UFC FIGHT NIGHT 92 LIVE RESULTS: Hansen’s report on “Caceres vs. Rodriguez” event from Salt Lake City

By Rich Hansen, MMATorch Columnist

AUGUST 6, 2016

The UFC makes their first trip to Utah tonight with another night of fights on Fox Sports 1. After impressive recent performances, featherweights Alex Caceres and Yair Rodriguez get five rounds in which to compete in tonight’s main event, with 12 fights total set for tonight’s lineup. We’ll have live round by round coverage tonight of the six fight main card as it kicks off at 10PM ET, with quick results on the prelims from MMATorch Editor Jamie Penick before then, so stick with us here all night!

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=====UFC Fight Pass Prelims Quick Results=====

-Justin Ledet def. Chase Sherman via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

[Jamie Penick’s Reax]: Crazy, sloppy, ugly fight that belonged nowhere near a UFC cage, but dammit if it wasn’t entertaining. Sherman had zero defense, but a granite chin and a masochistic streak that had him smiling and laughing off strikes as he was getting beat up down the stretch.

-Cub Swanson vs. Tatsuya Kawajiri (30-27, 30-27, 29-28)

[Penick’s Reax]: Excellent fight. ***+ level. Good control from Kawajiri in the first, best offense of the fight from Swanson in the second (despite a bad illegal knee that nearly cost him). Third was extremely close and competitive as well with both trying to impose their game on the other and neither fully taking it. Cards were bad as the first should have been Kawajiri’s, but really good fight otherwise.

=====Fox Sports 1 Prelims Quick Results=====

-Teruto Ishihara def. Horacio Gutierrez via TKO at 2:32 of the first round

[Penick’s Reax]: Finishing sequence started with a perfect counter left from Ishihara, and he followed up with strikes on the ground that sent Gutierrez back down after the initial knock down. Excellent highlight reel finish.

-David Teymur def. Jason Novelli via TKO at 1:25 of the second round

[Penick’s Reax]: Superbly violent finish from Teymur. Began with a counter left that rocked Novelli, and he landed several more strikes in succession that knocked Novelli’s head around like a pinball before he finally went down. Brutal finish for Teymur.

-Marcin Tybura def. Viktor Pesta via KO (head kick) at :53 of the second round

[Penick’s Reax]: One of the best finishes of the year. Almost impossible to top Michael Page’s skull-crushing flying knee KO over Evangelista “Cyborg” Santos for “KO of the Year,” but that head kick from Tybura’s going to get some consideration. Sick finish and one hell of a highlight.

-Court McGee def. Dominique Steele (30-27, 29-28, 29-28)

[Penick’s Reax]: Longer and more competitive than it seemed it was going to be after the first 15 seconds when McGee rocked Steele, but he still pulled it off in front of a hometown crowd. Not a bad fight, but it was hurt by some attrition from both and McGee struggling at times after the early offensive output.

=====Fox Sports 1 Main Card====

-Rich Hansen here. I’m taking over the rest of the report for Jamie Penick.



Round One: Moroz has a seven inch advantage, both in height and in reach. Although upon first glance, Taylor has a seven inch advantage in the bicep measurements. Moroz starts out in the middle of the cage, trying to work her jab. Taylor is circling in each direction, looking for a path inside. She’s landed a right hand and a leg kick so far, one minute in. Moroz hasn’t had any success landing that jab yet. Other than a front kick or two here in the first two minutes, she’s thrown nothing but that jab. Three minutes in now, nothing is landing. This is pretty awful so far. Taylor misses an overhand right and eats a left hand. Moroz misses a could jabs but then lands a clean left hook. At least she’s active. Moroz lands a hard left. Taylor lands an overhand right near the end of the lackluster round. 10-9 Moroz But I don’t feel good about it. That was the worst UFC round of the year.

