LIVE UFC 238 REPORT: Real-time results and analysis of Cejudo-Moraes,Shevchenko-Eye

Robert Vallejos, MMATorch Managing Editor

UFC 238

Chicago,  Illinois at The United Center

Live on UFC Fight Pass (6:15 PM ET), ESPN (8 PM ET), and ESPN+ PPV (10 PM ET)

Early Prelims (UFC Fight Pass)

Joanne Calderwood (13-3) vs. Katlyn Chookagian (11-2) – Flyweight 125 lbs.

Current Odds: Calderwood -120; Chookagian -110

Round 1: They exchange low kicks. Calderwood keeps the leg kicks coming. Big welt on Chookagian’s left leg. Chookagian with a punch combo. Body kick from Calderwood. More leg kicks from Calderwood. END Calderwood (10-9)

Round 2: Both women exchange leg kicks. Calderwood grabs a kick into a takedown against the cage, they stand. Chookagian more aggressive with jabs. Chookagian lands more punching combos. Calderwood grabs another kick into a takedown, Chookagian gets into a defensive guard. END Chookagian (10-9) The two takedowns may make the judges see that round differently.

Round 3: Chookagian with punch combos, Calderwood with leg kicks. Once again Calderwood grabs a kick into a takedown, but elects to stand. Chookaigian land a hard punch combo. More punch combos from Chookagian. END Chookagian (10-9)

Official Result:Katlyn Chookagian def. Joanne Calderwood via decision (unanimous) (30-27, 29-28 2x) 

Analysis: Very close fight, but it felt like Calderwood was not able to capitalize on her fury of leg kicks. The 30-27 card is pretty bizarre. 

Eddie Wineland (23-13-1) vs. Grigory Popov (13-1) – Bantamweight 135 lbs.

Current Odds: Wineland -145; Popov +115

Round 1: Wineland aggressive early with punches. Front-kicks by Popov. Hard rights by Wineland. Leg kicks by Popov. Backfist by Popov. Wineland counters a kick with a hard right hand. END Wineland (10-9)

Round 2: Popov hurts Wineland with rights of his own. Popov getting the better of the striking exchanges. Wineland grabs a kick and lands two combos. Wineland, lands a takedown but Popov pops up. Hard rights by Wineland drops Popov, Wineland briefly goes for a choke, but decides to stand, lands more heavy punches, Popov goes down, its over.

Official Result: Eddie Wineland def. Grigory Popov  via KO (punches) at 4:47 of Rd 2

Analysis: Very entertaining fight, Wineland was on the gad peddle the whole fight, but Popov showed some real toughness before the KO.

Bevon Lewis (6-1) vs. Darren Stewart (9-4, 1 NC) – Middleweight 185 lbs.

Current Odds: Lewis -170; Stewart +140

Round 1: Stewart with immediate leg kicks. They clinch against the cage. Steward lands a knee in the clinch. They break. Stewart with a right, but they again clinch. Stewart aggressive out of the clinch. Strong leg kick by Stewart. Hard right by Lewis AFTER THE BELL. Stewart (10-9)

Round 2: Early leg kicks from Stewart, Lewis counters one with a punch. After an exchange, Stewart goes for a body lock, but they break. Knee from a brief clinch landed by Lewis. Steward lands a leg kick and punch combo to end the round END Stewart (10-9) Barely

Round 3: Both men trade punches. Lewis shoots, but Steward stuffs it, and they are clinched at the cage. They break. Lewis goes for takedown, but they remain in a standing clinch. END Stewart (10-9)

Official Result: Darren Stewart def. Bevon Lewis via decision  (unanimous ) (30-27, 29-28 2x)

Analysis: Not a very entertaining fight, seemed to be a very bad matchup.

Yan Xiaonan (10-1, 1 NC) vs. Angela Hill (9-6) – Strawweight 115 lbs.

