UFC DC LIVE REPORT: Real-time results and analysis of Overeem vs. Rozenstruik, Rodriguez vs. Calvillo

Cole Henry MMATorch Live event reporter



December 7, 2019

Capital One Arena, Washington, D.C.


UFC DC LIVE REPORT: Real-time results and analysis of Overeem vs. Rozenstruik, Rodriguez vs. Calvillo

UFC DC Early Prelims

Makhmud Muradov def. Trevor Smith via KO (Punch) Round 3, 4:09 (Middleweight)

Virna Jandiroba def. Mallory Martin via Submission(Rear Naked Choke) Round 2, 1:16 (Strawweight)

UFC DC Prelims

Joe Solecki def. Matt Wiman via Unanimous Decision 

Matt Sayles vs. Bryce Mitchell (Catchweight/148.5)*

*Sayles missed weight

Favorite: Sayles -130

Round 1: Mitchell is pressuring early, he scores with a quick takedown. Mitchell is now working from side control. He transitions to the mount, we’re seeing lots of control, aside from the occasional short punches from Mitchell. Mitchell might be looking for an arm-triangle here, but it isn’t close. Sayles has attempted several sweeps, but Mitchell is effectively maintaining his positioning. Sayles scrambles, but Mitchell takes his back. Mitchell has two hooks, but he uses the position to transition back to the mount. Mitchell is looking for a twister here, I believe. He’s got it and Sayles taps! Bryce Mitchell is from Arkansas… just in case you didn’t know. 

Result: Bryce Mitchell def. Matt Sayles via Submission (Twister) Round 1, 4:20 

Analysis: Mitchell looked very, very good. His game plan was obviously to avoid getting hit, and to take the fight to the ground. He executed both quite effectively, and then to finish things with a Twister was just fantastic. It’s early, but a Bonus could very well be in the cards for Mitchell after this performance and finish. Post-fight, Mitchell again asked Reebok for camo shorts, and he also offered his services to Donald Trump. 

Billy Quarantillo vs. Jacob Kilburn (Featherweight) 

Favorite: Quarantillo -300

Round 1: Quarantillo is pressuring early, he forces Kilburn against the fence with a clinch. Quarantillo secures a headlock and drags Kilburn downs with a Darce! Kilburn is defending enough to survive, Quarantillo lets it go and takes the mount! Quarantillo is landing punches from the mount, and Kilburn just isn’t doing much about it. Kilburn is scrambling, but Quarantillo is following him, and landing punches. Quarantillo has a body triangle, and he is threatening with an RNC, but Kilburn is doing all that he can to see the second round. Very one-sided… (10-8 Quarantillo)

Round 2: Kilburn opens up with a kick to the midsection, but Billy Q catches it and takes him down. Billy Q moves into the mount, and from there he is landing punches. Billy Q is looking for a head and arm triangle, and it looks like it might be deep. Kilburn scrambles through and escapes. Billy Q transitions to the back, but Kilburn scrambles out of the position. Billy Q is looking for an armbar, but Kilburn escapes; still, though he is threatening with a Triangle choke as Kilburn turns into him! Kilburn taps and this fight is over. 

Result: Billy Quarantillo def. Jacob Kilburn via Submission (Triangle Choke) Round 2, 3:18 

Analysis: Well… that was one-sided. You don’t see such one-sided fights in the UFC, but here we are. It’s hard to take much away from this fight, but we do know that Quarantillo is somebody to keep an eye on.

Thiago Alves vs. Tim Means (Welterweight) 

Favorite: Means -225

Round 1: They’re exchanging early, Means connects with a big left hand! Alves is down, and he is hurt! Means is landing from the top, but Alves is defending. Means is threatening with a guillotine and Alves taps! Great win for Means. 

Result: Tim Means def. Thiago Alves via Submission (Guillotine) Round 1, 2:38

UFC DC Main Card

Ricky Simon vs. (10)Rob Font (Bantamweight) 

Favorite: Font -125

Round 1: Font connects with a counter right to kick things off. Font shoots and completes a takedown, but Simon pops right back up. Simon reverses the position and they separate from the fence. Font scores with an uppercut, he has Simon on his heels. Simon returns fire with a low kick and then shoots, but Font stuffs the attempt. Font scores with a right hand, but Simon lands a knee and something else, but I couldn’t tell what it was. Simon scores with a takedown, Font appears to be a bit compromised here. Simon is threatening with a guillotine, but Font escapes and we’re back on the feet. Font scores with a jab and a right straight! Simon backs away, only to eat a knee from the incoming Font. Font slips after an elbow attempt, and Simon takes advantage by taking top control. Font climbs back to his feet in the final moments of the round. (10-9 Simon) 