Round Two: If Taylor fights like that for two more rounds, it’ll be her last UFC fight for a long time. Moroz landed 9 of 106 strikes in the first round. That’s 8%. Taylor was 13 of 33. Moroz comes out fighting the same way. Taylor is busy circling and not doing anything, so she’s on the same strategy here as well. Taylor lands a huge right hook two minutes in. Moroz was out on her feet but somehow didn’t fall. Taylor stood and admired her work as opposed to, you know, continuing to fight. That was ever so considerate of her. Moroz is fine now. Maybe she’ll send Taylor a thank you card for not following up o that near kill shot. Moroz has pretty much given up on the leg kicks, and Taylor’s starting to get inside. Not inside and punching, but you gotta start somewhere, no? Taylor with a nice six punch feint combo, and almost got within two feet of Moroz’ face there. Almost. This is so bad. 10-9 Taylor, 19-19 Awful.

Round Three: Taylor circles and hits a quick low kick. Taylor lands a jumping hook, but Moroz walked right through it. Hard to land with a ton of power when your feet are six inches off the ground I suppose. Taylor walks into a soft head kick. Moroz throws a front kick, and eats a left hook from Taylor. Moroz has already thrown more kicks in the third than she did in the second. Taylor tries to get inside with her left hand, but missed on two short hooks. The crowd is letting have it now. This fight is so bad that if it were at the Saitama Super Arena, the fans there would be rioting. Moroz is starting to land more frequently now. She’s found her range. Moroz is throwing the double jab with good effect now. This is the third time I’ve heard Herb Dean yell, “Engage,” to the fighters, and the whole fight has been standing.  He did it again. And again. I don’t remember ever hearing that more than once in a night. Five times this fight. If you didn’t watch this fight, I hate you. 29-28 Moroz

Winner: Maryna Moroz by split decision (29-28 Taylor, 29-28 Moroz, 30-27 Moroz

Star Rating and Final Thoughts: (0*) Jon Anik called this slagfest of a fight an entertaining, tactical fight, which explains why Zuffa fought so hard for production control when they left Spike. It’s fights like this that make people stop watching MMA.



Round One: Gigliotti is four inches shorter, and a six inch reach disadvantage. Not too many middleweights out there who go 5′ 11″ with a 69 inch reach. I see welterweight in his future. But he’s 22 with a 7-0 record, so we will see. Dan Miragliota is in charge tonight. Both guys land hard short rights early, but Gigliotti pushes Smith into the cage. Smith reverses position. This is straight wall and stall, and is already a 5* fight compared to the last one. Smith is pressing his weight up against Gigliotti, trying to test his endurance here at altitude. nice prolonged camera angle of the back of Big Dan’s big Tan Head. Thanks, producer! Smoth gets Gigliottis down and is keeping his weight on top of Gigliotti. Gigliotti struggles to get to his feet, and has Smith on his back now. Gigliotti manages to get his back on the fence, but he’s still carrying weight. elbow over the top from Smith. Miragliota is starting to get antsy. I’m not. I LOVE THIS FIGHT! Both fighters are fighting for underhooks, and are at a total stalemate. This should have been separated 90 seconds ago. BUT I STILL LOVE THIS FIGHT! Big Dan pauses the fight to warn Smith about fingers in the cage. Two warnings, but no points taken. Fight restarted. Gigliotti charges in and puts Smith on the fence. He drops his head and gets a lateral drop takedown, and walks right into a tight guillotine. Gigliotti patiently takes it and rolls out of it, and now he’s looking for a north south. Smith didn’t take the bait and he’s out. Smith’s on top of Gigliotti as the round end. THIS IS THE BEST FIGHT I’VE EVER SEEN! 100-99 Smith

Round Two: Smith landed a knee to the face of Gigliotti late in the the first, while Gigliotti was grounded. I missed it, and apparently so did Big Tan Dan, because another non-point was taken. Smith knocks Gigliotti down early with a knee. He’s pounding away on the downed Gigliotti. Gigliotti tries to squirm away, but Smith takes his back and has plenty of time to work, Both hooks in, and he’s looking for the neck. Gigliottis is close to the fence, but he looks exhausted. I would be, that’s for damn sure. Gigliottis tries to stand with Smith on his back. He didn’t get there. Gigliotti’s knee is broken from that knee. Smith is still on Gigliotti’s back, patiently pounding away whenever Gigliotti allows. Good control and good ground and pound from Smith. Gigliotti struggles back to his feet, only to be dragged down five seconds later. Gigliotti’s a broken fighter, and there are still 90 seconds left in the round. Every time Gigliotti tries to get back up, Smith spins and repositions his weight on Gigliotti’s back. Gigliotti’s corner would be negligent if they let him go out there for another five minutes. 10-8 Smith, 20-17. Almost a 10-7.

