ROUNDTABLE (pt. 2 of 2): What is your favorite fight and favorite MMA event of all time?

Alexander Gustafsson (photo credit Troy Taormina © USA Today Sports)

What is your favorite fight and favorite MMA event of all time?

ABE RUVALCABA, MMATorch contributor

Frankie Edgar vs Gray Maynard II UFC 125. Watching Frankie Edgar takedown Maynard in the second round after taking the beating he took in round one is a phenomenal highlight and the fight was fun to watch throughout all five rounds. The fight is also memorable because it is one of the only draws in a UFC title fight. Close number two: Robbie Lawler vs Carlos Condit UFC 195. It would be number one but I still think Condit won so that sours it a bit for me.

My favorite event is tough since I mostly remember individual fights not what event they took place on. I have to go with UFC Fight Night: Rockhold vs. Bisping. It had eleven fights and eleven finishes, doesn’t get much better than that.

MATTHEW PETERSON, MMATorch contributor

Picking a favorite fight is like trying to pick my favorite cut of steak, too many options and they’re all amazing.  Still, I’ll do my best to pin it down so I’m going with Edgar vs. Maynard 2.  It was the definition of a back and forth brawl and still the only fight where a draw was a completely acceptable result.  It was the high point of Gray Maynard’s career and reminded us what a tough bastard Frankie Edgar is.  As for my favorite event, hands down UFC 116.  Amazing main card with two FOTN battles with Sexyama-Leben and Soszynski-Bonnar.  The triangle choke finish by Leben on two weeks notice is still one of my favorite MMA moments and the inverted straight armbar/triangle landed by Chris Lytle on Matt Brown was glorious to see.  Don’t forget about the main event between Shane Carwin and Brock Lesnar either, amazing submission win from Lesnar.  If you haven’t seen it, do yourself a favor right now and watch the whole thing. 

JARED DODDS, MMATorch contributor

So there is going to be a lot of love for my home and native land Canada in this answer. My favorite fighter of all time is of course, Captain Canada, George St. Pierre. Every time I watched him fight, he did things that seemed impossible for any other human to compete with. I saw him destroy Josh Koscheck’s orbital bone by just hammering him with jabs. I watched as he dismantled possibly my second favorite fighter, Carlos Condit, over a 5 round affair where it never seemed like he could lose save for one head kick from Condit. I even saw him fight through adversity against Johny Hendricks, in a fight that I almost guarantee if you watch a second time you will have no doubt that George won the decision. He is the best ever, and I hope everyday that I will wake up to the news that he has signed a fight contract and will step into the octagon at least one more time.

My favorite event of all time is close, as I’ve been to a couple events live, some in Montreal and some in my hometown of Toronto. But I think that UFC 165 is probably the most well rounded event I have ever seen, topped off by an incredible fight between Alexander Gustafsson and Jon Jones for the Light Heavyweight Strap. The event had it all, from close decisions in the main event, to stunning knockouts from Renan Barao, and even the arrival of star power we didn’t know existed yet in the form of Stephen “Wonderboy” Thompson fighting on the undercard. I was there for every fight that night, and I got to watch them all with my dad which made it all the more special. Montreal was fun, but nothing tops Toronto.

CHRIS KING, MMATorch contributor

Greatest Fight: Anderson Silva vs. Forrest Griffin. I still can’t comprehend it now. He knocked out the former light heavyweight champion with a fade away jab, he never got hit and he looked like Neo from the Matrix. I think I have watched that fight about 100 times

Greatest Card: UFC 100 – If anybody says this is not their favourite fight card then they are mentally ill. The start of Jon Jones destroying people, Brock Lesnar in Beast Mode, Bisping getting knocked the f*** out, and GSP showing the MMA world how far ahead of the game he was.


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