Round 2: Simon attempts a takedown early, but Font avoids it with underhooks. They’re exchanging blows on the feet, Font lands an uppercut and Simon shoots for a takedown. Font sprawls though and keeps the fight standing. Font lands a front kick to the face, and then a quick 1-2! Simon shoots, but Font grabs the neck and climbs right back to his feet. Font lands a jab, and Simon appeared to feel it. Simon shoots, but Font sprawls again. Font lands an uppercut, and then two hard shots to the body. Simon shoot and completes a takedown, but we’re back on the feet after just a couple of seconds. (10-9 Font)

Round 3: Font is doing a good job of controlling the pace here in round 3. Simon lands to the body, and Font might be hurt here! Simon shoots for a takedown, but Font takes the neck. Simon pushes through though and completes the takedown. Font scrambles and we are back on the feet with just under two minutes left in the round. Font is controlling the action with his jab, Simon is pressuring but he can’t seem to get anything going. Simon shoots but Font sprawls, yet again. Font is targeting the body, they’re swinging in the final moments! Great fight! (10-9 Font) (29-28 Font)

Result: Rob Font def. Ricky Simon via Unanimous Decision 

(9)Cody Stamman vs. (13)Yadong Song (Bantamweight)

Favorite: Song -220

Round 1: Song is looking to land a big shot in the early part of the round. Stamman is mostly playing defense. Stamman shoots, and complete a takedown, but Song is already working to get back to his feet. Song slaps on a guillotine and lands an illegal knee in the process. The ref stands them up, and he will take a point from Song for the knee. Stamman shoots again, but Song is so far defending. Stamman is working hard to finish the takedown, and he does just that in the final moments of the round. Weird round to score… Song’s biggest moment was marred by the illegal knee, but Stamman didn’t do much himself. (10-8 Stamann)

Round 2: Song is controlling most of the action on the feet, he doesn’t seem at all concerned with Stamman’s power. Stamman closes the distance and secures a clinch, but Song reverses him against the fence. Stamman shoots and completes a takedown, he’s looking to isolate a leg, but Song is threatening to take the back. They scramble and we’re back on the feet. Song is landing punches, jabs, and straights, and Stamman is defending very poorly. Stamman secures a body lock and drags Song down to the mat; from there Song secures a bottom half guard and sweeps into top control. Song lands a hard elbow from the top, and he will end the round on top. (10-9 Song) This fight is nearly impossible to score… I really have no idea what the judges are thinking, it could be absolutely anything. All we know for sure is that Song lost a point in round one. 

Round 3: Stamman shoots and completes a takedown early on. He’s looking to isolate a leg… but winds up in a weird sort of half guard. Stamman repositions into side control, but Song moves over into the turtle position. Stamman moves into front-head control and follows Song down into half guard. Two minutes remain in the round. Song’s ability to escape the bottom position appears to be fading, while Stamman appears to be still relatively fresh. Song gives up his back, and Stamman sets two hooks. Stamman is landing in the final moments, Song is scrambling, but he’s getting hit here. (10-9 Stamman) 

Result: Cody Stamman vs. Yadong Song ends via DRAW

Analysis: Well… Not sure about a draw there.

(5)Aspen Ladd vs. (7)Yana Kunitskaya (Bantamweight) 

Favorite: Ladd -200

Round 1: Ladd is pressuring to start the fight. Kunitskaya secures a clinch and puts Ladd against the fence. They’re separated after Kunitskaya gripped the fence once, and then a second time. She quickly clinches Ladd again though and puts her on the fence.  Ladd clinches and trips Kunitskaya to the mat. Ladd is now working from top half guard. Ladd is landing the occasional elbow and punch, but mostly she is controlling and maintaining position. They scramble, and Ladd takes the back! Ladd is landing some wild punches from the back! Kunitskaya shakes her off though just as the round ends. (10-9 Ladd)

Round 2: Kunitskaya is pressuring early, she forces Ladd against the fence. Lots of control here by Kunitskaya, Ladd has been stuck against the fence for some time. Ladd separates, but she can’t quite seem to connect with her punches. She closes the distance though and opts for a takedown. Ladd now has Kunitskaya in a place where she can do damage to her. Kunitskaya recovers guard, it’s closed, and she’s not giving Ladd much room to move. The round will end with Ladd landing short punches from the top. (10-9 Kunitskaya)

Round 3: Ladd connects with a left hook right out of the gate, and Kunitskaya is down! Ladd pounces, she is landing some big shots from the top! Kunitskaya is covering up and this fight is over! Ladd is back in the win column. 

