LIVE UFC FORTALEZA REPORT: Real-time results & analysis of Assuncao-Moraes, Aldo-Moicano

By Cole Henry, mmatorch Contributor

UFC Fortaleza
February 2, 2019
CFO Arena, Fortaleza, Brazil
Live on ESPN+ (Prelims 5 PM ET, Main Card 8 PM ET)

ESPN+ Prelims

Rogerio Bontorin vs. Magomed Bibulatov (Flyweight/125)

Round 1: Bibulatov scores with a hip toss! Bontorin sweeps though and winds up in the mount position! Bibulatov rolls but Bontorin rolls with him and takes the back! He is looking for a neck crank, but Bibulatov is defending! Bibulatov escapes and we are back on the feet. Bibulatov lands a nice strike to the body in the final seconds of the round. (10-9 Bontorin)

Round 2:  Bontorin is playing defense early. Bibulatov is making him work with his back against the fence. Bibulatov is looking for a takedown but Bontorin is making him work for it. Nice left hook lands for Bontorin. We see a brief clinch and Bibulatov lands a nice hook to the body. Big left-hand lands for Bontorin! Bibulatov scores with a takedown and he is looking to land some ground and pound. Bontorin isn’t laying still though and quickly gets back to feet. Left hook lands for Bibulatov, followed up by a right hand. Bibulatov connects with a nice uppercut in the final seconds of the round. (10-9 Bibulatov)

Round 3: Bontorin lands a left hand, right hook combination! Bibulatov takes it though and keeps moving forward. Bibulatov throws a Headkick that grazes his opponent. Right land lands for Bontorin! Both guys are throwing big shots here. Bibulatov forces the fight against the fence. He has an under hook and is using the free arm to attack the body of Bontorin. They separate and Bontorin lands a quick left hand! Bibulatov moves in for a clinch but Bontorin reverses the position and lands to the body! Bontorin scores with a takedown! He has just under a minute left to work in the round! Bontorin takes the back, he has one hook in, but Bibulatov will survive the round. (10-9 Bontorin) (29-28 Bontorin)

Result: Rogerio Bontorin def. Magomed Bibulatov via Split Decision

Analysis: Good performance by both fighters. Bibulatov looked good on the feet but couldn’t handle himself in most of the grappling exchanges. Both guys will have a future if this division continues.

Said Nurmagomedov vs. Ricardo Ramos (Bantamweight/135)

Favorite: Ricardo Ramos -150

Round 1: Nurmagomedov is looking for a high kick early but Ramos is avoiding them. He connects with a spinning back fist! Ramos appears a bit confused by his opponent’s attack! Nurmagomedov lands a spinning back kick and Ramos is hurt! He drops and Nurmagomedov is attacking with punches! This fight is over!

Result: Said Nurmagomedov def. Ricardo Ramos via TKO (Spinning back kick and punches) Round 1, 2:28

Analysis: Ramos appeared confident at first but Nurmagomedov’s approach seemed to throw him off once things got going. Nurmagomedov was throwing almost nothing besides spinning strikes and head kicks and it eventually worked. Good stuff there by Nurmagomedov.

Geraldo de Freitas Jr. vs. Felipe Colares (Featherweight/145)

Favorite: Geraldo de Freitas Jr. -125

Round 1: de Freitas connects with a quick right hand to kick things off. Colares pressures forward and connects with a left hand but misses with the right. De Freitas is a bit longer and Colares is having a hard time catching him. Colares scores with a takedown but de Freitas sweeps and nearly takes the back. Colares is back in top position and he’s looking to pass the guard of his opponent. De Freitas reveres the position though and he’s now working from top half guard. Colares is looking to get back to his feet but de Freitas isn’t allowing it. De Freitas is threatening with a kimura with Colares pulls out and takes top position. He is landing some hard elbows in the final seconds of the round. (10-9 de Freitas) It was close and the elbows in the final seconds of the round could have won it for Colares, but I think de Freitas did enough up to that point and should get the round.

