ROUNDTABLE: Who wins between Jacaré Souza and Derek Brunson

MMATorch Staff

Who wins between Jacaré Souza and Derek Brunson at UFC on FOX 27.

Michael Hiscoe MMATorch Contributor

Brunson’s last two wins have come against aging fighters. Jacare Souza is 38 years old but it’s yet to be determined if he’s past his prime. He’s coming off of a pretty devastating knockout loss to Robert Whittaker so it is within the realm of possibility that Jacare is shot. Brunson has dangerous knockout power but is also inconsistent and vulnerable to being knocked out himself. I expect this to be a bounce-back performance for Jacare, who will win by third-round submission.

FRANK HYDEN, MMATorch Columnist

I’ll go with Jacare by TKO in the 2nd round. I think he rebounds from some tough times and gets the big win. I don’t think he’s done quite yet. Brunson is tough, no question, but I think Jacare will be as focused as we’ve ever seen him and he’ll deliver a big statement.

Rick Monsey MMATorch Contributor

Jacaré Souza is looking to rebound from his lose against Bobby Knuckles.  Unfortunately, he is going against an invigorated Derek Brunson.  This fight will end in a KO(punches) like their first fight.  But this time it will be Souza on the losing end.  Calling it now and saying this fight will go to the 3rd round.

DYLAN BOWKER, MMATorch Contributor

It seems like there is a rising sentiment that Brunson is going to win this rematch. The violent streak of knockouts Derek has amassed recently coupled with Jacare’s inactivity/ last performance are the reasons I think this is a perception. To me, I feel like it will certainly be more competitive than their initial meeting. This to me though, reads like a return to form opportunity for Jacare here. To re-establish the mystique, he had before being stopped but Whittaker and leaving for an extended period. Souza is still an elite level threat and I think he’ll secure a unanimous decision in this bout.

SEAN COVINGTON, MMATorch Contributor

Jacaré is going to beat Brunson the same way he did last time. Jacaré needs to fight his way back to Robert Whitaker and avenge his loss. Derek Brunson isn’t moving the needle whether he wins or loses in my opinion.

DAVE KOULA, MMATorch Contributor

I really like this fight.  Jacare was on a clear run to the top until he was flattened by Whittaker last time out.  Is his momentum lost?  Have we already seen his best days?  Brunson was looking to likely rest in the bottom few spots of the top 10 for life but a tight (unjust) decision loss to Anderson Silva followed by two highlight reel KOs has him skyrocketing towards the top.  Has he finally hit his stride?  Brunson is the better striker and a competent wrestler but Jacare is a nightmare on the ground for anyone in the division.  It hurts me to say it because I’ve been big on Jacare for a decade, but I think their trajectories have reversed and Brunson wins by knockout, third round.

Cole Henry, MMATorch Contributor

Not breaking any new here but this is the second time that these two gentlemen have competed. The first time was back in Strikeforce back in 2012 and Jacare made quick work of Brunson. Much has changed since then. Jacare is much older, and though still dangerous he is coming off of a convincing loss and doesn’t seem quite as dangerous as he once was. Brunson on the other hand has become a legit contender, and though they both have recent losses to the current champion, Brunson’s was much more of a toss-up and he would have a more convincing argument for a rematch. Anyway, that aside I think that Brunson is very dangerous on the feet, and though Jacare is no slouch, he will likely loss the fight if he chooses to stand and trade with the heavy-handed Brunson. His best chance is to get this fight to the ground, where he can beat anybody. Ultimately, I think that Brunson will be able to avoid the ground in the early rounds, and stop Jacare with punches in the middle of the second round. Both guys are at the top of the food chain but I think Brunson is on the rise.

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