Odds: Xiaonan -190; Hill +155

Round 1: Yan with punch that are not really landing. Big right by Yan, Hill counters with a knee. Hill with a supper man punch into a takedown, but Yan pulls Hill in close. They stand. Hill lands a strong right, goes for a takedown, but Hill reverses and lands the takedown. Hill goes for a triangle, Yan saved by the bell. END Hill (10-9)

Round 2: Yan drops Hill with a sidekick, they stand but Yan remains aggressive. Yan getting the advantage on striking exchanges. Hill counters with consecutive rights. Yan lands a takedown but they stand, Yan drops Hill with a strike, Hill gets right up. END Yan (10-9)

Round 3: High volume of strikes from Yan, but they are not causing any damage. Hill lands a clean right out of a striking exchange. Solid sidekick from Yan, hard right from Hill. Both women landing with their hands,. Hill with her own sidekick. END Hill (10-9)

Analysis: Very good fight, but very difficult to score. Hill landed the stronger strikes and had a near-miss with the triangle. Yan is very entertaining to watch, her pace is unbelievable!  

Official Result:  Yan Xiaonan def. Angela Hill via decision  (29-28 3x)

Prelims ESPN

Ricardo Lamas (19-7) vs. Calvin Kattar (19-3) – Featherweight 145 lbs.

Current Odds: Kattar -155; Lamas +125

Round 1: Lamaa goes for leg kicks. Head-kick attempt by Lamas. Left jabs by Kattar. Kattar lands a body kick. Katter lands a punch combo. Body kick by Lamas. Body punches by Kattar. Kattar drops Lamas with a right, goes after Lamas it’s over!

Official Result: Calvin Kattar def. Ricardo Lamas via KO (punches) 4:06 of rd 1

Analysis: Not much to day here, Kattar was aggressive from the opening bell and it paid off. What a fall for Lamas.

Karolina Kowalkiewicz (12-4) vs. Alexa Grasso (10-2) – Strawweight 115 lbs.

Current Odds: Kowalkiewicz -1115; Grasso -115

Round 1: Grasso with an early right hand. Grasso landing combos. Kowalkiewicz with a leg kick. More combos from Grasso. Kowalkiewicz counters with a strong right. Body punch by Grasso. Grasso lands several right hands. They clinch, Grasso lands knees, they break and Kowalkiewicz lands straight right before the round ends END Grasso (10-9)

Round 2: Kowalkiewicz landing counterpunches. Straight left from Grasso. Kowalkiewicz lands a spinning backfist to the body. They clinch and separate. Grasso remains aggressive with punches.  END Grasso (10-9)

Round 3: Head-kick from Grasso. Grasso with several kick combinations. They clinch, Grasso punches out. Kowalkiewicz goes for a clinch, but eats some knees. More combos for Grasso. Kowalkiewicz bleeding. Grasso with a spinning elbow. Both women pick up the pace as the round is coming to an end, Grasso goes for standing guillotine round ENDS Grasso (10-9)

Analysis: Grasso was on another level than Kowalkiewicz in this fight. Her boxing was way too much for Kowalkiewicz. Grasso has bright future, but its seems difficult to handicap where Kowalkiewicz goes from here. 

Official Result: Alexa Grasso def. Karolina Kowalkiewicz via decision (unanimous) (30-27 3x)

 Aljamain Sterling (17-3) vs. Pedro Munhoz (18-3) – Bantamweight 135 lbs.

Current Odds: Sterling -140; Munholz +110

Round 1: Sterling with a series of kicks. Sterling with a strong left. Sterling is landing anything he wants. Hard left from Munhoz. Lead elbow by sterling. Hunhoz goes for a quick guillotine END Sterling (10-9)

Round 2: Sterling grabs a kick into an elbow. Munhoz lands a stiff body kick. Sterling with a big comb. Body kicks are hurting Sterling. Sterling counters a kick with a series of punches. Sterlings lands a spinning elbow. Leg kick drops Sterling, goes for a choke, but Sterling gets up quickly. Sterling ends the round wit punch combos. END Munhoz (10-9)

Round 3: More body kicks from Munhoz. Sterling lands several jabs. Sterling is very active. Munhoz throwing several kicks. Sterling able to land head shots at-will. They talk trash then hug as the bell rings. END Sterling (10-9)

Official Result  Aljamain Sterling def. Pedro Munhoz via decision (unanimous )(30-27 3x)

Analysis: Very entertaining fight, both men looked great, but Sterling was able to strike with autonomy. He has put himself into a position to be a title contender. 

