UFC Fight Night 8/22/2020 Review

Caught Him Quick

Daniel Rodriguez vs. Dwight Grant


This fight turned pretty quickly, as Grant seemed like he would have the upper hand on striking.  Rodriguez put that to rest by catching Grant off-guard and following up wonderfully.  We should all be happy this fight didn’t have a second round, it would’ve been unsafe.  

Rating: 8/10

Result: 1st Round TKO for Daniel Rodriguez

Upset of the Century

Mariva Agapova vs. Shana Dobson

Women’s Flyweight

This was an absolute shocker of a fight.  Not just based on Shana Dobson’s performance, but based on the odds.  This was, by the numbers, one of the biggest upsets in history in terms of who the sportsbooks had listed as a favorite.  Dobson showed her ability to get some control on the ground in the first, but the 2nd round was her time to shine.  She got the better of positioning on the ground and pulled a pretty good Brock Lesnar impression.  The ref called a stop to the fight, but mostly because of Agapova’s inability to protect herself.  Dobson should be thrilled with this win, to come into a UFC Fight Night main card with a losing record as a massive Vegas underdog, and score a 2nd round knockout is a huge door blown open that she has to walk through.

Rating: 8.5/10

Result: 2nd Round TKO for Shana Dobson

He Put the Fight on his Back

Austin Hubbard vs. Joe Solecki


This fight had a very interesting start, as the clinch game turned into Solecki ending up on Hubbard’s back.  It seemed to be going nowhere, and then Solecki worked it into a choke.  I didn’t think that would amount to anything either, but the ref stopped the fight after Hubbard tapped out.  For me personally, this was a first; I’ve never seen someone submit someone while being on their back, in a standing position.  This fight will peak your curiosity, check it out if you haven’t seen it.

Rating: 8/10

Result: 1st Round Submission (Rear Naked Choke) for Joe Solecki

Boom, Boom, Out go the Lights

Marcin Prachnio vs. Mike Rodriguez

Light Heavyweight

Not much to this one, two guys who wanted to slug it out, and Rodriguez got the angle right.  Prachnio seemed to want to feel out Rodriguez a bit before he attacked, but Rodriguez didn’t let him.  This very aggressive style is always a plus for us fight fans once the guys get over 200 pounds.  Rodriguez landed a vicious elbow that took Prachnio to the canvas and followed up to finish him off.  Great display for Rodriguez.

Rating: 8.5/10

Result: 1st Round KO for Mike Rodriguez

Back and Forth

Main Event

Pedro Munhoz vs. Frankie Edgar


This was a fight that would throw you off if you were new to the fight game.  Munhoz got cut in the first round, and always seemed to look worse for wear, but he was getting the advantages in most of the exchanges.  Edgar seemed to get the bigger shots in, but the amount that landed for Munhoz was enough to give him points in my eyes.  Rounds 3 through 5 were more or less even, but the foreboding presence of Munhoz’s cut always gave me the feeling that Edgar would get the fight if it went to decision.  That was the case, but it did take a split decision to figure this one out.  Great fight, definitely main event worthy.

Rating: 9/10

Result: Split Decision for Frankie Edgar (47-48, 49-46, 47-48)

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