Round 2: de Freitas connects early with some big shots! Colares is surviving but he took some shots and he’s busted open and bleeding from the forehead. Colares went for a clinch but de Freitas scores with a takedown instead. De Freitas briefly had top control but Colares escapes and takes top position. De Freitas recovers guard but he doesn’t appear to be trying to do much. Colares briefly takes the back but it allows de Freitas to stand up. De Freitas changes levels and scores with another takedown. Lots of sloppy grappling by both guys so far but its been fun to watch. Colares escapes to his feet and presses forward but de Freitas takes him down again in the final seconds of the round. (10-9 de Freitas)

Round 3: de Freitas just missed with an uppercut and eats a hook for his efforts. De Freitas closes the distance and forces the fight against the fence. Colares lands a low kick but de Freitas counters with a straight right and completes a takedown. He moves into mount with two and a half minutes left in the round. Colares works his way to his feet but de Freitas is making him carry his body weight. They separate and de Freitas scores with a left hook, a right hook, and then a mean uppercut! Colares might be hurt here! De Freitas takes him down yet again. Colares is getting the better of the fence fighting though and he’s looking for a takedown with about 20 seconds left. He separates instead, and the fight ends with both guys exchanging in the center. (10-9 de Freitas) (30-27 de Freitas)

Result: Geraldo de Freitas Jr. def. Felipe Colares via Unanimous Decision (30-27 x2, 30-26)

Analysis: Geraldo de Freitas looked very good on the feet and on the ground. He appeared to have Colares hurt a few times while standing but always tried taking down as opposed to looking for a finish. No harm in that though and he picked up a decisive win.

Jairzinho Rozenstruick vs. Junior Albini (Heavyweight/265)

Favorite: Junior Albini -130

Round 1: Albini moves in right for a takedown out of the gate. He completes it and Rozenstruick is on his back now. He is a former pro kickboxer, so you have to wonder how much experience he has fighting on the ground. Albini moves into side control and he is looking for a kimura! Albini gives it up and moves into the mount position. Rozenstruick briefly escapes to his feet but Albini trips him right back down to the mat! Rozenstruick completes a sweep and briefly takes top position! He lets Albini up though and we are back in the center. Albini lands a big shot! He moves in and secures an under hook against the fence. Albini attempts a takedown but Rozenstruick shakes him and lands a couple of big shots as the round ends. (10-9 Albini)

Round 2: Albini bends over for a takedown…and I mean that…he just sort of bent over and Rozenstruick counters with a left uppercut! Albini is hurt! Rozenstruick connects with a high kick and the Brazilian is down! Rozenstruick is attacking with punches on the ground and this fight is over! Nice comeback win there for the former pro kickboxer!

Result: Jairzinho Rozenstruick def. Junior Albini via TKO (Head kick and Punches) Round 2, 0:54

Analysis: Junior Albini had a good game plan but Rozenstruick eventually got through with his power and that was pretty much it.

Max Griffin vs. Thiago Alves (Welterweight/170)

Favorite: Max Griffin -220

Round 1: Griffin is attacking the body early and often. Alves connects with a nice straight left and the crowd loved it. Alves scores with a low kick and a right hook! Griffin returns a big knee! Alves felt that one! Bisping is saying it was an illegal knee. Alves scores with a low kick but Griffin counters with a knee and Alves is hurt! Alves is down but he will be saved by the fell. That was a tight spot there for Alves. (10-9 Alves)

Round 2: Alves is attacking the body early with kicks! He connects with a left hook and then a right! Griffin scores with a takedown but Alves is right back on his feet! Alves connects again to the body! Low kick lands for Alves! Alves moves in with another low kick and an uppercut combination. Griffin is wobbly! Griffin throws a body kick, but Alves gets out of the way and misses with a body kick of his own in the final moments of the round. That was quite a comeback round for Alves after nearly being stopped in the first. (10-9 Alves)

Round 3: Alves scores with a kick to the body! They clinch and Alves scores with a knee to the body! He follows it up with a spinning elbow, but Griffin takes him down! Alves briefly gets up, but Griffin takes him back down with a body lock! Griffin moves into mount and he looks to be setting up an arm-triangle. Alves escapes though and he’s working back to his feet. Griffin if keeping him down though with two minutes left in the round. Alves is up! He scores with yet another kick to the body and follows it up with a right hand! Alves clinches and he’s looking for a dominant position against the fence! Griffin creates a scramble and escapes out of the back. (10-9 Griffin) (29-28 Griffin)

Result: Thiago Alves def. Max Griffin via Split Decision

Analysis: Well…I think that Max Griffin deserved to win that fight, but I am very glad to see Alves pick up a win. Alves looked better than he has in years and the second round was absolute vintage Alves. He was badly hurt in the first round, came back and clearly won the second, and while I don’t think he won the third, he certainly did hold his own and the crowd loved it. Max Griffin though was not as pleased.

