UFC 211: Miocic vs. Dos Santos 2
May 13, 2017

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Dallas, Texas is getting the best card on paper of the year so far featuring an exciting PPV portion. Two title fights headline the card with Stipe Miocic taking on Junior Dos Santos in a rematch with the belt on the line this time. The co-headliner is a great women’s strawweight match between champion Joanna Jedrzejczyk taking on Jessica Andrade. The card is full of exciting fights and should be great. Fighter’s MMATORCH rankings are to the right of their name. I’m Matthew Ecochard and I will be covering the preliminary fights on Fight Pass and on FX. Mr. Hiscoe will be covering the PPV portion that begins at 10 PM in a separate article. Check back here starting at 6:30 PM for updates throughout the night.


(1) Joachim Christensen vs. Gazhimurad Antigulov (Light Heavyweight 205 lbs)

ROUND ONE: Christensen comes out and lands a nice right hand, but gets taken down in the process. Against the cage Antigulov puts the pressure on and eventually pulls Christensen off of the cage. A good position here for Antigulov with his hooks in, he works his legs out and stretches Christensen and sneaks a right arm under his chin. The rear-naked choke is locked in and he taps.

Result: Gazhimurad Antigulov via Submission (Rear-Naked Choke) Round 1 – 2:21

Ecochard’s Analysis: Christensen just didn’t do a whole lot here, had a few close escapes and landed one decent shot, but he didn’t get anything of significance off here tonight. Antigulov looked really strong here and continues to show off his grappling in the UFC. 

(2) Gabriel Benitez vs. Enrique Barzola (Featherweight 145 lbs)

ROUND ONE: Both men meet in the center and Benitez lands a left body kick followed by a hard leg kick. Barzola fires off a nice right then a hard clean left from Benitez. Barzola lands a big takedown after eating another hard kick. Benitez scrambles and gets back to his feet. Barzola controls the clinch against the cage and throws a big right kick to the head off the cage. Benitez’s kicks are looking deadly. Barzola is blocking them but he is still getting hurt. Rogan thinks that Benitez might have hurt Barzola’s arm with a kick. Barzola gets it to the fence again and gets a take down that lasts only a few seconds. Barzola lands a few shots in a flurry then lands a takedown off of it. Really fun round with success for both in some areas.

ROUND TWO: Benitez pushes forward to start this round, but gets backed against the cage and taken down once again. Barzola fails to hold down Benitez and they get back on the feet. Barzola locks his hands behind Benitez and gets another takedown. Both men are getting tired,  they aren’t showing it but you can definitely tell from this pace. Benitez is up, goes for a jab, slips and gets taken down again. This round is all Barzola so far. On the feet again, Benitez lands a nice knee to the body. Barzola gets it against the fence and rides out the round. Things aren’t looking good for Benitez here.

ROUND THREE: Barzola comes out and shoots a double leg and gets the takedown easily. Seven takedowns landed so far for Barzola. As Benitez goes to get up he gives up his back and Barzola starts to lock in a rear-naked choke. Looks like he gave up, but he actually put enough pressure and got out! Benitez scrambles back to his feet and needs to put on some pressure right now if he wants to win. A takedown is nicely defended this time against the cage. Two minutes to go and Barzola pushes Benitez into the cage again. They break, but Barzola gets it against the fence and takes Benitez again. Back to their feet with one minute left. Both fighters are out of steam, they point to the ground and go at it. Benitez lands a shot as the horn sounds and actually drops Barzola! Insane end to that fight which Rogan thinks could change that round.

Result: Enrique Barzola via Unanimous Decision (29-28 x3)

Ecochard’s Analysis: Really fun scrap between these two featherweights. Barzola did deserve that win, he definitely won the last two rounds. Barzola’s cardio was his best weapon against Benitez and he used it well tonight. Benitez was winning in the striking exchanges, but he needs to work on his takedown defense if he wants to climb the ladder in the crowded featherweight division. 

(3) Jessica Aguilar (9) vs. Cortney Casey (Women’s Strawweight 115 lbs)

ROUND ONE: Casey comes out really aggressive and lands some really good shots. Aguilar lands a nice low kick and it trips up Casey. Aguilar lands good ground and pound from the top. She stands back up, holds the legs and lands some good shots. Casey hurts Aguilar on the feet! Crazy fast pace, only a minute and a half into the fight! Casey lands another good few shots and gets tripped by Aguilar again. Aguilar drags Casey by the foot back into the middle of the octagon. Aguilar eats a upkick and then goes into Casey’s guard. The referee stands them up with not a whole of lot of action. Casey is landing the better shots on the feet here. A big knee lands right up the middle. They clinch up against the cage with Casey putting the pressure on her. Back to the center and the a hard shot lands right after the horn for Aguilar. Rough late hit that hurt Casey.

