LIVE CAGESIDE TKO 48 REPORT: Real-time results & analysis with three TKO title fights

By Michael Hiscoe, Managing Editor

TKO 48
May 24, 2019
Gatineau, Quebec from Robert Guertin Arena
Live on UFC Fight Pass (6 PM ET Prelims, 7:30 PM ET Main Card)

Prelim Quick Results

Vincent Houle def. Curtis Richard by second round TKO

Serge Dancos def. Alexandre Gomes by first round TKO

Yann Jacolin def. Guillaume Poulin by first round submission (rear naked choke)

(1) Bradley Sullivan vs. Mathieu Charette (Lightweight)

ROUND ONE: Charette is the local guy here. He’s 3-1 as opposed to Sullivan’s 1-1 record. Charette hurt him with a leg kick early on. He landed a nice combination with a right hand that landed clean. Sullivan landed a body kick. Sullivan stuffed a takedown attempt. Sullivan was able to transition that to top position on the ground and landed some elbows up against the cage. Charette got up much to the delight of the crowd. Sullivan took his back as the round ended. 10-9 Sullivan

ROUND TWO: Charette hurt him about a minute in and Sullivan rushed in for a takedown and got it. Sullivan was able to pass and then take his back pretty easily. He got a rear naked choke that looked good and they fell back to the mat. Charette got out, got up and was able to reverse and gain top position. Sullivan was looking for an arm from the bottom and used that to reverse into top mount. Charette got out but Sullivan took his back and got the choke in again, only deeper. The round ended and Charette was likely saved by the bell. 10-9 Sullivan, 20-18

ROUND THREE: Sullivan stopped the action early on so some loose tape could be cut from his glove. Sullivan attacked Charette’s lead leg but Charette would try and counter with big right hands. Sullivan clinched with him against the cage and took him down but was not doing much on the ground. Charette got up and Sullivan kept him pressed to the cage and delivered knees to Charette’s thigh. Sullivan finally dragged him down just before the end of the round. 10-9 Charette, 30-27.

Result: 30-27, 29-28, 29-28 Sullivan by unanimous decision

Analysis: Sullivan was too much for Charette on the ground and nearly finished the fight a couple of times. Charette was looking to use his right hand to get the win but Sullivan was just a much more well-rounded fighter. 

(2) Alex O’Neil vs. Cedric Mongeon (Lightweight)

ROUND ONE: Both guys are local but Mongeon is from the French side of the bridge so he should be the crowd favorite. O’Neil is undefeated while Mongeon is 2-2. O’Neil walked through a leg kick and clinched with Mangeons against the cage. He tried to muscle him to the mat but it wasn’t happening. The fight went to the mat and they traded positions on the ground before settling with O’Neil on top but not landing anything as he was working to establish a position. O’Neil was very high on Mongeon’s back and he slipped out and landed a few punches. The traded for a bit as the round ended. 10-9 O’Neil

ROUND TWO: O’Neil scored a takedown about 45 seconds in. Again, he was working for position and not throwing many strikes. He was working for an arm triangle and throwing some punches to the body from half guard. They stood up and O’Neil dragged him back down to the mat but this time he had his back. He worked on a rear naked choke but when he let go Mangeons was able to stand up. Mangeons looked really tired but still landed a nice right hand. O’Neill ws hiding behind the jab while trying to catch his breath. 10-9 O’Neil, 20-18.

ROUND THREE: O’Neil came out with some front kicks and seemed to be going for the kill. He shot in for a takedown twenty seconds in and got it. O’Neil had top position and worked on a straight armbar that didn’t really go anywhere. He threw some big knees and then a series of unanswered elbows to the head. More of the same for a while until Mangeons was able to get up just a few seconds before the horn. 10-8 O’Neil, 30-26.

Result: 30-27, 30-26, 30-26 O’Neil by unanimous decision

Analysis: This was another case of one fighter being too much for the other on the ground. O’Neil remains undefeated and might be someone to keep an eye on moving forward. 

(3) Jamey-Lyn Horth Wessels vs. Corinne Laframboise (Flyweight)

ROUND ONE: Missed the first couple minutes of this one while talking to Alex O’Neil in the back. He said he was hoping for a quick finish but was happy to keep the fight on the ground where he knew he would be dominant. Laframboise hurt her mid-round and knocked her down but couldn’t get a finish. 10-9 Laframboise but I missed about two minutes.

ROUND TWO: Laframboise got an early takedown and was in half guard but Horth got upLaframboise slipped on an overhand right attempt. She landed a nice punch to the body. Laframboise clinched with her up against the cage. She went for a takedown but Horth stuffed it and took top position. Horth stood up to try and find a way to pass her guard. Laframboise got up before the round ended. 10-9 Horth, 19-19.

ROUND THREE: They traded some punches early. Laframboise landed a couple of big shots and Horth started backing off and tried to use her reach and kicks to keep her at a distance. Lafranboise rushed in with a combo that connected and they clinched against the cage. Laframboise missed a takedown attempt and Horth was on top. Laframboise looked to be bleeding from her left eye. Horth took her back and locked in a rear naked choke to get the win.

Result: Jamey-Lyn Horth Wessels by submission (rear naked choke) at 2:57 of round three

Analysis: That was a good back and forth fight. It looked like Horth was in trouble there early in the third but she was able to get the fight to the ground where she was having more success and get the win. 

(4) Pierre-Olivier Bouffard vs Isaac Blais (Bantamweight)

ROUND ONE: Bouffard took him down early and landed a couple of punches on the ground before Blais got up. The crowd is for Blais here. Blais landed some nice kicks to the body and a head kick that nearly caught him. Bouffard landed a couple of body shots. Blais with some leg kicks. Blais caught Bouffard rushing in with a right that dropped him. He sunk in a rear naked choke and once Bouffard stopped fighting the hands, he tightened up and got the tap.