Mara Romero Borella vs. Talia Santos (Flyweight/125)

Favorite:  Talia Santos -200

Round 1: Santos scores with a body lock takedown in the first minute of the round. She moves right to the back and Borella is in trouble here. Santos has two hooks in but Borella is now standing, with Santos still on her back. Borella escapes and she’s now looking for a takedown of her own. She completes it and now Santos is down and on her back. Borella is working from side control with just over two minutes left in the round. She’s landing some short elbows but chooses to stand as Santos nearly recovered guard. Borella takes the fight back down though, and she is now working from top, half guard. Santos recovers guard and she’s looking to set up an Omoplatta. (10-9 Borella)

Round 2:  Borella forces the action against the fence right out of the gate. Santos uses an under hook to reverse the position. Nearly this entire round has been contested against the fence, not much action to see, but lots of wrestling for position against the fence. Both fighters are landing short shots but really nothing of note. Almost the entire round has been a positional battle. (10-9 Borella)

Round 3: Santos lands a jab but Borella returns one of her own. Santos connects with a right hook on Borella. Borella moved in a bit quickly and paid for it there. Borella trips Santos up off an ill-timed low kick but she couldn’t quite complete the takedown. Santos is pressuring now, she lands a straight right as Borella was circling off the fence. Borella is reaching for takedowns and she’s starting to get tagged as Santos is getting her timing down. Santos connects with another solid jab, then a right hand in the final seconds of the round. (10-9 Santos) (29-28 Borella)

Result: Mara Romero Borella def. Talia Santos via Split Decision

Analysis: Borella was completely ineffective on the feet and once she couldn’t get the fight down in the third round, things slowed to a crawl. She did enough to win though and has stopped Talia Santos’ hype train.

Markus Perez vs. Anthony Hernandez (Middleweight/185)

Favorite: Anthony Hernandez -150

Round 1: Hernandez moves forward with a flurry of strikes! Perez counters though and reverses the position with a body lock. Perez still has the body lock after a good while and he’s looking to make something happen, but Perez is making it difficult. They separate, and Perez lands a hard kick to the body. Hernandez rushes forward again but Perez catches him in a clinch and separates. He lands a hard elbow in the process. Perez connects with a right hand, and then a left, and Hernandez is back peddling! Hernandez returns a short right hand and appears to have recovered. Perez connects with a hard-low kick! Hernandez moves forward with a flurry, but Perez avoids the brunt up them. They’re exchanging big shots in the final moments of the round! Great fight. (10-9 Perez)

Round 2: Perez lands a big kick in the early seconds of the round! Hernandez crumbles and Perez chases him down! Perez takes the back and he’s looking for a rear naked choke! Hernandez shakes him, but Perez moves back in and he’s threatening with a standing choke! Perez pulls him down and he’s got him in an anaconda choke! And Perez taps! Fantastic finishing sequence there by Markus Perez!

Result: Marcus Perez def. Anthony Hernandez via Submission (Anaconda choke) Round 1, 1:07

Analysis: This was the best that Perez has looked so far in the UFC. He looked good standing, and on the feet. The kick that set up the finish was phenomenal, and then the way he dragged Hernandez down for the choke was cool. Tough break for Anthony Hernandez, especially considering all the travel involved.

ESPN+ Main Card

Sarah Frota vs. Livia Renata Souza (Catchweight/123)

*Sarah Frota missed weight.

