)

Pre-fight notes: Smith is the biggest favorite on this card. These guys are also former training partners for what that is worth. 

Favorite: Smith -1000

Round 1: They’re trading early on in the fight. Worthy is coming off a win from late July, he is also the biggest underdog on this card. Smith lands a low kick, but Worthy returns a three punch combo. Smith returns a quick jab. Both guys appear to be in first gear, not a lot of action so far, at least no serious action. Smith connects with a low kick, his fourth or fifth solid land of the night. Worthy connects Worthy connects with a counter left hook! Smith is down! Worthy rushes in and finishes him off on the ground! Wow! What an upset!

Result: Khama Worthy def. Devonte Smith via KO (Punches) Round 1, 4:15

Watch Khama Worthy get the finish below

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