Jordana Jedrzejczyk isn’t ready to say her fight tonight against Jessica Andrade is her toughest yet (w/Video Interview)

By Wade Keller, MMATorch editor

Joanna Jedrzejczyk (photo credit Adam Hunger © USA Today Sports)

Jordana Jedrzejczyk is not ready to declare Jessica Andrade her toughest opponent yet. “I hear that all day long,” she said on FS1’s “UFC Tonight” earlier this week. “After the fight, I’ll tell you if she was the toughest opponent. She’s the challenge and my next opponent. There’s no easy fight. I don’t feel the pressure. I work hard every day in the gym. The fight is a pleasure. She’s very strong. She’s won her last three fights. She’s a challenge.

She said she is training for a couple specific techniques Andrade is known for. “She throws looping punches and goes for the high crotch takedowns,” he said. “But we know that and worked on it.” She moved to American Top Team and said she is happy with her decision. “I did this move to American Top Team because I train with the best coaches in the world and have many great sparring partners.”

She doesn’t take for granted being champion, and she’s motivated to remain one of a elite list of fewer than a dozen in UFC who hold championship belts. “That’s the difference,” she said regarding her and everyone else who isn’t champion. “In the UFC, there are 500 fighters, but only 11 champions. Last year was crazy for the other champions, so many lost their titles. It’s easier to become the champion than to defend the belt.”

Watch the full video of Jorana Jedrzejczyk previewing her fight HERE.

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