HYDEN BLOG: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly from UFC Fight Night 92 “Caceres vs. Rodriguez”

By Frank Hyden, MMATorch Contributor

UFC Fight Night 92 took place last weekend from Salt Lake City, Utah. Let’s get right to it!

UFC Fight Night 92

UGLY: Maryna Moroz vs. Danielle Taylor

This fight sucked and both fighters should be embarrassed. There was nothing going on for such long stretches that I flipped through the channels several times and probably never missed a thing. Moroz got the split decision, but I literally couldn’t care less about that, and I don’t think the UFC will either.

UGLY: Trevor Smith vs. Joe Gigliotti

I hated this fight, too. It was such a mismatch, Smith was just all over Gigliotti in the clinch and on the ground, and it was boring to watch. Smith was dominant, yet did nothing with it. Smith won the decision, but I don’t know how much that’s worth.

GOOD: Santiago Ponzinibbio vs. Zak Cummings

This fight was solid. My expectations had been significantly lowered thanks to the previous two fights. There wasn’t anything special about this fight, but it provided some solid action. Cummings took a beating at the hands of Ponzinibbio, and his face told the tale there. Ponzinibbio won the decision.

UGLY: Thales Leites submits Chris Camozzi
Another horribly dull fight. Leites is really good at what he does, but holy crap he’s got the killer instinct of a slug. He finally got the submission in the third round, which means we had to suffer through several minutes of boring setup. No need for Ambien, folks.

GOOD: Dennis Bermudez vs. Rony Jason

Bermudez opened up a bloody gusher on Jason in the first round. Bermudez clearly won the first two rounds so he decided to coast in the final minute of the third after escaping from some dangerous positions Jason had him in. Bermudez had to show some good defense to avoid a bad loss. This was a pretty good fight. Loads better than the stuff preceding it, but this is still a very weak card overall.

GOOD: Yair Rodriguez vs. Alex Caceres

The pace of this fight was incredible. There was more action, and these guys were moving faster, than the opening minutes of the other fights (to an embarrassing degree with all the fights except Bermudez-Jason). You wouldn’t think that these guys had thrown the offense they had when you’re watching the fifth round and they’re still extremely active. I scored the fight 49-46 for Rodriguez, but I could maybe see it being 48-47. What I can’t see if it being 49-46 in favor of Caceres. I think that was lunacy.

The reason I bring that up is that Rodriguez had to settle for the split decision, with one of the judges giving a 49-46 to Caceres. I don’t agree with that scorecard at all. Still, though, this was far and away the best fight of the night. I don’t know how Rodriguez is going to do against the top guys in the featherweight division, but he sure is exciting to watch. This was a pretty good way to end an event that was pretty disappointing, to be honest.

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