HYDEN BLOG: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly from UFC Fight Night: Munhoz vs. Edgar and Bellator 244

By: Frank Hyden, MMATorch Senior Columnist

The UFC ran another event in this super busy time for sports. It featured a legend who’s not quite ready to give it up yet, and he’s fighting like it. And Bellator ran an event headlined by their two-division champ Ryan Bader defending his light heavyweight title. Let’s get to the rundown.

UFC Fight Night: Munhoz vs. Edgar
GOOD- Daniel Rodriguez stops Dwight Grant
Grant dropped Rodriguez early but seemed to tire out so Rodriguez plastered him with some big left hands to finish him. Good win for Rodriguez in a crazy fight.

GOOD- Shana Dobson stops Mariya Agapova
Agapova was the big favorite coming in and likely won the first round. In the second round, Dobson responded to Agapova taking the fight to the ground by moving to mount and raining blows down on Agapova to force the ref stoppage. I saw a story about some guy betting $25k on Agapova to win. He wouldn’t have won a whole lot, considering she was such a favorite, but some money is better than none. He just lost a whole lot, though. Big win for Dobson.

GOOD- Joe Solecki submits Austin Hubbard
Solecki took Hubbard’s back and worked for the submission, eventually sinking in the rear-naked choke and getting the submission. Good win for Solecki.

GOOD- Mike Rodriguez stops Marcin Prachnio
Prachnio landed some good shots in this fight, but Rodriguez landed the finishing blows in the clinch as he connected with some nice knees and elbows, rocking Prachnio before finishing him with punches. Good win for Rodriguez.

GOOD- Frankie Edgar vs. Pedro Munhoz
Edgar won the split decision in this extremely close fight. You could make the argument that Munhoz won. I mean, you could do that in any split decision fight so that’s not surprising but you see this a lot with Edgar. They threw (and connected with) lots of punches and kicks. Munhoz said after the fight that Edgar won based on his name. Maybe, but I think that also undersells Edgar’s ability. It’s certainly possible but if that’s true, Edgar has earned some good will with the judges based on the things he’s accomplished in his career. Good win for Edgar.

Bellator 244

GOOD- John Salter submits Andrew Kapel
Salter dominated Kapel on the ground and wore him down, before getting the submission early in the third round. Good win for Salter.

BAD/GOOD- Roy Nelson vs. Valentin Moldavsky
Moldavsky worked his clinch game and wore Nelson out in this fight. There wasn’t a ton of action but they were trying. I didn’t care much for this fight, as it was a dull and plodding heavyweight affair, but Moldavsky was the clear winner by decision. Good win for Moldavsky.

GOOD- Julia Budd vs. Jessy Miele
Budd used her striking to get a takedown and then controlled Miele with ground-and-pound. Miele showed toughness but Budd was all over her. She couldn’t finish her, but she got back to her winning ways. Good win for Budd.

GOOD- Vadim Nemkov stops Ryan Bader
Bader had a little success early but then Nemkov turned it around. He was quicker and was more technical. In the second round, Nemkov cracked Bader with a right hand that stunned him. Then he hit Bader with a big headkick that dropped him and jumped on him but the ref allowed the fight to continue. Bader did get up but got dropped again quickly and mounted, and that was it. Nemkov is the new Bellator Light Heavyweight Champion. Big win for Nemkov.

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