Tatiana Suarez (7-0) vs. Nina Ansaroff (10-5) – Strawweight 115 lbs.

Current Odds: Suarez -735; Ansaroff +510

Round 1: Suarez goes for a takedown but Ansaroff was able to momentarily resist, before Suarez is able to get Ansaroff down. As they stand the reamain locked. Suarez lands a takedown, but Ansaroff does not give Suarez any room to move. Ansaroff lands upkicks to create space. Suarez lands strikes from the top. Suarez in position for a guillotine but the round ends. END Suarez (10-9)

Round 2: They trade kicks. Suarez shoots, but Ansaroff sprawls, they remain locked as they stand. Suarez gets a takedown into Ansaroff’s guard. Ansaroff briefly goes for  triangle, but Suarez remains in control. More upkicks. They get to the feel locked up. The ref stops the fight due to a low blow from Suarez That’s  a new one in WMMA. They resume. trade shots END Suarez (10-9)

Round 3: Ansaroff starts the round with a stiff right. Body punch by Ansaroff. Suarez goes for a takedown but Ansaroff sprawls against the fence and they break. Suarez with a body kick. Ansaroff with punching combos. Ansaroff brings pressure with strikes against the cage END Ansaroff (10-9)

Official Result:Tatiana Suarez def. Nina Ansaroff via decision (unanimous) (29-28 3x)

Analysis: Suarez deserved to get the win, but that third round could be a bit of foreshadowing, if/when she faces Rose Namajunas and Jessica Andrade. 

Main Card (ESPN+ pay-per-view)

Tai Tuivasa (8-1) vs. Blagoy Ivanov (17-2, 1 NC) – Heavyweight 265 lbs.

Current Odds: Tuivasa -140; Ivanov +110

Round 1: Tuivasa rushes with the hands, but Ivanov counters. Tuivasa locks up with Ivanov at the cage. They break, Ivanov drops Tuivasa with a right, Tuivasa gets up and Ivanov goes for a headlock, Tuivasa fights out. Tuivasa lands a knee and punch combination. Hard rights by Ivanov END Too close to call.

Round 2: Tuivasa lands a leg kick. Tuivasa with a series of combos. Ivanof locks up at the cage, they break. They trade rights. Hard left by Ivanov. Ivanov getting the better of the striking exchanges. Ivanov goes for a headlock, Ivanov holds onto the submission just after the bell. END Ivanov (10-9)

Round 3: Tuivasa starts the round landing rights, and they clinch at the cage, Ivanov goes for the headlock. They stand but stay locked. Ivanov lands knees from the headlock. Tuivasa punches out. They trade punching combos. Ivanov having trouble putting weight on his leg. END Tough fight to score.

Official Result: Blagoy Ivanov def. Tai Tuivasa via decision (unanimous) (30-27, 29-28 2x)

Analysis: Solid heavyweight scrap. It was difficult to gage who got the clear advantage in this fight.

 Jimmie Rivera (22-3) vs. Petr Yan (12-1) – Bantamweight 135 lbs.

Current Odds: Yan -330; Rivera +255

Round 1: Both men go for leg kicks. They wrap up but Rivera lands a big right. This sequence repeats. Leg kick by Rivera. Rivera coming out on top in all striking exchanges. Yan lands a body kick, Yan goes for a takedown, Rivera rolls out. Yan lans a hard right, Rivera goes down, Yan pins Rivera at the cage, saved by the bell END Yan (10-9)

Round 2: Yan comes out aggressive but Rivera counters with a punch and leg kick. Body kick by Yan. Hard right by Rivera. Strong leg kick by Rivera. Yan lands a stiff knee but Rivera grabs that leg. Rivera shoots. Yan drops Rivera with punches, round ends END Yan (10-9)

Round 3: Rivera grabs a leg kick, after they break Rivera shoots. Body kicks by Yan. Yan punches the mouthpiece out of Rivera. Body blows by Rivera. Solid right by Rivera. Body kick from Yan. Fight stopped after Yan is poked in the eye. Fight resumes. Body kick by Rivera. Yan pressures against the cage, they break. Yan lands a takedown. END Rivera (10-9)

Official Result: Petr Yan def. Jimmie Rivera via decision (unanimous ) (29-28 2x, 30-27)

Analysis: Tough break for Rivera, he fought so well through 90 percent of the first two rounds, but Yan closed out every round with a statement. 

