ROUNDTABLE: What do you make of Colby Covington’s act?

Colby Covington's act

Colby Covington has become MMA’s resident troll, how do you feel about the way he conducts himself.

Frank Hyden MMATorch Columnist

I don’t have a problem with it because he’s been backing it up. I don’t like when guys talk a big game and then barely get the job done. Yeah, it’s abundantly clear that he’s just trying to capture some of that Conor McGregor magic but again, if he’s backing it up with good performances that’s all right. Maybe the Matt Hughes train comments went too far, but I personally wasn’t bothered by it because I’m not Matt Hughes or a big Hughes fan.  The best thing I can say about Covington’s act is that at least he’s not some boring generic answer machine. Yeah, some of the stuff he says is stupid but I’ll take stupid over something you forget as soon as the guy is done saying it.

Michael Hiscoe MMATorch Columnist

I talked about it a bit in my column this week, but I think that Covington needs to refine his act a bit. His approach seems to be to antagonize people just for the sake of doing so. Case in point, spoiling the ending of a Star Wars movie on opening night a couple of years ago. Just as Chael Sonnen and Conor McGregor were able to build themselves by finding foils in Anderson Silva and Jose Aldo, Covington needs to do the same. Instead of putting effort into being an all-around douchebag, he should focus on building a personal feud with a single fighter that fans can choose to either root for him or against him in. Kamaru Usman could be that person but that feud may need more time to marinate.

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Sean Covington MMATorch Contributor

I really don’t like the act he puts on but it kinda works. The guy’s name is Colby, I mean we should have known what we were gonna be getting with him. He certainly backs up his trash talk more than Ben Askren did. Of all of the acts going on in MMA and combat sports, Colby’s is the most loud and annoying. More people still want to see Conor McGregor lose, so until Colby reaches that level of heat he is just going to be a pest.

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