Round Three: Smith reacts to Gigliotti’s predictable bum rush by evading and taking him down. Easy Peezy Mister Sleazy. Smith is moving from guard to side control to mount to half guard and back again over and over again, as if he’s playing Twister with Michael J Fox. Gigliotti eventually gets back to his feet, and still has Smith pressing him into the cage. Smith disengages. Smith lands a left hook with nothing on it. A couple uppercuts from the clinch, and Smith backs off. Smith grabs a single and takes him down because, well, why not? Mount. Ground and pound. THIS IS STILL THE BEST FIGHT EVER EVEN THOUGH IT REALLY REALLY SUCKS! Elbow. Elbow. Elbow. Still mount. Elbow. you know what, figure it out for yourself. 10-8 Smith. 30-25

Winner: Trevor Smith (30-26 x3)

Star Rating and Final Thoughts: (0*) You know what, UFC? If you want me to write about your fight cards with a modicum of respect, how about putting on some decent fighters in decent fights? As to the fight itself, Smith fought with a right hand that was badly broken a year ago, didn’t throw it all night, and destroyed a previously undefeated fighter. Can we please stop using the phrase UFC-Caliber fighter now? There are 500 plus fighters on their roster. Maybe 50 are good.



Round One: There’s just no way this can’t be infinitely better. Right? Right? Cummings looks absolutely massive compared to Ponzinibbio. Cummings lands a couple of inside low kicks. the southpaw Cummings is landing the left hand effectively early on. Another leg kick and left hand from Cummings. Nice combination from Ponzinibbio. Cummings had better hope Ponzinibbio doesn’t start finding a home for stuff like that. Cummings shoots, but is unable to get Ponzinibbio down. Back to the middle of the cage now. Decent left hook from Cummings, but Ponzinibbio was unfazed by the attack. Ponzinibbio is relatively inactive so far as he tries to figure out Cummings’ strategy. Another hard left hand from Cummings. Cummings eats a high kick from Ponzinibbio. There’s a left hand, and a right. Ponzinibbio stunned him with that attack. Cummings has been circling into Ponzinibbio’s power side all fight, and it cost him. Cummings has blinked out the cobwebs and is ok now. Ponzinibbio ate a kick to the cup and Herb Dean pauses the fight to give Ponzinibbio a moment to shake it out, so to speak. Ponzinibbio takes slightly longer than normal, but he’s fine and we’re back to action. The crowd, none of whom have ever been kicks in the sack by a professional fighter, let Ponzinibbio have it for taking more than 42 seconds. HOW DARE HE! Cummings lands a wheel kick. Bizarro world! Cummings shoots a double, but Ponzinibbio is only down for a second. That’s more what you’d expect to see here. 10-9 Ponzinibbio

Round Two: Cummings’ left eye is starting to close, probably from that head kick which sealed the first for Ponzinibbio. nice body kick from Cummings. Nice right hand from Ponzinibbio. He’s the much quicker man tonight. Nice combination of punches, which forces Cummings into a weak single leg attempt. Nothing there. Cummings is throwing left hands, but they aren’t getting through. He needs to follow up with something behind that left hand. Cummings lands a nice little flurry, including a right hand and a head kick. Ponzinibbio kicks low on Cummings. Ponzinibbio gets poked in the eye, but Herb Dean missed it and forced the fight to continue. Cummings shoots from Provo, but gets shot down in flames, and by flames I mean by a hard right hand to the head. Good counter right hand from Ponzinibbio. Cummings looks lost, because he’s allowed Ponzinibbio to find his range and figure out his timing. Good left from Cummings. He’s certainly game, but he’s too predictable tonight. 20-18 Ponzinibbio

