LIVE COMBATE AMERICAS: TITO VS. ALBERTO REPORT: Real-time results & analysis of Ortiz vs. El Patron

By Michael Hiscoe, MMATorch Columnist

Combate Americas: Tito vs. Alberto – What side are you on?
December 7, 2019
McAllen, Texas from Payne Arena
Live on

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Jorge Masvidal joins Juliana Pena and Max Bretos on commentary. They run down the main event and the featured women’s fight. They talk about the smaller cage and how it will take the judges out of the equation.

(1) Gaston Reyno vs. Rey Trujillo (149.5 lb Catchweight)

Trujillo has a 24-27 record and has lost his last seven fights, so there’s that. Reyno’s 8-2 and has a couple of wins in Bellator.

ROUND ONE: Today I learned that there’s a new “Bad Boys” movie coming out next month thanks to the in -cage advertising. Reyno tried to take Trujillo down but Trujillo defended well but that allowed Reyno to take his back. Reyno took him down and took side control and soon went into mount. He threw some punches and went back to guard. Some more ground and pound to close out the round. 10-9 Reyno.

ROUND TWO: Reyno took him down right away against the cage. Reyno worked to half guard and threw more punches. Trujillo got up and Reyno took him back down. Trujillo was frustrated but couldn’t get up and threw punches from the bottom. Trujillo worked for a kimura. He couldn’t get it and they got back up before the end of the round. 10-9 Reyno, 20-18.

ROUND THREE: Trujillo went for a hug and Reyno wasn’t having any of it. Trujillo clinched with him against the cage. Reyno got him down and went right to mount. Trujillo snuck out but Reyno took his back and got him back down and went back to mount. He threw some elbows and little punches. He went for an armbar with less than a minute to go but thought better of it. Trujillo escaped mount but stayed on the bottom as the fight ended. 10-8 Reyno, 30-26.

Result: Gaston Reyno by unanimous decision (30-27 x 3)

Analysis: Trujillo didn’t bring much to this fight other than some resiliency. Reyno’s takedowns were good and he was able to pass guard easily but he couldn’t finish the fight when he achieved dominant positions on multiple occasions. 

Melissa Santos, wife of Impact wrestler Brian Cage and former Lucha Underground ring announcer is doing the post-fight interviews.

They showed a split-screen of Tito shadow boxing in front of a mirror while Alberto had his hands wrapped.

(2) “Sexy” Dulce Garcia (1-0) vs. Anali Lopez Hernandez (0-0) (120 lb. Catchweight)

ROUND ONE: Garcia is Sexy Star, former Lucha Underground champion. Garcia landed a couple of nice punches and is trying to work the body. She looks very composed in there. They clinch against the cage and Garcia ate a big punch on the break. Things turn into a brawl and Garcia landed some big shots. Garcia took her down and grabbed the neck and locked in a guillotine. She stood up and that ended the fight.

Result: Dulce Garcia by submission at 2:47 of the first round

Analysis: It was a little rough around the edges but Garcia took some shots and stood her ground before locking in the submission. With her wrestling background and her look, she could become an attraction for Combate Americas. 

They interviewed Tito backstage. He said he gave up his summer, his fall, and part of his winter for this fight. They then showed Alberto shadow boxing while Tito wrapped his own hands.

(3) Dani Barez (11-4) vs. Joao Camilo (6-3)

ROUND ONE: Camilo went for a low takedown a minute in. He got it but Barez grabbed an arm and worked on a kimura. Camilo threw some punches and elbows while in guard. Barez grabbed a tight guillotine but Camilo got out. Barez was very busy from the bottom and may have landed more blows despite being on his back most of the round. I’m giving him the round. 10-9 Barez.

ROUND TWO: Early eye poke on Camilo. Barez took him down and was in half guard. He didn’t get much done and they stand up with half a round to go. Camilo landed a clean left. Barez took him down and locked in a Darce choke on the ground. It was deep but Barez couldn’t get the tap and he lost the choke. 10-9 Barez, 20-18.