Round 1: Frota missed weight by seven pounds so we will see how that effects things. She scores early with a toss and puts Souza on her back. She is now working from inside of Souza’s guard. Frota is landing hammer fists and short punches, while Souza just attempts to avoid them. Souza is definitely feeling the extra weight her opponent has at this point. Souza attacks with an armbar! Frota pops out of it though and stands back up. Souza moves in for a takedown but Frota is using the fence to keep herself standing. Souza completes the takedown and scores with some ground and pound in the final seconds of the round. (10-9 Souza)

Round 2: Frota scores early with a big left hand and Souza is wobbled! Souza changes levels for a takedown and times it perfectly. Souza is staying in Frota’s guard but neither fighter is doing much. The ref’s steps in and we are back on the feet. Souza takes the fight right back to the ground though. Frota is looking for an armbar but can’t find it. She escapes the position and we are back on the feet. Souza lands a right hand and then shoots for a takedown! Frota sprawls and she’s maintaining a front head lock. Frota separates and lands a left hook! Souza drops for another takedown and gets it! She has the back and she’s looking for a rear naked choke! She has a body lock and she’s softening Frota up! Souza goes for another RNC in the final seconds of the fight! Its tight but Frota will be saved by the bell! Good round. (10-9 Souza)

Round 3: Frota lands with a right hook! Souza drops for a takedown but Frota stops it this time with a sprawl! Souza recovers guard, but it allows Frota to land some vicious hammer fists! We see a little in-action and that’s apparently too much for the ref as we see another stand up. Souza drops for a takedown but Frota avoids it! Souza connects with a straight right! Frota returns an open-handed slap that appeared to stagger Souza a bit. Souza lands a standing elbow, but Frota returns a big left hand, and then another! Souza could be in trouble here! She will survive but man what a fight…that was a good one. (10-9 Frota) (29-28 Souza)

Result: Livia Renata Souza def. Sarah Frota via Split Decision

Analysis: Very good fight. Souza gave up a lot of size, but she was the superior grappler and also had her moments on the feet. Frota is in a tough spot here, she missed weight, and then lost to a much smaller fighter. Hopefully things improve going forward.

Johnny Walker vs. Justin Ledet (Light-heavyweight/205)

Favorite: Johnny Walker -170

Round 1: Walker connects with a side kick, throws up a high kick and misses, but then connects with a spinning back fist on the follow through! He throws a soccer kick, but misses! Walker is looking for the finish with punches on the ground, and WOW this fight is over! Johnny Walker is some sort of a video game character, and honestly fighting him just isn’t a good idea. My god…I can’t really say much else.  Johnny Walker is going to be a problem.

Result: Johnny Walker def. Justin Ledet via KO (Spinning backfist and Punches) Round 1, 0:15

Analysis: Please watch that when you get the chance. That was absolutely spectacular.

Charles Oliveira vs. David Teymur (Lightweight/155)

Favorite: David Teymur -225

Round 1:  Teymur breaks the ice with a low kick. He throws another kick, this time to the body but pokes Oliveira in the eye in the process. Oliveira will get up to five minutes to recover. The replay is pretty vicious, Oliveira definitely took some damage there. The ref is going to take a point. This is just become an uphill battle for David Teymur. Back to the action and Oliveira is claiming he just got poked again but the action continues. Teymur is using his movement but Oliveira is using his length to stay with him. Teymur drops him but then drops down into his guard! He thinks better of it though and stands up, allowing Oliveira to do the same. Oliveira ties Teymur up with an under hook and drops to his back! Teymur stays composed though and works out of before getting back to his feet. Oliveira connects with a big knee, and then a right hand! Teymur is having a very difficult time dealing with the size of Oliveira here. Teymur is mostly playing defense, he can’t get inside enough to connect with anything that will hurt Oliveira. (10-8 Oliveira) That lost point must be looming over Teymur right now. He might need a finish if he wants to avoid a draw.

Round 2: Oliveira hurts Teymur right out of the gate with a big right elbow! Teymur turns his back and Oliveira is nailing him with lefts and rights against the fence! Teymur turns for a body lock but Oliveira grabs the neck and drags the fight to the ground! Teymur taps to the anaconda choke and this fight is over! The way that Oliveira dragged Teymur down, and ended the fight was seriously like something from national geographic or the discovery channel. He was like a predator squeezing the life out of his prey.  If Charles Oliveira gets ahold of your neck its best to just tap out. That makes thirteen submission wins for Oliveira, he already has the record so he’s just adding to it at this point.