Round Three: Head kick followed by a shot from Cummings, but landed like 4 gazillion face punches which forced Cummings to retreat. Straight right from Cummings snapped Cummings’s chin back a solid foot. Hard jab from Ponzinibbio to the nose of Cummings. Brian Stann is commenting on how we need to watch Ponzinibbio’s feet while the cameraman is only showing the fighters from the waist up. Ponzinibbio is pouring it on, landing at will. He’s figured out range, timing, and movement and doesn’t respect Cummings’ power any more. Cummings is trying to turn this in to a brawl, but Ponzinibbio is still backing out of range after every flurry. Cummings’ face is turning into many unattractive shades of purple. With a bit of red mixed in. Another right from Ponzinibbio. both of Cummings’ eyes are swelling up badly. Cummings knows he needs a finish, but only has 20 seconds to find one. Ponzinibbio is still getting in and out before Cumming can load up. 30-27 Ponzinibbio

Winner: Santiago Ponzinibbio by unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 30-27)

Star Rating and Final Thoughts: (**) Nothing special. In otherwise, it was 42 gazillion times better than anything else on this main card.


Might I just point out that the reason I got stuck with this gig is because Jamie Penick had to throw six Captain America shirts, two pairs of boxers, and a pair of socks into a suitcase tonight.



Round One: Leites shoots early and gets stuffed. Camozzi clinches up and pushes Leites into the cage. Camozzi has underhooks, but might not want to be in this position, as this is how Leites takes guys down. Leites rotates off the fence and drags Camozzi down. And back up. And back down. And back up again. Leites grabs the fence to avoid another ride, but Leites powers through. And back up, but now Leites is on his back. Big Tan Dan called this a stalemate position because he’s a moron. Leites takes him down, Camozzi gets back up and still has Leites as a backpack. Leites lands a couple right hands. Camozzi looks bored. HEY! AND LEAST PRETEND THAT I NEED TO BE ENGAGED, YOU JERK! Another takedown, another pop back up. Leites is still a backpack, and he’s much higher up than every other time. Leites throws half a dozen left hands. He’s got the figure four across Camozzi’s body now. Camozzi has a choke attempt going, but he’s not quite under the chin. Big left hands from Leites. The round ends with Leites peppering left hands until Camozzi dropped to the canvas. 10-8 Leites Camozzi was never in danger of being finished (phrasing), but he had literally zero offense.

Round Two: Camozzi comes out with the jab firing. Leites shoots and drives Camozzi into the cage. Takedown, and in the process he throws Camozzi well awy from the cage. Half-guard, looking for side control. And Leties loves the arm triangle choke. Elbow from the bottom by Camozzi. Butterfly guard, looking for separation. Which will never work on a grappler of Leties’ stature. Easy pass to side mount. Camozzi rolls into Leites. Leites is close to a D’Arce choke, but he allows Camozzi to stand. Leites stays on his back and drags him back down to the mat. He’s got the figure four across Camozzi’s ribs. It’s ok though, because breathing is soooo overrated anyhow. Camozzi looks like he was created by Auntie Annie’s Pretzel Company. Leites lands a back elbow to the temple of Camozzi. Camozzi is turning in an attempt to get to his feet, but Leites was ready for that and he’s now on all fours with Leites on his shoulders. Leites slides down a little, and Camozzi is still doomed. Sure, this is dull, but seeing a genius ply their trade is always a worthwhile endeavor. 10-8 Leites. 20-16

Round Three: Camozzi comes out swinging and grabs a clinch. After a knee to the body, he retreats. Leites shoots a takedown and plants Camozzi. Ballgame. 10-8 Leites. 30-24. Sorry, that’s a little premature, ain’t it? He’s on the back of Camozzi, with both fighters lying on their left sides. Full figure four body lock as well. 10-8 Leites. Sorry. But, you know. Leites is looking to sneak under Camozzi’s chin. Camozzi’s defending well, but Leites responds with punches to the face. He’s got the choke. Camozzi taps. OK, so I was wrong. There was no 10-8 in the third.

Winner: Thales Leites by submission (rear naked choke) at 2:58 of round 3

Star Rating and Final Thoughts: (**-) Even the choke itself was boring. Camozzi just slowly stopped defending, and Leites just slowly started to squeeze a little harder. The crowd booed when Camozzi tapped. That said, Leites is literally a genius at what he does. And that it took him 13 minutes to get the finish shows you JUST HOW SCREWED JACARE IS GETTING BY STOOPID MICHAEL BISPING!



