Reebok’s latest UFC snafu? Check out “Anderson Aldo”

Reebok has been forced to remove yet another shirt from their UFC line and make a public statement after a new ridiculous error was found this week.

The latest in a long line of issues from Reebok since the UFC deal began earlier this year is a shirt meant to represent Anderson Silva. The shirt was emblazoned with a large “SILVA,” a black and white Brazilian flag, and then in the spot for his full name it listed “Anderson Aldo.”

The store removed the link to the shirt (though you can seen the image below), and Reebok released a statement via

Anderson Aldo

“Unfortunately, an error was made at one of our printing facilities,” claimed a Reebok PR rep. “We are currently working to rectify the issue.”

This comes not long after their snafu on an Irish themed shirt that cut off Northern Ireland, unintentionally igniting a political stir that caused them to scrap the shirt and issue an apology. It’s also simply another example of their failure to do their due diligence on the UFC’s rostered fighters before tossing shirts and jerseys live on the site.

This latest snafu has already spawned a parody twitter account and significant meme-worthiness on social media.

Penick’s Analysis: It’s simply getting to be unacceptable at this point. They’re a few months into launching the uniforms, and though this is coming on a less expensive t-shirt, it’s the type of error that should never make it to a printed product, let alone be posted for sale from a large company like Reebok. There are far too many examples of these errors from Reebok, and it shows a lack of competency on their part and a lack of respect and pride in the product they’re putting out. It would be one thing if it were an isolated incident, but with how many different examples we’ve gotten this year, it’s just getting sad, and it’s completely unacceptable.

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