Georges St-Pierre has intrest in McGregor-Nurmagomedov winner: no intrest in Silva or Diaz

Robert Vallejos, mmatorch contributor

UFC welterweight legend, Georges St-Pierre has his eyes on his next opponent.

As part of a speaking engagement in Australia, St-Pierre told Submission Radio that he would like to return to the UFC to face the winner of the upcoming Khabib Nurmagomedov-Conor McGregor lightweight title fight.

“I would be interested in that fight,” said St-Pierre, “That’s a win-win situation. It’s a legacy upgrade and it’s good money, it’s gonna be a big fight. Yeah. However, I fought at 170, I relinquished a title. I fought at 185, I relinquished a title. I don’t think UFC will let me fight for the title at 155. They will be afraid I relinquish, and I left the division in ruins.”

Nurmagomedov and McGregor will face off at UFC 229 on Oct 6, at the T-Mobil arena in Las Vegas.

St-Pierre has not competed for the UFC since defeating Michael Bisping for the middleweight title at UFC 217 in November of 2017. Shortly thereafter, St-Pierre vacated the title due to health concerns.  Prior to UFC 217, St-Pierre had been inactive since late 2013.

While St-Pierre is looking to cash-in, he is not interested in a “dream fight” with Anderson Silva.

“This fight (Anderson Silva) was interesting at a certain point, when I had a lot of contenders in my division. And this fight, if it would have been made, I wanted it to be made with extra performance-enhancing drug testing, which the UFC was not a fan about because they didn’t want WADA to be part of it, before USADA was in.” Said St-Pierre. He also indicated that the weight disparity would be an issue.

Additionally, St-Pierre said that he was offered a fight with Nate Diaz, but did not feel a fight with Diaz would help his legacy.

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  1. He doesn’t deserve a title fight. It was BS that he was able to get a title fight despite being retired for 4 years. He then immediately vacated the title. Now he wants to fight again, and for a title? No wonder more and more fans are getting tired of how UFC treats the titles.

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