Round One: Need us a good 19 second fight here. Flying knee 15 seconds in from Jason. That’s a nice start, people. Hard body kick from Jason. Nice push kick by Bermudez. Good right from Jason. Bermudez spins Jason around with a hard low kick. Bermudez takes Jason down and then stands over him. Grabs the legs and dives into guard behind a good right fist. Jason is looking for an armbar. And a triangle attempt forces Bermudez to posture up. What in the hell is he doing playing in the guard of Rony Jason? Bermudez postures up, but can’t get all the way up due to Jason’s body lock. Bermudez drops down with heavy elbows. Jason is a bloody mess just like that. So, THAT’S what hes doing, I guess. Bermudez is landing short elbows while stacking Jason into the fence. He’s looking for left hands whenever posible now. Bermudez postures up and dives in with more stiff punches. That cut (those cuts?) is wicked. 10-8 Bermudez Probably a 10-9, but the blood has reinvigorated me from suicidal to just horribly horribly depressed. it’s a 10-9

Round Two: John McCarthy had the doctor look at the cut(s) between rounds. If Jason were a blonde, he’d be Steve Corino. Big right hand from Bermudez, and he’s got Jason down again. Bermudez trying to take the back of Jason. He’s got one hook in, but the cage is interfering with his ability to get the other one in. He lost the hook, and Jason is standing with Bermudez still digging for another takedown. Jason gets free, and we’re back to the middle of the cage again. Hard leg kick from Bermudez. Jason misses with a flying knee. Jeremy Stephens laughed. Body kick from Jason. Bermudez with another leg kick. Bermudez goes in with a single leg and gets Jason down. Full fuard, in the middle of the cage. Jason throws his legs up and Bermudez gets out of didge before eating a triangle. Back to standing. Hard body kick by Bermudez. Bermudez ducks under a right hook and gets another takedown. Jason uses the cage to get back up, and they disengage with 80 seconds left in the round. Nice body punch by Jason. Bermudez dives in for a single leg, but the cage works againt him here. He gives it up and disengages, but not before landing an elbow over the top. Jason is gassed. Bermudez shoots a double and drives Jason all the way across the cage before planting Jason. This is a real mismatch. 20-18 Bermudez

Round Three: Right hook to the body from Bermudez. Jason lands that flying knee, but not much power on it. Bermudez lands another big leg kick, although he ate a hook this time. Another leg kick. There’s one more, to the thigh. Bermudez with a bad shoot, and Jason stuffs him easily. Jason lands a knee before Bermudez can squirm free. Jason lands a hard left hook. Bermudez ducks under a sloppy hook and takes Jason down. But a nice switch from Jason on the way down and he has Bermudez mounted up against the cage, by his corner. He’s looking for a choke. Bermudez didn’t tap. Jason repositions himself. 90 seconds remain. He’s on the back, with both hooks in. Bermudez spins and now he’s in top, in full guard. Good defense from Bermudez. Not much going on for the last minute. Bermudez knows he has the fight won. 30-27 Bermudez

Winner: Dennis Bermudez by unanimous decision (30-27, 30-26, 30-27)

Star Rating and Final Thoughts: (**) Good little fight.



Round One: Caceres comes out with a couple of kicks and a flying superman punch. Rodrigue lands hard to the body. Rodriguez misses a double spin combination. Looked cool, though. This is already fight of the night. Nice head kick by Rodriguez. Caceres ate a big right hand and he’s on his bike a little bit. Caceres comes inside with a nice 1-2. He needs to find more ways to get inside. Rodriguez lands a head kick, but slipped on the way down. Caceres briefly got Rodriguez down, but it didn’t amount to much. The pace in this fight is ridiculous. There’s no rhythm yet because it’s so frenetic. Rodriguez lands a spinning head kick to the face. More style than power on that one, though. Rodriguez lands a good right to the forehead. Rodriguez a jump kick to the ribs and charges behind it with a body lock. Caceres worms his way free and dodges a Rodriguez head kick on the way out. Nice right from Rodriguez. 10-9 Rodriguez It’s impossible to call the action. There’s more spin there than from Paul Ryan’s Communication Director.

