Dominick Cruz: T.J. Dillashaw “the best in the world at riding coattails”

By Jamie Penick, MMATorch Editor-in-Chief

“What it really comes down to is T.J. Dillashaw being the best in the world at riding coattails. He rode Urijah Faber’s coattails. He’s trying to get all the fame he could off of him. T.J. Dillashaw thinks he’s the greatest guy ever while I cleaned out the division for Dillashaw. Dillashaw copied my style that I created. T.J. Dillashaw is riding the coattails of Team Alpha Male, Duane Ludwig, and myself and [trying] to call himself a champion… He’s already said that a lot of the movements he got were from my championship fights and there’s no wrong with that. He should do that because it won me four world titles and nobody has been able to figure out the style. Why not take something from that, T.J.? The truth is he did. He’s not proud he had to do that but that’s what helping him win. Now, he’s really got to test himself to see if he still understands it as much as he thinks he does, which he doesn’t, because he doesn’t understand why I did the movements that I do.”

-Dominick Cruz talks to about UFC Champ T.J. Dillashaw ahead of their impending title fight in January.

Penick’s Analysis: Cruz is going to keep down this line of conversation regarding Dillashaw unless and until the young current Champ proves him wrong. Cruz is trying to regain something he never lost, and only had taken away from him because of injury. If he can do that, reestablishing himself as the best 135 lb. fighter in the world in the process, then everything he’ll have said thus far about Dillashaw and this division will be proven right. If Dillashaw can thwart Cruz’s comeback, he can prove to the former champion and the rest of the MMA world that he’s deserving of his spot and the title that’s around his waist. It’s a great dynamic for a title fight, and it’s going to be a fantastic fight come January on Fox Sports 1.

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