Test result memos confirm UFC not notified of Brock Lesnar’s failed pre-UFC 200 test until July 15

By Jamie Penick, MMATorch Editor-in-Chief

Brock Lesnar (photo credit Joshua Dahl © USA Today Sports)

The memos revealing adverse findings against Jon Jones and Brock Lesnar in their out-of-competition tests prior to UFC 200 have been unveiled, giving a picture of the time-frame between the tests being collected, tested, and the results coming back.

ESPN reporter Brett Okamoto posted both to Twitter on Friday, confirming that results were not received and reported until the dates originally announced.

Both samples were received and processed within similar timeframes, and the only thing keeping Lesnar on the card while Jones was held off was that Jones’ test sample was collected weeks before that of Lesnar.

Penick’s Analysis: One of the reasons these things are taking as long as they are is the anonymity of the testing process, as each sample is identified by a number, not by the athlete from which they were taken. In order to avoid a situation like Lesnar’s they may need to institute some kind of process by which they can expedite tests for samples collected within a certain timeframe from an event. If they can mark the date on which a fighter is set to compete it removes full anonymity in the test collection, but they can flag tests which should be prioritized based on proximity to that fight card in order to try to assure fighters aren’t facing opponents who have a banned substance found in their system.

[Photo (c) Joshua Dahl via USA Today Sports]

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