Round Two: Caceres looks good, but this was 100% fought in the style Rodriguez prefers. Nice right to the throat from Caceres. Caceres misses with an axe kick. Looked good, though. Cacered got inside with a Superman punch, but then backed out of range. Everything Rodriguez throws is followed up by a spinning something or another. Nice left from Caceres. Rodriguez ducks under a spinning backfist and clinches up. Nothing gives, and we’re back to the middle. Lots of cool looking missed spinning attempts from both guys tonight. Impossible to tell what is landing, but the accuracy seems awful slight. Rodriguez lands a couple of roundhouse kicks to the ribcage of Caceres.  20-18 Rodriguez. Fun!

Round Three: Rodriguez tonight reminds me of the guy throwing all that spinning shit in the NAS Energy Drink commercial, before getting dropped by a jab from that Bruce Willis wannabe. But Alex Caceres is anything but a Bruce Willis wannabe. Rodriguez can’t go more than three seconds without throwing something, and Caceres is allowing him to get his feet set and do it. I wouldn’t be surprised if Rodrigurz has thrown 100 kicks so far. Think about that. Rodriguez is slowing down a little here in the third round. Caceres hasn’t taken advantage so far, but he’s landing at a better clip than in the first two rounds. Nice side kick from Rodriguez. He might be slower than before, but is still really darn fast. Nice 1-2 from Caceres, and the left hand was sharp. Knee to the body from Caceres. Big right hand, and now Rodriguez is on his bike. Right hook from Caceres. Rodriguez is allowing Caceres inside more now. Caceres with the takedown, but Rodriguez rolls through. Cacere hangs on, scrambles, and lands on top. Big power shots from the top. Heavy elbows from Caceres! GO BRUCE WILLIS! Caceres is dropping elbows like crazy. He postures up and lets Rodriguez stand at the hron. 10-9 Caceres. 29-28 Rodriguez

Round Four: Caceres is doing a job staying in close now. Rodriguez doesn’t have the energy to keep Caceres outside of boxing range. Rodriguez lands a grazing right hand. Solid jab by Caceres. Rodriguez with a right to the body. Stiff right to the face by Rodriguez. He’s much more conventional now. Good right from Caceres. Rodrigue throws several lateral kicks to the knee. Caceres comes over the top with a right. Caceres goes up high with a kick. Rodriguez is more effective in the fourth despite the more conventional attack style he’s showing now. Rodriguez with yet another leg kick. Caceres seems to be coasting through this round, and it’s going to cost him the fight. Leg kick by Rodriguez. Caceres works his way inside and lands a right. the pace is what Caceres wants, but Rodriguez is the more effective fighter. Good jab by Rodriguez. 10-9 Rodriguez. 39-37 Rodriguez

Round Five: Rodriguez comes out blazing, missing with every type of flashy strike imaginable. Caceres works his way inside of off that and presses Rodriguez into the fence. nice knee from Rodriguez as they separate. Big knee to the face off of the next clinch. Caceres is slowing down now, too. Rodriguez seems reinvigorated. Nice 1-2 from Caceres. Caceres and Rodriguez lock up and Caceres takes him down. Rodriguez is defending by grabbing a leg, and he switches to top position. Caceres works his way back up and we’re back to the middle of the cage with 3 minutes left. Herb Dean stops the fight to cut some stray tape off of the left hand glove of Rodriguez. More lateral kicks from Rodriguez. Caceres needs to pick it up. Good body kick from Caceres. Nice left by Rodriguez, and he follows up with a could of wild right hooks as Caceres retreats. 90 seconds remain. Caceres lands a sharp leg kick. 45 seconds left. Rodriguez is throwing plenty of wild kicks to end the fight, but they aren’t strung together like they were early on. 49-46 Rodriguez

Winner: Yair Rodriguez by split decision (49-46 Caceres, 48-47 Rodriguez, 48-47 Rodriguez)

Star Rating and Final Thoughts: (**+) Fun, but kind of stoopid fight. Rodriguez’s flash is fun to watch, but Try that stuff on… Ricardo Lamas? Yeah. Ricardo Lamas would punch a whole in his face. that said, there’s nothing wrong with fun and meaningless. Like dating in college.

As to the cards? That was an easy fight to score, and not one judge got it right. 49-46 Caceres? that’s the Taylor-Moroz of scorecards.






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