FRIDAY NEWS DIGEST 9/30: Alvarez belittles McGregor, fighters miss weight, Dana White blasts Roy Nelson, more

By Jonathan Cervantes, MMATorch contributor

Eddie Alvarez


Eddie Alvarez is not impressed with Conor McGregor’s performances. During the UFC 205 press conference, Alvarez was highly critical of McGregor’s will and stamina and claimed that McGregor had yet to challenge a fighter of Alvarez’s caliber. “This guy’s got eight minutes of fight in him, that’s it,” Alvarez said. “He quits after eight minutes every fight. He’s not a championship fighter, he’s never been. And he’s never, ever fought anyone in the UFC like me. Ever.”

Alvarez also criticized McGregor’s ability to recover from adversity and claimed that he was not a resilient fighter. “He deals terribly with bad situations and doesn’t come back.” He also went as far as to say that McGregor would not only lose this upcoming bout, but his own Featherweight Title shortly thereafter. “You ain’t got a shot,” Alvarez said. “You’ll be belt-less November 12. You’ll be belt-less. Not at 145, not at 155. You’ll have to give up the little boy belt and you’re not getting the big boy belt.”

The two are set to meet at UFC 205 in New York in what will be just the second-ever champion vs. champion bout.

Cervantes Analysis: This is such an amazing fight and it really feels like a fight worthy of headlining perhaps the biggest card in UFC history. The trash talk between two of the best fighters in their respective divisions makes for great entertainment and, because of how they match up stylistically, we can look forward to an equally entertaining bout in November. Based on how McGregor has sold in the past, I’m forecasting that this fight crushes the PPV record easily.


-John Lineker, Alex Oliveira, and Hacran Dias all missed weight ahead of tomorrow night’s event.

-Dana White called Roy Nelson kicking referee John McCarthy “despicable and disgusting” on “UFC Unfiltered.”

-The Wall Street Journal reported that over 20 high-profile celebrities have invested in the UFC since its sale to William Morris Endeavor-International Management Group for $4 billion.

-Antonio “Bigfoot” Silva’s coach told MMAJunkie he expects UFC to release him and that he will pursue fight organizations overseas.

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(Jonathan Cervantes has been an avid fan of MMA since 2009 when he saw GSP vs. B.J. Penn 2. He has practiced tae kwon do, jiu-jitsu, and wrestling in the past and is currently a student majoring in entrepreneurship at the University of San Francisco. He writes the MMATorch News Digest on Fridays and Saturdays. Michael Hiscoe writes MMATorch News Digests Sunday through Thursday each week.)

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