Result: Charles Oliveira def. David Teymur via Submission (Anaconda Choke) Round 2, 0:55

Analysis: Charles Oliveira dealt with some adversity in the early part of the first round but once he found his rhythm, he never allowed Teymur back into the fight. He beat him on the feet but ended it on the ground. Vintage Charles Oliveira.

Damian Maia vs. Lyman Good (Welterweight/170)

Favorite: Damian Maia -190

Round 1:  Maia moves in for a takedown right away. He completes it but Good pops right back up! Maia is controlling the legs though and Good is in a fight to get to his feet. Good is up but Maia has his back! He has an arm under the chin and Good could be in trouble here! He is definitely in trouble, but this could be fight ending trouble! Good is fighting Maia’s arms and the choke isn’t secure but this is a tight spot. Good is fighting it but Maia might have it here! Good taps! Damian Maia does it again! Lyman Good doesn’t appear tired, and he didn’t get beat up, but he ran into he best BJJ player in MMA and Maia just had his way with him. He took him down, took the back, waited patiently, and then ended the fight.

Result: Damian Maia def. Lyman Good via Submission (Standing Rear Naked Choke) Round 1, 2:28

Analysis: Post fight, Michael Bisping said, “You made it look easy!” and that pretty much sums it up. Maia doesn’t look tired, and I am not sure that he threw a single strike, he just used BJJ and its incredible that he can pull it off in 2019. He has well rounded skills, but he just uses them to get to his Jiu Jitsu. Just incredible stuff by the Brazilian legend.

Jose Aldo vs. Renato Moicano (Featherweight/145)

Favorite: Renato Moicano -135

Round 1:  Lots of respect being shown by both fighters early on. They briefly clinch but separate with no action. Three minutes in and very few strikes have been thrown. Moicano connects with a solid jab, and Aldo returns one to the body. Moicano connects with a grazing right hook. Moicano is moving with low kicks, and Aldo is allowing it. Aldo connects with a short-left hook just as the round ends. Slow round and it could go either way. I tend to lead towards Moicano though, he was largely pushing the pace and landed as many if not more strikes than Aldo. (10-9 Moicano)

Round 2: Aldo connects with a big left hook! And then a right to the body! Aldo is hurting Moicano with a flurry of strikes! Big shot to the body lands for Aldo! Moicano is trying to get off the line of fire but Aldo is chasing him down and connecting with everything he throws! Big uppercut lands for Aldo and Moicano is going out! Aldo connects again and again, and this fight is over! Remember how some people were saying that Aldo is done? Well he isn’t.

Result: Jose Aldo def. Renato Moicano via TKO (Punches) Round 2, 0:44

Analysis: We have witnessed some fantastic finishes tonight. Aldo started slow but came out like a rocket in the second round and just never gave Moicano a chance to breath. He hit him with absolutely everything, to the face, and body and then nearly decapitated him with the uppercut that led to finish. Post-fight, Aldo said that he would like to return to action on the upcoming Brazil card in May.

Marlon Moraes vs. Raphael Assuncao (Bantamweight/135)

Favorite: Marlon Moraes -200

Round 1:  They touch gloves and we are off. Moraes opens up first with a low kick. Assuncao scores with a side kick that knocked Moraes off balance a bit. Moraes connects with a big right hand and then another and Assuncao is down! Moraes follows him down into his guard, and from there he moves into half guard. Moraes is cracking Assuncao on the ground with some big shots! Big elbow lands for Moraes! He has the neck and rolls into mount for a guillotine! Assuncao taps out! Wow! The first fight was close, the second fight was a lot more definitive! Somebody get Marlon Moraes a title shot!

Result: Marlon Moraes def. Raphael Assuncao via Submission (Mounted Guillotine) Round 1, 3:17

Analysis: Marlon Moraes attacked early and often, and badly hurt Assuncao with those shots that dropped him. Assuncao just never recovered from there and was forced to tap once he found himself in a guillotine. That makes three straight first round finishes for Moraes, against Assuncao, Jimmie Rivera, and Aljamain Sterling. He deserves a title shot but unfortunately the division is a bit muddy right now.

Thanks for joining us for coverage of UFC Fight Night 144 and be sure to come back throughout the week for coverage of the fallout!

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