Romero’s reel of fortune

By Editor in chief Sean Covington

Amazing Knockout power with an underwhelming career because he never won the big one. That’s who Yoel Romero is to me and how I’ll remember him if he doesn’t win it all in Bellator. Not sure what the appeal is with Yoel Romero. I did say he has amazing knockout power but what else is there(in the cage)? Sometimes that’s enough I guess; he does have 10+ KO/TKOs. He’s also 44 and the soldier of god…okay. Romero hasn’t even had 20 fights however, people speak as if he’s been in MMA since the beginning. Romero has a BACKGROUND in wrestling, that’s his wrestling career, not his MMA career. 

Yoel Romero’s last 2 fights were unanimous decision losses and he has lost 4 of his last 5. He already lost to top guys in UFC, now he is taking on lesser talent in Bellator. It HAS to be title or bust for this guy. He’s been on everyone’s radar for so long, if he loses I don’t wanna hear about the guy anymore and you better believe that I’m going to call him a bum. If Yoel loses to Phil Davis at Bellator 266 thus Friday, it will mark the end of his career. Davis could beat him but I actually don’t really see that happening if Romero is for real but that’s just it, I don’t think he is. 

Yoel has never gotten it done therefore, I believe he cannot get it done. When it matters he lays an egg, plain and simple. There is another fighter  that had great wins but could never get it done when it mattered, Donald Cerrone. Maybe that is how Romero will end his career which some will be fine with but it will definitely be underwhelming, Romero will only have had a 3rd of the fights Cowboy Cerrone has. Also, Cerrone has almost 3 times as many wins as him. Yoel is touted as great and so is Cerrone so it’s only fair that we compare them. This is about his career, not Yoel as a person. Knockouts are great for highlights but without the gold he’s just a flash in the pan.

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