HYDEN BLOG: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly from UFC Fight Night: Brunson vs. Till

By: Frank Hyden, MMATorch Senior Columnist

UFC Fight Night: Brunson vs. Till was this past weekend. Let’s get to
the rundown.

UFC Fight Night: Brunson vs. Till
GOOD- Paddy Pimblett stops Luigi Vendramini
Vendramini dropped Pimblett early with a big left hook but he couldn’t
do much with it. He caught Pimblett with another left hook later but
Pimblett took it better. Later in the first round Pimblett blasted
Vendramini with a big right hook then pummeled him against the fence
to force the referee to stop the fight not quite four and a half
minutes into the first round. Good win for Pimblett.

GOOD/UGLY- Khalil Rountree stops Modestas Bukauskas
Rountree landed some big punches early. Bukauskas showed toughness but
Rountree kept firing and also landed some big body shots as well as he
took the first round. The second round saw some nice shots but nothing
much until Rountree blasted Bukauskas right in the knee with a vicious
side kick that destroyed his knee. The fight was stopped halfway
through the second round and Rountree declared the winner, good win
for him. However, that kick needs to be eliminated. It shouldn’t have
been in the rules to begin with. That’s a potentially
career-threatening injury. I know modern medicine has made lots of
advances but this is still an injury that will at least alter your
career. It shouldn’t be allowed and I’m surprised it wasn’t already
outlawed. There’s all kinds of moves and strikes you can’t do, add
another to the list, it’s not a big deal. Rountree shouldn’t have done
that kick but it’s within the rules so there’s not much you can do
except outlaw it so no one can do it.

GOOD- David Zawada vs. Alex Morono
Morono landed some heavy shots in the first round. Zawada tried to
fire back but all he could do is eat the strikes. Zawada kept taking
big shots, I don’t see how he kept coming. Morono kept dealing damage
but Zawada kept coming back for more. Zawada landed strikes of his own
but it was Morono who did more damage. Zawada got a late takedown but
it wasn’t enough and Morono got the decision victory from the judges.
Good win for Morono.

GOOD- Tom Aspinall stops Sergei Spivac
Aspinall looked good early. Spivac shot in for a takedown but got
kneed in the body for his trouble then took a crushing elbow that
dropped him. Aspinall pounced and pounded him to force the referee to
jump in to stop the fight halfway through the first round. Good win
for Aspinall.

GOOD- Derek Brunson submits Darren Till
Till landed some nice punches early but Brunson took him down and
started landing some nasty elbows. Till got beat the hell up, though
he did manage to stand toward the end of the first round. The second
round saw Brunson try for a few more takedowns and land one. He
peppered Till but we go to the third round. Till’s right eye was
mashed up but he did hit Brunson with a big straight left. Brunson got
a takedown off of that, though, and moved straight to mount. Brunson
then locked in a tight rear-naked choke and Till tapped for the
submission. Good win for Brunson.
Till has lost four of his last five fights while Brunson has won five
fights in a row. He’s still got guys ahead of him in the UFC rankings
but if he wins a couple more fights he’s in the title picture. He’ll
likely need two wins because he’s at #5 right now and unless those
guys knock each other off he’ll only be able to slowly make his way up
to the other spots.

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