Clay Guida vs. Diego Sanchez from The Ultimate Fighter 9 Finale, in June 2009 announced for the UFC Hall of Fame.

Tony Ferguson (24-3) vs. Donald Cerrone (36-11, 1 NC) – Lightweight 155 lbs.

Current Odds: Ferguson -150; Cerrone +120

Round 1: Leg kick by Cerrone. Ferguson with a body kick. They trade jabs. Cerrone getting the better of punching exchanges. Ferguson lands an elbow. Kick punch combo by Ferguson. Body kick by Cerrone. Ferguson with a pair of jabs. They end the a very active round by trading shots. END Ferguson (10-9)

Round 2: Body kick from Ferguson. Big jab from Ferguson. Body kicks followed by head punch from Ferguson. Low kick from Cerrone but Ferguson counters with stiff jab. High kick from Cerrone, Ferguson lands a spinning elbow. Cerrone with a big punch combo. Cerrone lands a takedown but Ferguson gets up. More jabs from Ferguson. Stiff elbow from Ferguson. END CLEAR LATE PUNCH FROM FERGUSON, HARD WARING FOR THE LATE BLOW. Ferguson (10-9)


Official Result: Tony Ferguson def. Donald Cerrone TKO (doctor stoppage) Rd 2

Analysis: While the fight was going it was a fury of offense, but Ferguson was winning that fight. The late his played no part in the finish but it made things really bizarre. With that said, Ferguson remains an obvious contender for the winner of  Khabib Nurmagomedov vs. Dustin Poirier. 

STAFF PREDICTION: Valentina Shevchenko vs. Jessica Eye

Valentina Shevchenko (16-3) vs. Jessica Eye (14-6, 1 NC) – Flyweight 185 lbs.

Current Odds: Shevchenko -1000; Eye +600

Round 1: Body kicks from Shevchenko. Shevchenko with a body-lock into a takedown. Shevchenko briefly gains side-control, before landing in a half-guard. Eye gets to a full-guard. As they stand Shevchenko lands punches and another takedown. Shevchenko in side-control goes for an arm submission, but Eye rolls out of it END Shevchenko (10-8)

Round 2: Shevchenko with a body kick, now a body kick, Eye is out cold! Not moving, Camera not showing Eye.


Official Result:Valentina Shevchenko def.  Jessica Eye via KO at :26 Rd 2

Analysis: Shevchenko earned her status as a massive favorite in this fight. She looked very good in round 1, and possibly ready 5-round sweep. That KO was as brutal as they come, Shevchenko is bad woman. Thankfully Eye looks to be ok, but that looked really scary for a minute.

STAFF PREDICTION: Henry Cejudo vs. Marlon Moraes

Henry Cejudo (14-2) vs. Marlon Moraes (22-5-1) – Bantamweight 135 lbs.

Current Odds: Moraes -130; Cejudo +100

Round 1: Leg kick from Moraes. Left hand from Moraes. Leg kick from Cejudo, but Moraes counters with  myriad of strikes. Cejudo catches a kick and nearly grabs a takedown, to no avail. Leg kick from Moraes. Moraes lands a body kick. END Moraes (10-9)

Round 2: High-kick from Cejudo get countered with punches. Cejudo tags Moraes. More leg kicks from Moraes. Head-kick from Moraes. A leg kick briefly drops Cejudo. Cejudo with a fury of punches. In the midst of the punching pressure, Moraes lands a head-kick. Big knees from Cejudo in close range. big punch from Moraes at the bell END Cejudo (10-9)

Round 3: Trade punches to start the round. FIGHT IS STOPPED, MORAES LOOKS TO HAVE A POKED EYE fight restarts. Knees in the clinch from Cejudo. Cejudo locks in a front headlock. Cejudo with a big knee to the body. Cejudo on top, Moraes goes for arm triangle. Cejudo lays  shots from the top. ITS OVER

Official Result: Henry Cejudo def. Marlon Moraes at 4:51 via TKO of Rd 3 to become men’s bantamweight champion. 


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