ROUND THREE: Camilo misses a takedown. Barez lands a right and then a left to the body. A left hand from Barez dropped him. Barez got another takedown and went for the Darce choke again. He let go of that and focused on ground and pound. He took back mount and got a rear naked choke. He threw some punches as the round ended. 10-9 Barez, 30-27.

Result: Barez by split decision (29-28 Camilo, 30-27 Barez, 29-28 Barez)

Analysis: Barez looked good, especially after getting taken down in the first. He worked hard from his back that round and then took over the fight for the last two minutes. Good performance and he could be one to watch at flyweight. I’m not sure how you can give Camilo two rounds in that fight. 

(4) Levy “El Negro” Marroquin (12-3) vs. Enrique “Baby Bull” Gonzalez (8-3) (149 lb. Catchweight)

ROUND ONE: Gonzalez took him down early on and went for a guillotine. He didn’t get it. Marroquin was busy from the bottom, working a rubber guard and looking for submissions.  He took a guillotine and was able to use it to reverse to mount position. Marroquin threw some big hammer fists. Gonzalez got up and Marroquin locked in a standing guillotine, he pulled guard and held on and Gonzalez tapped.

Result: Marroquin by submission at 4:53 of round one

Analysis: Nice showing by Marroquin after getting taken down early on. There were only a few seconds left in the round and he still went for the finish.

They interviewed Alberto who said this was going to be the last fight of his MMA career.

(5) Melissa “Super Mely” Martinez (6-0) vs. Desiree “Dirty Dez” Yanez (5-1) (Strawweight Championship Fight)

ROUND ONE: This is for the vacant championship and the first women’s strawweight championship for Combate Americas. Yanez came out swinging and then clinched up against the cage. Martinez reversed position. Yanez looked for a takedown but Martinez defended well. She got the takedown but Martinez got back up. Martinez threw some elbows while Yanez worked for another takedown. They broke apart and traded punches. Martinez landed a big left. 10-9 Martinez.

ROUND TWO: Yanez clinched against the cage but couldn’t get the fight to the mat. She did on a second attempt and took side control. Julianna Pena has been coaching Yanez from the commentary booth. Yanez took mount. She landed a few punches and Martinez had trouble escaping the mount. Short elbow from Yanez. Yanez took her back and went for a rear naked choke. Time ran out before she could secure it. 10-9 Yanez, 19-19.

ROUND THREE: Martinez threw a kick and came out more aggressively this round. Yanez pressed her to the cage and got the fight to the ground. Martinez got up while Yanez kept working to get her back down. Martinez got a standing guillotine and held on tight as they went to the ground. It wasn’t super deep but she didn’t let go. She threw some punches on the ground and let go of the choke. They got up and Yanez worked back to a clinch. Martinez grabbed another guillotine as the fight ended. 10-9 Martinez, 29-28 Martinez.

Result: 29-27 Yanez, 29-28 Martinez, 29-28 Melissa Martinez by split decision

Analysis: That was a really fun fight and it probably could have gone either way. Both women showed great resiliency and both fought right up until the final bell. 

Tito wearing a shirt that reads “Living the American Dream” with the old Saturday Night’s Main Event logo, and his UFC belt on backwards with a piece of tape and “OGBMF” written on it.

(6) Tito Ortiz vs. Alberto El Patron 

Alberto has Chavo Guerrero in his corner. Tito walks out to Hulk Hogan’s old theme music. They traded a couple of punches in the center before clinching up and going to the ground. Tito ended up on top and in side control. He grabbed Alberto’s neck and looked to get to mount. Alberto turned over but Tito still had his neck. Alberto got up and Tito threw some punches. Alberto clinched again and Tito took him down. Tito threw punches on the ground while Alberto covered up and turned away. He tried to get to his feet but Tito took him back down. Alberto gave up his back and Tito got the choke in and Alberto tapped. Tito held on to the choke a few seconds after the tap.

Result: Tito Ortiz by submission at 3:10 of round one

Analysis: Alberto didn’t really bring anything to this fight. He didn’t look CM Punk bad but he was clearly out of his league here. It was a fun fight while it lasted and this, of course, means that we haven’t seen the last of Tito Ortiz. 


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