MOORE: Top 10 MMA Fighters With The Most Losses

By Christian Moore, MMATorch Contributor

#10: Jaroslov Poborsky- 48 Losses

To start our list we have Jaroslov Poborsky, the only man on the list not from the UK or USA. Poborsky who is 39, still fights and has a record of 26-48-1. Poborsky has also been finished 38 times, and is currently on a 5 fight losing streak, being finished in his last 4.

#9: Bruce Johnson- 52 Losses

While there is information about most of the fighters on this list, all that is known of Bruce Johnson is his record and his division. Johnson holds a horrific record of 9-52. He currently is on an 8 fight losing streak and has never made it to a decision. Yes, you heard that right, Bruce Johnson has been finished 52 times.


#8: Travis Fulton- 54 Losses

Up next is Travis Fulton, who has 54 losses, but is one of the few on this list to have more wins than losses, and has a ludicrous record. Fulton has been finished 39 times, HOWEVER, that isn’t close to the number of people he’s finished. Sure Fulton has tapped out 28 times, but he has won by submission 152 TIMES! Yes, he is indeed the man with the most fights in MMA that is known of, with a record 254-54-10 (1 NC), while currently on a 1 fight winning streak.


#7: Ted Worthington- 56 Losses

Up next is Ted Worthington, and sure he doesn’t have 254 wins like the last entry, but compared to others on the list his record is okay. Worthington holds a record of 35-55 and has even had solid winning streaks before. However, right now he is on a 1 fight losing streak, losing 14 of his last 15 fights. Worthington hasn’t taken as much damage as others on the list but has been finished 32 times.


#6: Jonathan Ivey- 57 Losses

I almost went picture-less for this list. I almost did. And then I saw Jonathan Ivey, and I didn’t know the name, but oh man do I know the face, as should you. Ivey has been considered one of the worst fighters EVER and has made it into many MMA video trends due to his antics in fights. Ivey holds a record of 32-57 and has been finished 40 times. He is currently on a 3 fight losing streak, his last loss funny enough to previously listed MMA Iron Man, Travis Fulton, who he has a tattoo of on his leg.


#5: Dennis Reed- 62 Losses

Here we have Dennis Reed, and although Google seems To think so, this IS NOT the porn star of the same name. Dennis, on the other hand, has been in the cage with a ton of UFC champions, some before they won their gold, and some after. Reed got whooped by Dan Severn in 96, MMA Iron Man, Travis Fulton twice, Rich Franklin twice, Rashad Evans, and even lost to Houston Alexander just 5 years ago. It seems as if Reed is retired, having not fought since 2015 but it’s for the better of his health. With a record of 45-62-1 Reed was finished all of those 62 times, losing his last 8.


#4: Bryan Robinson- 67 Losses

Bryan Robinson is a retired MMA fighter who held a record of 45-65, only going to a decision once, that being his second to last fight. He fought for 13 years and ended his career losing his last 8 fights. Robinson was finished 65 times.


#3: Shaun Lomas- 73 Losses

And here we go. We cracked 70. Did you think we’d get here? When I started I sure didn’t but here we are. The first of 3 fighters to crack 70 losses is Shaun Lomas. 73 losses are what he has currently, but he continues to fight. With a record of 23-73, Lomas has been finished 50 times, but unlike many others, has lost 23 decisions. Lomas has a special place on this list though, because crazy enough, he is currently on a winning streak. Its only 1 fight, but hey, maybe he’s turning it around?


#2: Jay Ellis- 74 Losses

So currently the most losses by finish for a fighter stands at 65. But, Jay Ellis just barely takes it, as Ellis has been finished 69 times. I know, he’s so close to being finished 70 times, which if pulled off could make him the second person to be finished 70 times. Ellis’ most famous loss comes from the hands of the former (or current, who knows) Interim Welterweight Champion, Colby Covington. Now, sure Ellis has indeed won some fights, hell he’s even finished his 15 wins, but a 15-74 record is not good in anyone’s book. However, Jay Ellis, a Welterweight did KO Kimbo Slice in 24 seconds, so he has that going for him.


#1: Shannon Ritch- 84 Losses

So you thought the 70 losses club was exclusive, well the 80+ losses club only has 1 member, and that is Mr. Shannon Ritch. With a record of 57-84, Ritch has without a doubt the most losses and to add to the craziness, never once saw a decision in his almost 20-year career. So if you’re thinking about it, yes, Ritch has been finished 84 times. Ritch is also known for his two losses to Dan Severn in 1 months time. Now Ritch still does have 57 wins, which is more than any UFC fighter, but his losses will forever be what he is known for, as Ritch tops the list with most losses.

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