Brock Lesnar says he couldn’t live with decision to retire, thinks he matches up well with Mark Hunt at UFC 200

By Jamie Penick, MMATorch Editor-in-Chief

Brock Lesnar (artist Grant Gould © MMATorch)

“The true competitor in me is still alive and well, and I had to do this… I couldn’t live with that decision [to retire from MMA]. It was a hard decision to make, and that decision has haunted me. I couldn’t live with that decision for the rest of my life. I’m a big believer in living out your dreams and facing your fears and facing the reality of I don’t want to be sitting 20 years from now, saying ‘You know what son, you should have went and did that.’ And here I am… It could be anybody. I didn’t care. That’s how simple it is. I’ve never turned down a fight in the UFC. I think I match up very well [with Hunt]. If Mark ends up on the ground, the fight’s over. Obviously, I need to work on my standup game, but I’m excited and enthusiastic about doing so. That’s the difference.”

-Brock Lesnar talks to ESPN’s Hannah Storm about why he’s returning to the UFC after four and a half years away from MMA, and about his fight with Mark Hunt at UFC 200 (transcribed by

Penick’s Analysis: The thing about Brock Lesnar that has to be respected, even by those who don’t like him or don’t think he can compete in this sport, is that he’s never taken an easy fight. Not one since entering the UFC. He’s tested himself against extremely experienced and difficult opponents, and he’s fought the most dangerous guys he could face. He’s testing himself yet again here against Hunt, and though it’s another really dangerous fight, it’s one he absolutely can win.

[Brock Lesnar art by Grant Gould (c)]

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