Will the 5th time be a charm for Khabib and Tony?

Tony Ferguson (photo credit Etzel Espinosa © PWTorch)

Last week the UFC announced that lightweight champion Khabib Nurmagomedov will fight Tony Ferguson in April. This the 5th time this fight has been booked. Will it finally happen?

Will the 5th time be a charm for Khabib and Tony?

Frank Hyden MMATorch Columnist

I sure hope so, it feels like I’ve been wanting this fight to happen for a decade. This is the biggest fight in MMA for me, and it has been for a long time. Khabib has been so dominant and Ferguson has been almost as good, this fight has to happen. I can’t think of another scenario like this, except for if Anderson Silva had fought Jon Jones or Georges St. Pierre, but this fight doesn’t involve a guy moving up to a different weight class. This is the fight to make, that’s why it’s been scheduled so many times despite fate seemingly being against it.

This is a dream fight. This isn’t some BS where a guy is getting a title shot because he’s gotten some flashy wins and leapfrogged other contenders. Ferguson isn’t getting this shot based on his name, he’s getting it because of what he’s done in the cage, which is beat everyone he’s fought.

Plus, Nurmagomedov isn’t some weak champion who’s gotten lucky a few times, and he doesn’t have a glaring weakness in his game. Yeah, his striking isn’t nearly as good as his grappling but it’s a hell of a lot better than some people give him credit for. He’s actually a pretty good striker, especially considering how good his grappling is. I need this fight to happen, we need this fight to happen.

Michael Hiscoe MMATorch Columnist

I think things will work out this time and we’ll get to see the fight. I also think that it will somehow turn out to be a bit of a dud of a fight because life’s not fair like that.

Dylan Thompson MMATorck UK Specialist 

I absolutely hope so, it’s going to be an amazing fight between two warriors. We need to keep them both wrapped up in cotton wool to avoid this getting cancelled…again.

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