Result: Aspen Ladd def. Yana Kunitskaya via TKO (Punches) Round 3, 0:33

Ben Rothwell vs. Stefan Struve (Heavyweight)

Favorite: Rothwell -140

Round 1: They’re both cautious in the early part of the round. Rothwell lunges forward looking to land, but Struve avoids the power. Rothwell is looking for a takedown, but Struve has put his back against the fence, and from there he is defending. Struve lands a high kick, but Rothwell returns fire with a kick to the groin… Struve is down and he will get five minutes to recover. The doctor is in the cage… Struve appears to be in bad shape here. He probably only has a few moments left, he’s taken up nearly all of the five minutes. Back to the action! Struve is throwing high kicks, but Rothwell closes the distance secures a clinch. Struve connects with a low kick, and then another. Rothwell closes the distance one more time and puts Struve against the fence. (10-9 Rothwell) I would have preferred a point be taken for the low-blow. 

Round 2: Struve opens up with a jab and a low kick. Rothwell walks into an uppercut, and then another! Struve is starting to put some stuff together here on the feet. Rothwell closes the distance in an effort for a takedown, but Struve is so far defending. They’re exchanging low kicks, from there Rothwell closes the distance with a clinch. Rothwell connects with another kick to the groin… he attempted to hit the body but it landed low, and Struve is down again. This fight will probably be over… Struve has taken two very significant illegal blows here, at the least a point should be taken. We’re back to the action, but a point has been taken from Rothwell. Rothwell gets right back to the action, they’re exchanging, and Rothwell will get the finish. Pathetic… Rothwell has nothing to be proud of. 

Result: Ben Rothwell def. Stefan Struve via TKO (Punches) Round 2, 4:57 

Cynthia Calvillo vs. Marina Rodriguez ends via DRAW

(6)Alistair Overeem def. (14)Jairzinho Rozenstruik (Heavyweight)

Favorite: Rozenstruik 

Round 1: Both fighters are cautious here in the early part of round one. Overeem secures a body lock and takes Rozenstruik down. Rozenstruik recovers half guard, but Overeem is controlling him from the top. Overeem is not doing much, but he is not standing in front of Rozenstruik and I guess that’s the big thing for him here. Overeem takes the back as Rozenstruk attempts to get back to his feet. Overeem repositions and takes side control with just over a minute left in the round. (10-9 Overeem)

Round 2: Overeem closes the distance and secures a clinch, he is looking to take Rozenstruik down from there. They’ve been in the clinch for a while now, Overeem has attempted a few trips, but no success yet. The ref separates them after a period of inaction, and we are back in the center of the cage. Rozenstruik is landing some big shots, but Overeem is covering up for most of them. Overeem connects with a big left hand, but Rozenstruik wears it well. Overeem connects with a kick to the midsection, but Rozenstruik returns fire with a low kick. (10-9 Overeem) 

Round 3: Overeem clinches to start the round, and puts Rozenstruik against the fence. Rozenstruik shakes Overeem off, but he is not taking advantage of these opportunities. Overeem lands a right hand, but Rozenstruik appears to have a solid chin on him. Overeem lands a horrifying right hand, but Rozenstruik doesn’t even flinch. Overeem clinches and puts his opponent against the fence. Overeem uses a body lock to fling Rozenstruik to the ground, he has just over one minute left to work. He’s working from side control, but Rozenstruik is covering up for the most part. Overeem connects with two big punches in the final seconds of the round. (10-9 Overeem) Very conservative performance by Overeem, but he’s getting the job done. Rozenstruik is looking like a fish out of water.  

Round 4: Rozenstruik opens the round with several short punches. Overeem returns fire with a looping left hook. Inside low kick lands for Overeem, and from there he shoots, but no dice. Rozenstruik opens up with a flurry, backing Overeem against the fence in the process. Rozenstruik lands several punches, but Overeem is managing to avoid most of the damage. (10-9 Overeem) 

Round 5: Overeem continues to neutralize Rozenstruik. He shoots, but Rozenstruik sprawls. Overeem is starting to look tired here, but Rozenstruik is running out of time. Rozenstruik connects with a jab and then a big right hand! Overeem is down and the ref has waved off the fight! Wow! What a come back for Rozenstruik! 

Result: Jairzinho Rozenstruik def. Alistair Overeem via KO (Punch) Round 5, 4:56


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