ROUND TWO: Aguilar gets a trip off eating a knee. Aguilar comes in tight and tries to hold down Casey, but gets back up. Aguilar’s left knee is getting eaten up by kicks from Casey. Lots of trading in the position of Aguilar standing up over Casey, but Casey is landing more from her back. Both fighters up, lots of trading with some flurries from both. Casey is landing the better shots keeping range well. Aguilar catches a kick and puts Casey on her back. An upkick hurt Aguilar again, man I’ve never seen a fight go like this with so much kicks off of someones back. Casey goes to grab a leg, but Aguilar ends up on top and lands some strikes. Thirty seconds left in the round, Aguilar just riding out the round.

ROUND THREE: Casey comes out and just is picking apart Aguilar on the feet. Aguilar lands a small combination, but this is all Casey here. Aguilar is just pouring blood out of her mouth. Casey has Aguilar pressed against the cage. This is such a grueling fight. They break and Casey lands a couple more good shots against Aguilar again, just missing a high right kick on the exit. Aguilar is trying to bully Casey into the cage, but she can’t hold her against it. Two minutes left in the fight and Aguilar needs a finish to win this fight. Aguilar lands a takedown, but Casey gets right back up. One minute until the final horn here. Casey is just kind of riding out this round instead of trying to finish the bout. They stand and trade with 15 seconds out. Two night shots landed by Aguilar as the fight comes to a close.

Result: Cortney Casey via Unanimous Decision (30-27 x3)

Ecochard’s Analysis: A fun fight again, with Casey really showing off some improved skills. Her striking was really crisp and she knew how to keep Aguilar at bay with her range. Casey’s upkicks were really exciting to see. Aguilar was just too slow and couldn’t get the fight to where she needed it to be. Casey is really improving with each fight. Fighting top competition has forced her into getting better at a quick rate. Aguilar looked decent for two years off, but needs to change her gameplan up.

FX PRELIMS (8:00 PM ET / 5:00 PM PT)

(4) James Vick vs. Marco Polo Reyes (Lightweight 155 lbs)

ROUND ONE: Home crowd for James Vick here tonight who has a huge height and reach advantage. Vick’s left leg gets chopped out. Neither fighter landing much with their hands, but lots of leg kicks tosses between both fighters. Nice straight right hand landed by Vick. Vick comes in, but Reyes lands a nice counter left hook. Vick gets a Thai-clinch, but Reyes is swinging as he gets held up. Reyes gets dropped, and Vick gets the finish with a solid right hand and some ground and pound.

Result: James Vick via TKO Round 1 (2:39)

Ecochard’s Analysis: Vick landed a nice clean right hand after some dodges that just snuck in and dropped Reyes. Both fighters had good success at points, but Vick’s speed and power in his hands were used well. Reyes looked solid, but he just got clipped and got a little complacent.

Nice post fight interview for James Vick. Calling out any top 15 fighter that is willing to fight him, because he said some had turned him down. He said he will stay healthy and low in weight in case Mike Chiesa or Kevin Lee get hurt for their fight in a month’s time.

(5) Chase Sherman vs. Rashad Coulter (Heavyweight 265 lbs)

ROUND ONE: Sherman pushed to the middle quickly and is throwing a lot of jabs and snuck in one high kick. Coulter throws a monster right hand counter. Sherman is much faster and landing more, but isn’t landing a whole lot yet. Nice body kick from Sherman. Coulter is waiting to land a big right, eating leg kicks in the mean time. A big left jab lands from Coulter. Another leg kick from Sherman has Coulter’s lead leg limping a bit. Two big rights landed from Coulter. He is coming forward a lot faster now, and it is giving him some chances to hurt Sherman. A few more leg kicks land and Coulter could be finished next round by these.

