HYDEN’S TAKE: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly from UFC Fight Night 115

BY FRANK HYDEN, MMATorch Columnist

MMA action returns as UFC Fight Night 115 was this past weekend. Let’s get right to the rundown.

UFC Fight Night 115

GOOD- Leon Edwards vs. Bryan Barberena

Barberena did well standing but couldn’t stop the takedowns and that proved to be his downfall, as Edwards picked up the decision win. Edwards will likely rise up the rankings a spot or two, and Barberena will continue to be a tough fight for guys. Good fight.

GOOD- Marion Reneau stops Talita Bernardo

Bernardo did well in the first round and probably won that round in a lot of people’s eyes, but Reneau continued to defy her age and took the second round. Then, Reneau just started pummeling Bernardo in the third round after getting taken down. She had tried for several submissions, but Bernardo fought them off. She couldn’t defend against everything, though, and the ref had to step in to stop the fight right at the end of the third round as Reneau was blasting her with huge shots. Good win for Reneau and good effort from Bernardo as she took the fight on short notice.

GOOD- Siyar Bahadurzada stops Rob Wilkinson

Wilkinson was able to get takedowns, but Bahadurzada was able to quickly get up and avoid any damage. Meanwhile, Bahadurzada was doing damage of his own on the feet and that’s ultimately what got him the victory. He kept hurting Wilkinson and then jumped on him when the time was right and got the stoppage a little over halfway through the second round. Good win for Bahadurzada.

GOOD- Alexander Volkov stops Stefan Struve

They probably split the first two rounds, with Struve taking the first and Volkov taking the second. It’s hard to say for sure, but Struve did some real damage to Volkov in the first round and Volkov returned the favor in the second. That and Struve had a couple eye pokes in the second. They each had one in the third as well. Struve seemed to tire more in the third round and that opened the door for Volkov to land some huge shots. He kept throwing and throwing until he crushed Struve with an uppercut and jumped on him to finish things in the latter part of the third round. Good win for Volkov.

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