STAFF PREDICTION: Henry Cejudo vs. Marlon Moraes


At UFC 238, UFC bantamweight champion Henry Cejudo will face Marlon Moraes for the vacant bantamweight title. Who wins?

Christian Moore MMATorch Contributor

At first glance, I pick Moraes without thought. After taking a step back and looking a little more, I still have Moraes, but Cejudo does stand a chance. I just don’t see anyone being able to beat Moraes, as he has a freakish amount of power, speed, athleticism, striking, clinch, and ground game. I originally picked Moraes to smash Dillishaw before the drug bust. That being said, Cejudo knows how to control a fighter’s power, and can use his Gold metal skills to wrestle the very best wrestlers to the ground, ala DJ. So, I think Cejudo could scrape a win by decision, but I’m gonna go with Moraes via Round 2 TKO.

Sean Covington  MMATorch Contributor

Henry Cejudo has looked amazing and I see absolutely no holes in his game. Marlon Moraes looks great as well but I am going with Cejudo. Even though Moraes has a slight height and reach advantage, it won’t be enough to take out Cejudo. I am picking Cejudo although I feel like there will be some major upsets very soon in MMA.

Frank Hyden MMATorch Columnist

I think Cejudo finishes Moraes late in the third round. The confidence level of Cejudo has to be off the charts, given that his last two wins have been over Demetrious Johnson and T.J. Dillashaw. I like Moraes as a fighter but I think Cejudo is on a different level. I think he wears Moraes down and then unleashes a big flurry on him to force the ref to jump in and stop the fight.

Mike Hiscoe MMATorch Columnist

I’m going to go with Marlon Moraes here. We don’t know yet how Henry Cejudo’s wrestling will translate at the higher weight class. TJ Dillashaw learned that Cejudo can beat you without his wrestling but I think this fight will play out much differently. Moraes has fared well against wrestling heavy bantamweights such as Aljamain Sterling in the past. He has a habit of catching guys with shots out of nowhere and I think this is how he beats Cejudo. Cejudo may see success with his wrestling early in the fight, but come the fourth round I think Moraes catches him sleeping and gets the knockout win.

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