HYDEN BLOG: Bellator x Rizin 2, Corey Anderson, and Dana White

By: Frank Hyden, MMATorch Senior Columnist

There were no big MMA events this past weekend so I’ll just hit upon
some news of the week. It’s a lean one this holiday week. Sorry folks.

Bellator and Rizin are doing another cross-promotional event July 30th
in the Saitama Super Arena in Japan.
Kyoji Horiguchi will face Makoto Takahashi to determine the inaugural
Bellator Flyweight Champion.
A.J. McKee will face Patricky Pitbull in the quarterfinals of the
Bellator Lightweight World Grand Prix.
Juan Archuleta vs. Kai Asakura was also announced for the Rizin
Bantamweight Title.
Other fights will be announced at a later time.
Bellator swept the Rizin fighters at the first event, with McKee,
Horiguchi, Patricio Pitbull, and Archuleta picking up decision


Corey Anderson was recently promoted to Brazilian jiu-jitsu Black Belt
by his trainer Ricardo Almeida. Congrats and kudos to him for all the
hard work getting to this point. It’s unknown when his next fight in
Bellator will be but hopefully it’ll be soon.


For some reason Dana White has been talking about UFC Heavyweight
Champion Jon Jones fighting WBC Heavyweight Champion Tyson Fury in a
MMA fight. Well, I shouldn’t say that because we know the reason. It’s
all about the money…in a roundabout way. I haven’t seen Jones
mention Fury one time and Fury has only responded to White by saying
that it would have to be boxing and not MMA.
There would be big money in Jones fighting Fury even though we know
the outcome is entirely dependent on the rules. Jones destroys Fury in
MMA while Fury destroys Jones in boxing.
Dana White and the UFC do not want Francis Ngannou to fight Fury. They
don’t want him to get the big money that would come from that fight so
they’ve clearly whipped this up out of nowhere and apparently didn’t
even tell Jones about it. That’s…one way to do things.
To add on to this even more, Fury will likely face Anthony Joshua next
but it depends on which report you want to believe. But Fury has been
tweeting about facing Joshua so that looks likely but we’ll have to
wait to see.


Dana White was on The Pat McAfee show and said that the United States
Anti-Doping Agency deal for drug testing in the UFC costs $7 million a
year. He was talking about why they don’t have USADA for Power Slap,
the slap-fighting show that was on TBS and now will continue on the
video hosting service Rumble. White said it cost too much to have
USADA for Power Slap, instead opting for drug tests administered by
the Nevada State Athletic Commission. Last month, six Power Slap
contestants were popped for PED use and the whole thing’s being moved
to Abu Dhabi.

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