ROUNDTABLE: Will the UFC regret clearing Mark Hunt?


After being pulled from a headlining spot at UFC Fight Night 121 due to concerns over CTE. The UFC has reinstated Mark Hunt. Will the UFC regret this decision?

FRANK HYDEN, MMATorch Columnist

I’m not his doctor so I can’t say with authority, but I’m going to assume the UFC has fully tested Hunt and he’s been given a clean bill of health. There’s supposed to be regulations and protocols in place and all that stuff to prevent someone from fighting when they shouldn’t. Of course, we’ve seen guys fight in MMA before when they clearly shouldn’t have. Just this past weekend Tom Savage had a damn seizure on the field in an NFL game and was allowed to return, so who knows? This isn’t heat of the moment stuff, though, so I’ll give the UFC the benefit of the doubt here.


I believe the UFC may have unnecessarily painted themselves into a corner. Mark Hunt openly admitted, in writing, that he was suffering from multiple ill effects from post-concussion syndrome. We all know what occurred. The UFC tried to take away the fight, and Hunt protested and here we are. Perhaps the UFC was put between a rock and a hard place, but I really think they had an opening to get out of this fight via Hunts open and literal admissions.  How would the UFC look if somehow Hunt where to get knocked out in this fight? Every knockout is a concussion and what if we witness a guy, who said he’s having concussion problems, just get another one.

RICK MONSEY, MMATorch Contributor

I almost want to plead the fifth on this topic.  Mark Hunt should be considering his life after fighting seriously in his next couple fights. If there’s one more knockout loss for him that should be it.

DAVE KOULA, MMATorch Contributor

Ultimately, it is the doctors that clear fighters.  Hunt made one of the stupidest decisions possible in a climate where head trauma is so ‘in the news’.  Was he embellishing?  Is this a sad reality of being a long term competitor in combat sports?  If Hunt wants to fight, and multiple doctors are comfortable saying he’s safe to fight, then I think you’d have a hard time arguing against it.  The UFC also must be careful on this one so that it doesn’t look like retaliation for Hunt’s litigation; even with the irony that Hunt is suing them for not looking out for his health and safety.

JOSHUA GARCIA, MMATorch Contributor

I think the UFC made the right decision by clearing Mark Hunt. I think if he was cleared by doctors, then he should be allowed to fight. The UFC does need outside authorities to clear fighters. They already have a black eye from letting Michael Bisping after being on suspension from a fight commission. The UFC will eventually have these actions come back to bite them.

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