LIVE PFL 2 REPORT: Real-time results & analysis of featherweight and lightweight tournaments

By Cole Henry, MMATorch Contributor

May 23, 2019
Long Island, NY from Nassau Coliseum
Live on ESPN 2 (7 PM ET) and ESPN+ (9 PM ET)


(Featherweight) Gadzhi Rabadanov def. Steven Siler via Unanimous Decision (+3 points)

(Featherweight) Movlid Khaybulaev def. Damon Jackson via KO (Flying Knee) Round 1, 0:10 (+6 points)

(Featherweight) Luis Rafael Laurentino def. Jeremy Kennedy via KO (High Kick) Round 1, 0:23 (+6 points)

(Lightweight) Natan Shulte def. Bao Yincang via Submission (Rear Naked Choke) Round 1, 3:03 (+6 points)

(Lightweight) Rashid Magomedov def. Loik Radzhabov via Unanimous Decision (+3 points)

Main Card

Main Card:

Islam Mamedov vs. Ylies Djiroun (Lightweight)

Round 1: Djiroun opens up with a few low kicks. Mamedov closes the distance and forces the fight against the cage. Lots of cage fighting in the early going. Mamedov scores with a takedown with just under a minute left in the round. Mamedov attempts a pass, allowing Djiroun to scramble back to his feet. (10-9 Mamedov)

Round 2: Mamedov shoots early and falls right into a guillotine. It looks tight but Mamedov manages to pull his head free anyway. Djiroun scores with an up-kick but Mamedov seems unphased. Mamedov moves into the mount, then into an s-mount, and from there he attempts an armbar! Djiroun escapes though and scrambles back to his feet. (10-9 Mamedov)

Round 3: Djiroun is aggressive early. He secures a body lock and forces Mamedov against the fence. Mamedov reverses the position. Mamedov completes a takedown, but Djiroun recovers guard. Lots of pressure and top control by Mamedov in this round. (10-9 Mamedov) (30-27 Mamedov)

Result: Islam Mamedov def. Ylies Djiroun via Split Decision (+3 points)

Carlao Silva vs. Akhmed Aliev (Lightweight)

Round 1: Good back and forth early on. Aliev is landing combinations. Aliev scores with a right hand and Silva is down! He pops up but Aliev hits him with a left hook and he goes down again! Aliev opens up with a flurry as Silva tries getting back to his feet! He connects several times and this fight is over!

Result: Akhmed Aliev def. Carlao Silva via TKO (Punches) Round 1, 2:24 (+3 points)

Andre Harrison vs. Peter Petties (Featherweight)

Round 1: After a bit of back and forth on the feet, Harrison shoots and completes a takedown. Harrison moves into side control and Petties isn’t offering up much of anything. It’s really going to be on Harrison here to take the initiative to earn the finish. (10-9 Harrison) All control by Harrison, maybe a 10-8.

Round 2: Petties opens up with a few fancy kicks, but Harrison takes him right down. Harrison is landing short shots, but none of them are really causing much damage. Harrison is looking to isolate the right arm; he has three minutes to make something happen. All control by Harrison. (10-9 Harrison)

Round 3: Harrison shoots early but Petties avoids the takedown and forces his opponent against the fence. We see a flying knee attempt from Petties, he misses but does secure and under hook. Harrison reverses the position though, and scores with a takedown. He moves right into side control and he’s going to work from there. (10-9 Harrison) (30-27 Harrison)

Result: Andre Harrison def. Peter Petties via Unanimous Decision (+3 points)

Chris Wade vs. Nate Andrews (Lightweight)

Round 1: The first round was all Wade. He out-landed Andrews round 3-1 but appeared to maybe tiring a bit towards the end, hard to say though. (10-9 Wade)

Round 2: Andrews is the aggressor early in round 2. Wade is throwing lots of flying knees, but Andrews is avoiding and tagging him with straights. Wade shoots and completes a takedown. He moves into half guard, and from there he is threatening with a head-arm triangle. Andrews works out of that, but Wade is now threatening with a guillotine choke. He has just under two minutes left in the round. Andrews scrambles and the round ends against the cage. (10-9 Wade)

Round 3: Andrews scores early with a takedown! Wade scrambles through and takes his back. He’s threatening with an RNC, but Andrews rolls out of it. Wade still has his back though, he’s readjusted and he’s looking for the RNC again! Andrews escapes, and he’s now looking for a guillotine. Wade is free, but Andrews has his back now. Andrews attempts an armbar in the final seconds, but Wade will survive! (10-9 Wade) (30-27 Wade)

Result: Chris Wade def. Nate Andrews via Unanimous Decision (+3 points)

Lance Palmer vs. Chris Gilpin (Featherweight)

Round 1: Palmer is looking to land an overhand left in the early going. Palmer connects with a big shot and Gilpin is down. Palmer takes his back and sets a hook. Gilpin is looking to get up, but Palmer is staying on him. Palmer is landing some shots to the body; Gilpin appears to be trying to survive the round and that’s about it. (10-9 Palmer)

Round 2: Palmer scores early with a takedown. He’s controlling from top position, but not much going on otherwise.  Gilpin is up in the final seconds and scores with a takedown in the final moments of the round. (10-9 Palmer)

Round 3: Palmer scores early with a takedown, and he’s working from top control. Not much to this round or this fight overall. (10-9 Palmer) (30-27 Palmer)

Result: Lance Palmer def. Chris Gilpin via Unanimous Decision

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