ROUNDTABLE: Are you interested in Daniel Cormier vs. Stipe Miocic?

MMATorch Staff

Stipe Miocic (photo by Jason Silva © USA Today Sports)

With the announcement that UFC heavyweight champion Stipe Miocic will defend his title against light heavyweight champion Daniel Cormier, anticipation is will build over the next several months. Here is glimpse into how our contributors felt about this fight before it was announced.

Michael Hiscoe MMATorch Contributor

Of course! Such a fight would be an excellent way for Cormier to prove that he’s more than just the guy who lost to Jon Jones. There are still quality contenders for each man in their respective divisions, but UFC is looking for big fights, and this one seems to fit the bill.

FRANK HYDEN, MMATorch Columnist

I would be insane if I weren’t interested in that fight. However, there’s a few other things I want to see as well. I’d love to see Miocic defend the UFC heavyweight title against Cain Velasquez. Or Fabricio Werdum or somebody, I don’t care, I just want to see Miocic fight. I also think Cormier needs to defend the UFC light heavyweight title against Alexander Gustafsson. Or it could be Glover Teixiera or whoever but I’d like to see him defend the belt again quickly to try to get the bad taste left over from Jon Jones out of our collective mouths, and since Miocic isn’t making 205lbs. their fight would have to be at heavyweight.

I would love to see Cormier and Miocic fight, it would be an incredible fight, but I just don’t know if it’s the best thing to hold up two divisions right now. This is especially true after the debacle of the past year in the UFC where the middleweight and lightweight divisions were both held up (and the lightweight division is still being held up). So, as much as I would love to see these two guys fight, I think I’m more on the side not wanting the fight to happen.

At the same time, though, you could argue that Cormier is as deserving as anyone in the heavyweight division of getting a title shot. Velasquez has been stuck on a milk carton for what seems like an eternity, Werdum has two okay wins in a row and maybe has a better case for a shot over Velasquez, but Cormier has been more active and dominant than either guy, so who knows? Also, this would give each division a chance to sort themselves out. I could easily talk myself into being against the fight or being for it. I think I’m like 51-49 or something, leaning ever so slightly towards being against the fight.

Rick Monsey MMATorch Contributor

I’m more excited about this fight then a rematch between Miocic and Fabricio Werdum.  That being said, Daniel Cormier vs Alexander Gustafsson 2 sounds best of all.  Let’s not get in the way of that.

DYLAN BOWKER, MMATorch Contributor

I think it has interesting connotations in terms of it being a legacy fight for both. Regardless of who gets the W, it’s a significant scalp for the victor and a big statement win is earned. I think this fight has an appeal to it, but Cain Velasquez could get in the way. DC’s tightknit relationship with the returning former heavyweight champion could result in Velasquez getting the Stipe fight sooner than Cormier. Should Cain fail in his bid to win the title back (or god forbid, he gets injured again), only then could I see Cormier taking a fight like that with Miocic. Cormier’s prior successes at heavyweight, DC’s pound for pound status overall, and Stipe being the winningest heavyweight champion in UFC history makes for a blockbuster fight that I would certainly buy, should it come to fruition someday.

SEAN COVINGTON, MMATorch Contributor

I would love to see such a spectacle. Stipe would end up knocking him out though. Cormier eats a number of shots in order to score takedown and that will get you knocked out if you’re fighting Stipe.

DAVE KOULA, MMATorch Contributor

Nope.  Cormier might be a big dude, but he was and would still be a tremendously undersized heavyweight and at his age with his miles, he shouldn’t be taking shots from guys that big. I don’t see any reason for that fight to happen outside of just a lack of options, and that’s not a good enough reason.

For the record though, I do think Cormier would win.

Cole Henry, MMATorch Contributor

I am interested to see how Miocic would do against a wrestler of Cormier’s caliber, and I’ve always wanted to see Cormier back at heavyweight so I guess my answer would be yes. It’s not at the top of my list but it would be interesting to see how both guys would handle the other. Still though I think Cormier will stay at light heavyweight and that Miocic will likely face Cain Velasquez next. Hopefully Velasquez is healthy, and if not, perhaps the Cormier fight is more likely.



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