Result: Isaac Blais by first round submission (rear naked choke)

Analysis: Nice win for the local guy here. He improves to 2-0. He caught Bouffard being a little aggressive and made him pay. 

(5) Xavier Alaoui vs. Mateo Alejandro Vogel (Bantamweight)

ROUND ONE: Firas Zahabi is cornering Alaoui. He’s 9-3 and coming off a win last month for TKO. Vogel’s from Ottawa. Vogel was dropped very early with a right hand. Alaoui took top position which may have actually given him some time to recover. Vogel pushed him off and got up, threw a couple of big punches and then went to take him down. Alaoui took him down and threw some elbows from full guard. Vogel almost had an arm but then the fight was stopped after Vogel landed an illegal upkick. Alaoui was down and the doctor was called in. It was actually 2-3 kicks that landed to the head. He may have just been trying to push off but it didn’t look good in the replay. He was conscious but not getting up. I can’t see this fight continuing. Alaoui got up and the ref called off the fight.

Result: Xavier Alaoui by disqualification

Analysis: I’m not sure if Vogel was kicking on purpose or if he was trying to push him off. Firas Zahabi looked visibly upset at Vogel and had to be held back. 

(6) Jesse Arnett vs. Josh Hill (Bantamweight)

ROUND ONE: This fight is unofficially to determine the top bantamweight in Canada. Missed most of the first round as I was backstage talking to Xavier Alaoui.

ROUND TWO: Arnett came out and walked him down and landed some body punches. Out of nowhere, Hill caught Arnett with a big right hand and Arnett went down hard. Hill followed up with another big right hand that dropped him again and it was all over.

Result: Josh Hill by Knockout in the second round

Analysis: Hill came out of nowhere with that right hand, now he can claim to be Canada’s top bantamweight. A matchup with bantamweight champion Nate Maness or Taylor Lapilus could be in the cards.

(7) Mandy Bohm vs. Jade Masson-Wong (Flyweight Championship Fight)

ROUND ONE: They traded some leg kicks. Masson-Wong countered one with a straight right hand. Bohm has a pretty big reach advantage but Masson-Wong kept finding her way inside. Bohm started finding her range as the round went on. She landed a nice left jab and dodged a flurry from Masson-Wong. A big right put Bohm down and Masson-Wong followed her down in her guard. The round ended with her on top. 10-9 Masson-Wong.

ROUND TWO: Big right from Masson-Wong connected and she clinched with her against the cage. Bohm was able to reverse positions. Bohm took her down but Masson-Wong swept and took top position. Not too much happened so Jason Herzog stood them up. Masson-Wong landed a couple of big right hands and Bohm initiated another clinch. Masson-Wong got her to the mat and mounted her just as the horn went. 10-9 Masson-Wong, 20-18.

ROUND THREE: Masson-Wong stuffed a takedown attempt and Bohm pushed her into the corner. Bohm dragged her down and took her back. She was working for a choke but Masson-Wong was protecting her neck well. Bohm threw down some punches from back mount and continued to work on the choke. She got it in tighter and Masson-Wong tapped out. Mandy Bohm takes the win and the championship.

Result: Bohm by submission (rear naked choke) at 3:43 of the third round

Analysis: Nice come from behind win for Bohm there after losing the first two rounds, at least on my cards. The crowd seemed a little deflated from that one as the hometown girl lost and the show is pushing five hours now. Nonetheless, a good win for Bohm. 

(8) Taylor Lapilus vs. Nate Maness (Bantamweight Championship Fight)

ROUND ONE: Lapilus missed a high kick early. He caught a front kick and followed up with a straight left. Maness clinched against the cage and Lapilus threw some knees. Maness used his range well to avoid Lapilus’ combinations. Maness pushed him up against the cage again and tried to take him down but had no luck. Lapilus landed a kick to the body and Maness followed up with one of his own. 10-9 Lapilus

ROUND TWO: Lapilus started to open up his striking this round. He landed two straight lefts and then followed up with a body shot. Maness staggered him with a right hand but Lapilus pressed forward. Not a lot happened this round, but 10-9 Lapilus, 20-18.

ROUND THREE: Lapilus continued to work him over. He landed a big body kick and then hurt him again with another body shot and Maness crumbled to the mat. Lapilus followed up and the ref quickly stopped it. It was a side kick right to the ribs that put Maness down.

Result: Taylor Lapilus by TKO at 1:22 of round three to win the TKO bantamweight championship

Analysis: It wasn’t the most exciting first two rounds, but this was probably the first fight on the card to showcase guys who are ready for UFC tomorrow. Lapilus was diligent and patient in his approach and got the win in the third round. His interview was in French so I’m not too sure what he said.

(9) Rogers Sousa vs. Ciryl Gane (Heavyweight Championship Fight)

ROUND ONE: Two big boys here. Gane moves really well. Gane with a jab and a body shot. Gane switched stances and landed some right jabs and a leg kick. He switched back and caught him with a left. Gane landed a huge right that backed Soussa up but didn’t put him down. Two more big rights wobbled him. Gane seemed to be landing at will but Soussa would not go down. Sosa was bleeding from the nose. Finally, Sousa went down and took some ground and pound. They stood up so Sousa could put his mouth piece back in. Gane landed another big right and some follow up on the ground to finally get the stoppage.

Result: Gane by first round TKO

Analysis: Sousa just would not go away. Gane is a legit heavyweight that should get a look from the UFC real soon. He looks like how one would imagine a heavyweight champion would look like. He’s really light on his feet for a heavyweight and really mixed up his striking well. I’m impressed. 

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