ROUND TWO: Sherman lands a big knee and a leg kick and drops Coulter! Coulter eats some heavy ground and pound, but somehow gets back to his feet. A large elbow hurts Sherman on the break! Back to the middle of the cage, and the leg kicks are hurting Coulter again. Against the cage Coulter hurts Sherman! Coulter has Sherman rocked! Both men are trading like zombies. WOW! Coulter coming forward, hurts Sherman, a knee hurts Coulter! Another Right hurts SHerman again, Sherman lands a headkick, WHAT IS HAPPENING. An elbow lands from Sherman, against the cage. Sherman landing a few shots back to back now. Both men are exhausted now! A huge elbow lands and drops Coulter and that’s all she wrote!

Result: Chase Sherman via TKO Round 2 (3:36)

Ecochard’s Analysis: What a wild fight. Sherman controlled that first round so well and so easily, but decided to throw caution to the wind in the second. If Sherman landed a couple leg kicks it was over, but stood in front of Coulter and got hurt multiple times. What a brawl that turned into. The toughness of Coulter easily gets him a second fight. That fight was incredibly insane and fun, not technical in the least, but super exciting to watch. If you can watch that fight, please find a way to just for a good time.

(6) Chas Skelly vs. Jason Knight (Featherweight 145 lbs)

ROUND ONE: Skelly comes out quickly and they start to throw. Skelly shoots in and takes down Jason Knight. These ground exchanges should be good between these two fighters. Knight is really active from his guard, trying to transition to a shoulder lock. Knight was landing better strikes from the bottom too, they scrambled, Skelly shoots back in and is looking for a takedown. Knight is landing better and is more active off of his back than Skelly is on top. On the feet they are both landing equally, the round ends with Knight pushing Skelly into the cage.

ROUND TWO: Most of the round has been contested on the feet so far and has been pretty even. Skelly continues to shoot in for a takedown again. Skelly is landing the better shots on the ground. They end the round trading on the feet, but Skelly lands better there too. (Sorry, I had issues with my puppy attacking my face and couldn’t see much of that round).

ROUND THREE: Jason Knight lands a big shot right away and stuns Skelly! Skelly is dropped and Knight pounces, Skelly is out and eats about five more shots unanswered. Wow, what a comeback on the feet there from Knight.

Result: Jason Knight via TKO Round 3 (:39)

Ecochard’s Analysis: Those were some really great exchanges on the ground and some sloppy striking on the feet. That was non-stop from the first second of the match and it didn’t let up. Knight’s ground game is really good and if his striking continues to improve he could easily be a contender. Skelly’s wrestling is really good, but he didn’t have much else to offer Knight.

(7) Eddie Alvarez (4) vs. Dustin Poirier (10) (Lightweight 155 lbs)

ROUND ONE: Left kick to the body lands for Poirier early. The range belongs to Poirier, so Alvarez is having a tough time so far. Some more kicks landing for Poirier. Left hand by Alvarez, nothing of significance yet. Left hand lands for Poirier again and a second one after a stuffed takedown attempt. Poirier is landing better in these exchanges so far. Nice left hook from Poirier landing, Alvarez is just backing up this whole fight so far. A nice right hand and a combination followed up for Alvarez. Right hand and a right high kick from Alvarez. The feints are the best weapon from Alvarez so far, causing Poirier to be a little jumpy.

ROUND TWO: Alvarez lands a nice right hand, shoots for a takedown, Poirier defends with a choke, but Alvarez gets out. Poirier defends another attempt, but is getting worn out against the fence Poirier lands a nice left jab and a kick to follow it. A nice right uppercut lands for Poirier. Left hand stuns Alvarez, but he is really hurt here. A left high kick rocks Alvarez. Alvarez survives the whole flurry somehow. Still rocked though. Combinations from Poirier. Alvarez turns and hurts Poirier now! Wild combination here! Poirier goes for a guillotine and Alvarez drops and gets out of it! WHAT! Standing and trading near the cage now. Poirier hurts Alvarez again and now Alvarez gets a takedown, threatening a gullotine loosely. Two or three illegal shots landed with knees against the cage…. Wow. Let’s see what the end result.

Result: No Contest Round 2 (4:12)

Ecochard’s Analysis: What a shame. Such a great fight up until that point. The first knee was illegal, but a close call and would’ve been legal with the new rules that the Texas Athletic Commision doesn’t follow yet. The second knee was completely illegal and looked intentional, but Herb Dean sees it the other way. They should have an immediate rematch as that fight was fun and competitive. Let’s do it again!

That’s all for the prelims! Move over to Mike Hiscoe’s PPV results and live play-by-play for the rest of the night. Enjoy!

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